• Wish

    November 22 my product shipped. I got an email with a tracking number. The tracking number wouldn’t work anywhere. UPS USPS it’s a 9274 number Store says it’s a UPS package. Day after day I tried to find if either would accept it, then finally USPS shows it as and unknown package with no scanning […]

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    1. Maisy Avatar

      Finally this morning my tracking number actually produces results on UPS Site.

      I have no faith now if I see UPS Mail Innovations.

      Yes, that’s it. Dec 5 first freaking scan. This package was picked up on November 22nd, it’s now supposed to be delivered on December 12th. That’s ridiculous and ridculouser.

      Here’s current scanning:

      5:02 A.M. Package processed
      Fontana, CA, United States

      10:17 P.M. Package received for processing
      Fontana, CA, United States

      9:20 P.M. Shipment tendered to UPS Mail Innovations
      Carlsbad, CA, United States

  • My family

    I don’t know what to do about my family. My kids. I don’t have them anymore, but it’s not because of me or them, it’s all stupid and twisting my guts to death. My home is my home and it’s getting empty every other week and it’s never full except for when some of them […]

  • Amazon Vine ups and downs

    So now I’m in the $0 tax estimate items only. Supplements, Vitamins, etc. This last week less and less are available. Today all that stuff is down to like 14 pitiful selections. I have found some cool stuff, just nothing else findable yesterday nor today. Cool, a pair of blue light blocking glasses that I […]

  • Goodbye DST.

    Welcome Standard Time! I am opting out of anything Daylight Saving now that the gauntlet has been thrown. This is my last clock change of DST shite. Goodbye DST.

  • Slow/Fast Time

    The issue isn’t me, it’s them. The government says when my clock should be forward or back and now it’s them saying it’ll be forced into Fast time. Yeah forevermore forward stuck in the wrong place instead of the forward/backward dynamic or just simply time that works. … imagine where I live it’s now sunrise […]

  • Another in Limbo Amazon Vine Shipment

    Another in Limbo Amazon Vine Shipment

    Amazon Vine — another order, 3 packages in it, in LIMBO. I hate this because there is no way to verify what is going on, and there is no way to cancel and get my Amazon Vine stuff to taxing back. Ugh. Today it is supposed get here, but that’s based on the delay and […]

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    1. Maisy Avatar

      7:27pm and no update on that order. Seriously, I am beyond concerned, I really wanted that stuff, two of them are for my bathroom and I need them badly.

      1. Maisy Avatar

        Tracking: Previous tracking info erases when package fails at some point. At any rate, originally this tracked from Baltimore but got Delayed after leaving there, on Sunday Oct. 30th. Never checked in again except for two Delays. Then simply nothing to track at all until yesterday…with the One entry for tracking from Nov 2 carrier picked up …. etc.

        But Amazon is threatening now: Your Package MAY BE LOST!

        But today each respective item order page in this order says Expected Nov 5th as well as On the Way.


        1. Maisy Avatar

          Nov 2 carrier picked up the packages … where, exactly when? Who knows.

          Nov 4 9:50am Package arrived at an Amazon facility. (a hub somewhere nearby)

          Headline on page says: Now expected Nov. 1-7

          OK, the past through the future. Hahaha

          No more updates since this morning.

          1. Maisy Avatar

            Friday, November 4
            11:46 PM
            Package left an Amazon facility.

            Saturday, November 5
            3:11 AM
            Package arrived at a carrier facility.

            3:21 AM
            Package being processed at carrier facility.

            The best progress so far, it could go all the way today. Hmph. Hope everything is intact.

            1. Maisy Avatar

              Finally tonight those delayed “LOST” packages came, box totally unscathed, contents perfect condition. Weird. Two labels one under current label, 10/31 on that 11/5 on the one on top. It just dormancied only God know where all week.

  • Packages in Limbo

    My Amazon Vine shipment that should have arrived yesterday, languished in the carrier facility until 5:27pm when finally the packages were Out For Delivery and to be delivered by 10pm. The evening wore on, my bedtime shifted to later and later (I needed help shifting because of Day Light Saving Time ending soon) but it […]

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    1. Maisy Avatar

      2:05pm Oct. 30th, no update at all. Orders Piling UP. Supposed to get stuff today from the day after this problems stuff. Next day after that is getting shipped sooner.

      So what about my LIMBO stuff?????

      1. Maisy Avatar

        4 separate packages in LIMBO, another 7 that are supposed to arrive today and tomorrow … 5 for tomorrow, some was for the day after that, but was shipped today right after ordered. 2 supposed to arrive today, was supposed to be 3, but one of the today ones shipped early and was supposed to be delivered yesterday, and so it’s in LIMBO with the 3 things that were supposed to be yesterday originally. What a DRAMA. One package on Tues. now, a nice leather camera strap, which I can use on my Canon EOS 7D. Please don’t get lost too!

        The things for today are Out For Delivery since early afternoon, but expected from 7:15pm to 10:00pm (I’m becoming afraid of that time slot for deliveries.)

      2. Maisy Avatar

        Package 1. 3:54pm Package arrived at a carrier facility.
        Package 2. 3:55pm Package arrived at a carrier facility.
        Package 3. 3:55pm Package arrived at a carrier facility.
        Package 4. 3:58pm Package arrived at a carrier facility.

      3. Maisy Avatar

        Package 4. Delivered 4:51pm

        1. Maisy Avatar

          Packages 1,2, and 3 eventually showed up, every one a separate car, are those Flex drivers? Very ridiculous, inefficient, all the energy it took to get those 4 packages.

  • Not Out For Delivery

    Not Out For Delivery

    Just when I decide I can depend on something arriving, Amazon says, “Package delayed in transit” and my heart sinks. In this case it’s my probiotics and magnesium that are making me sad. I may get the package anywhere between Oct 28 and Oct 31. It was supposed to come today, just like all Amazon […]

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    1. Maisy Avatar

      Finally got delivered the next day (Oct. 28) at 2:17pm.

  • Streaming Platforms

    Streaming Platforms

    For a long enough time we’ve been a Netflix subscriber (since 2012) this is the one I like alot. If you don’t Netflix, you aren’t missing what you don’t know. Crunchyroll/VRV subscriber (for quite a few years now) good value if you like anime. Amazon Prime Video (come with Amazon Prime membership) so many benefit […]

  • Symphyotrichum pilosum + Bees – 10-24-2022

    Symphyotrichum pilosum + Bees – 10-24-2022

    Blossoming like crazy now, it’s very pretty, miniscule flowers, which zoomed in on to snap a photo reveal such precise little petals and such a lovely view. Bees happily foraging too. Happy Bees on Symphyotrichum pilosum


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  1. Finally this morning my tracking number actually produces results on UPS Site. I have no faith now if I see…

  2. Finally tonight those delayed “LOST” packages came, box totally unscathed, contents perfect condition. Weird. Two labels one under current label,…