• Covenant Children

    What is SO annoying to me is how one side of the Reformed circle of Christians is saying how the “other side” disregards it’s children as second-class, not “full” in the covenant, or calls them Baptist Presbyterians. This is so NOT the case. Just because we don’t give our small children admittance to the Lords […]

  • Straw Men, twisting doctrine …

    We are listening to the Auburn Ave Pastors Conference from this past January. It’s frustrating. Schlissel in particular. Wilson too. We’ve really enjoyed their writings in the past. But things they are a-changin’ How they characterize certain Presbyterian ideas … is just dead wrong. Straw men are being erected. Things are so twisted.

  • Pooh Bear. He’s cute. What

    Pooh Bear. He’s cute. What does he say when he’s upset? “Oh bother” I have been trying to make some changes to this template today, and I can’t get anything done, due to Blogger problems. How much is this REALLY a problem, or just a ploy to make the free bloggers get Blogger Pro? Hmmmm? […]

  • Getting older, no way to get away from it!

    It’s my dear husbands birthday today. He’s officially older than me by two years now, just for another week though. Edging closer to middle age is really coming to mind for me lately. I struggle with that “feeling young inside” but knowing I’m getting older, and that it won’t be too many years before 40 […]

  • I’m not a morning person!

    It’s no fun to wake up in the morning when you don’t want to. Oh for the days of summer, when it was only me I had to worry about! Actually, I’d not like that either. I hated summer ending, and school beginning. The ONLY thing I like about that was getting brand new pencils, […]

  • What’s your focus?

    So, what is a bouncing brain? In my case, a 2.3 on the scale, focusing is not the same for me as it is for most people. For the “most” part, normal people shift in and out of focusing on things at will. It’s like breathing to them. They know what it’s lik for them, […]

  • Oh NO!I have nothing…

    Oh NO! I have nothing to say about this but that. It’s ridiculous! Guardian Unlimited Observer | International | Earth ‘will expire by 2050’ Mark Townsend and Jason BurkeSunday July 7, 2002The Observer Earth’s population will be forced to colonise two planets within 50 years if natural resources continue to be exploited at the current […]

  • Well, church went well today.

    Well, church went well today. The first service was great, great hymns and great sermon. It was the last in a short series on the offices of Elder and Deacon. We will be selecting men to apply for the offices in the next month, then voting as a congregation. Our church votes by household. We […]

  • ModestyGetting back to my previous

    Modesty Getting back to my previous thinking … when I published instead of posting–therefore losing my words … Christians fall into two camps, generally speaking, those who want to follow Christ in everything, and those who think that salvation is enough and they can do whatever they want. Of course there are degrees in each […]

  • Our church is PresbyterianOur church

    Our church is Presbyterian Our church is a reformed Presbyterian church. Our pastor is great. He expounds the Word of God so well. We follow the RPW, or Regulative Principle of Worship. We sing from the Psalter, but also from the Hymnal. Our minister goes through the Bible, a book at a time. Though it’s […]


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