• Color & Cold

    Color & Cold

    Seasons progress and now it’s October. Thankfully the hot days of summer are behind us for the rest of the year. I love the way the air feels and the cold mornings, the warm days, just not too hot and humid usually, which is a nice pre-winter. Autumn colors are wonderful. It’s been very dry […]

  • Allergy to Living

    Is it my fault that I’m allergic to seasonal things and that after many years of life it’s worse and worse and worse? Yes, I am really affected by late summer/autumn blooming, sporing etc. My eyes are the windows to my sinuses. Both are severely affected this year. Really bad. Red, red, red. Itchy. Burny, […]

  • Ninja Creami for my Birthday Yesterday

    Ninja Creami for my Birthday Yesterday

    I’ve had my eye on this for few months. Very excited to open it yesterday morning as my main birthday present. I first made a milkshake with some Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla ice cream. It was wonderful, of course. I haven’t had a blender in years. Recent years I have only had made a milkshake […]

  • Persuaded to Thumb Down Persuasion

    Persuaded to Thumb Down Persuasion

    Netflix decided to make Persuasion. Persuasion, a book by Jane Austen. Decidedly one of my favorites. There is a 1995 BBC movie starring Amanda Root that I have on DVD. It’s very good. Mansfield Park got a treatment that was different in 1999 and I would have to say, this new 2022 Persuasion from Netflix, […]

  • My laptop is fixed … but …

    It’s working so far. The back though has issues with being loose from prying. This is a tight device, well, was. I’ll have to tape it up. I got it back yesterday, installed Win 11 and all the updates, touchscreen is working. I need to see if my acer active pen will work. It was […]

  • My laptop is not fixed

    What a game this is. I got my laptop back, but touchscreen wasn’t working. I reset Windows, erasing everything. Hurray! It’s working, it’s working, it’s working! I did this and that looked up things, touch touch touch, it worked. So I then shut Windows down and that was that. Next day, I turned it on, […]

  • Brownies that deserve to be

    Brownies that deserve to be

    This is the second time I’ve made these brownies. First time: twitter.com/MaisySM/status/1494014475003117569


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