Half or more of the stuff I had doesn’t work anymore. I’ll make up something better for here before too long. (March 18, 2016)

last.fm/user/CrazyMaisy is my profile. There you’ll see I listen to … you’ll see.

Last.fm is only for scrobbling, not much for interaction with others anymore, nor a place to usually find different music to listen to. I do not monthly subscribe to them, their site lacks so much and nothing will persuade me to subscribe ever again, as things are going.

I use Spotify again. Did in 2015, then switched to Google Music (All Access) at the end of that year.

A couple of months ago I had come to the decision that I was SICK of Google Music and the direction they are going with Youtube Music and the lack of good things in GPM app, and so much … that Spotify easily lured me with their Family Plan and a Google Home Mini free.

Spotify Connect is my main reason to love Spotify, and a Desktop Client. Dark modes. Making lists for me based on what I listen to, split into genre’s basically (Daily Mix 1, Daily Mix 2, etc.)

Google’s Youtube Music had an Offline Mixtape that only ever partially worked for me, and had everything mixed in. No thanks.

GPM had nothing social at all. Finding others Playlists was the limit to that.

Spotify is also on PlayStation as their official Music source. This and Connect make it great for my family of PlayStation Players.

Spotify isn’t perfect, songs disappear, whole albums can’t be listened to … all sorts of that and their forums aren’t as good today as they were in 2015. 

I do listen to my owned music served from my computer with Airsonic Emby sometimes, but more often now in 2021 onward. I collect CD’s when I can, less often these past few years, time and money, availability to go to CD Warehouse dwindling … it all spells disaster for my personal collection.

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