It’s Christmas Season!

Christmas Season is my favorite time of year. It’s colder and there’s the fireplace in use most days, planning goes high gear, implementation knocked out as can do all the next month.

Of course, we just got done with Thanksgiving Day and my daughters birthday the next day, and I got sick over that time. I hate colds, I hate them! I’m really in no shape to do much, it’s enraging when there WERE things you had wanted to do, but have no way of forcing yourself to care about those things anymore.

Easy tasks are now nightmare. I don’t have the energy to do more than blow my nose, drink coffee, play on my PS Vita, or read something (book, on PC, Tablet, phone, etc.)

For instance I took no photos the last couple of days. Oh no!

Even now, there are beautiful maples  in my yard, getting redder by the day, and I have taken none. My Thanksgiving meal, that day, nothing. Daughters birthday, nothing. Ugh.



The Holiday Season Begins – 2016

Costco today was a madhouse. Few carts available when we arrived. So many people in the warehouse, like I haven’t seen in ages. Usually more like that AFTER Thanksgiving, but don’t hold that to me as a FACT statement, just a ‘seems like’ light comparison.

By the end of it all, at the checkout, I was having some trouble not feeling like I was going to, I don’t know what, just anxiety kicking in with all the people in that checkout area … I survived somehow.

My one good thing from Costco:


It was to be my birthday movie in July, but we never went. 🙁 That’s O.K. now. 🙂

It’s that blah time of the year

Christmas is coming soon! I usually do love it very much, never knowing what I’m exactly going to get that morning. Not this year, apparently.

Hubby has said I’m only getting 1 thing (but couple that with the TV we purchased last week.) Also there’s been talk about how I’m getting stuff anyway because of so-called “family gifts” ahhh, the movies, music and games that are not MINE, but ALL of OURS … that shouldn’t be a critical point.

In the past I’ve gotten several LEGO sets, and lots of other stuff, AND the family categories were filled up too. The children always get lots of individual stuff too. This year I was reduced. Only me. Not the family category. It shouldn’t count against me, at any rate.

I do enjoy giving things and watching them being opened and all that. Truly do. Most of the mystery and delight of Christmas is the beautifully wrapped boxes … some of them are mine and what’s in them, anticipation. Yes, the little kid in me, the part of me that never got any older, ever. Yes, it’s the thing I value highly, a beautifully wrapped gift. Presentation is half of it, what’s inside is the other half. I was born like this, appreciating  all from that point of view.

So I’m not super jazzed about Christmas this year. It feels kind of depressing. 🙁 Weather has been too Spring and Summer like as well. My fire building has been limited since the usual cool-down in November. That’s enough to put me off-kilter. There is everything magical and special about building a top down fire in the fireplace every day. Without it, it’s like having no eggnog in the refrigerator. At least there is eggnog. FWIW

Black Friday 2013

I just realized I never posted anything about the PS4 experience from our November 15 Midnight Release we went to, nor anything about using it since. I’ll correct that later.

Not the typical Black Friday

Right now it’s Black Friday. We got up early and went to the LEGO Store (opened at 6 a.m.) and loaded up on MORE Lego, yes, more than before, meaning we’ve already bought some, a lot, actually.  🙂 Some of the things were on sale, for real too (we know the regular prices well.)


In the past few years LEGO has become bigger and bigger in our home for birthdays and Christmas. We love LEGO, LOVE IT! Me too. Just my hubby is not much of a fan, it’s OK to him, no compulsion to build a set in him, ever. He’ll admire whatever we show him, and he’s active in picking out what we want, as long as we tell him what we want. He starts to pick up on other things here and there for some series, getting little sets for us here and there, minifigure packs too.

Best Buy


We got some PS+ 12-month cards for $29.99 each, Best Buy had scads of them available. Just nothing to pick up in games for us this Christmas, for PS4. Lots to pre-order for 2014 though. There are a couple of PS3 games I keep thinking about but not when I’m in Best Buy.  🙁



We looked at Washers and found that the one that closest-ly matches our dryer is on sale until Monday, and it is worth doing since our washer is an older front-loader that leaks and has problems, starting over would be good. Our dryer isn’t that old. We never did get a true set of matching front-load washer and dryer. We’d been using the dryer we got in late 1996 until sometime in the last year. It was not nice to do that. I mean, use it so long. The new one is just as new as it was when we got it. It works and works well. Superior to the one we used to have by lightyears. So then, the washer will just be one model number higher, but looks exactly the same as our dryer.

We will try to get pedestals to put the washer and dryer on. Finally, the better setup for laundry will be here!  :heart:

World Market

We went to Cost Plus World Market and found some stockings we liked, they were a % off, that’s good, needing 6 of them.


We also went to Costco. Costco opened an hour earlier than usual on Friday’s. They were open at 9 a.m.  We weren’t going there for any Black Friday deals, just getting a few things, as well as looking to see if anything more was on sale than listed. The store was the least crowded than I’ve seen at any point in any day there, ever. I thought the Black Friday ad was miserable, I mean, there wasn’t a single thing to want or need.

Best Buy, again

Another rant I was reminded of today. Best Buy has a PS Vita section that is so mis-managed. The games are messily displayed and nothing new has been added in weeks and weeks and weeks. Games I would have picked up in physical form, not there at all. The people there say they don’t know why. I don’t tell them to clean it up, just where is … and they don’t know why they didn’t get any.  🙁

A big plus, I’d say, is that whenever we’ve been in Best Buy this whole month of November, before the 15th and since a few times, people are looking at games, and systems, but mostly all are oohing over PS4 stuff, looking at the Wii U, and hanging around PS4 stuff the most. The green aisles are empty, for the most part. FWIW

4th of July Evening Fun!

July 4th was a success for us! The rain came early afternoon, poured for awhile, tapered off. Stopped for awhile, came again, pittered about after 8pm, but not too much, by 8:30pm I was setting off some fountains.

By the time the sky was darker we had no rain and were able to get all our major stuff up. We didn’t send up all our re-loadable mortars, but all the cakes were used. There are also Magic Crystals and a fountain or two left.

I used Live Free or Die and Vapor Trails together, and it was phenomenal!

I used a Sea Sparrow and 100 Saturn battery in conjunction with God of Fire, but the two little ones all blew out at once, weird. I had them setup right. I lit them properly with a punk, one after the other. By the time I got the God of Fire lit, the two little ones were done.

They are supposed to last a decent amount of time, they both blew their loads the same. Weird. So God of Fire was alone and I guess I’ve never seen it solo before. It really likes to have other things with it.

I used Preemptive strike with a Red, White and BOOM! … super nice together. I would have put off two of the RW&B but I couldn’t get it done, so I put the other one up when the first two were done. It’s a sweet little box. One of my favorites we get every year, at least two, usually more, but only two this year.

We sent up the Crown Brocade Classic box alone. It’s lush and gorgeous, all golden wonderfulness. God of Fire would work well with it, as I have done before. It was nice to see it unadulterated though.

Other things were nice. Those above were the highlights. It was so much fun!

Tested Once Again

My cat died less than two weeks ago. He was just 3 years old. It was shocking and still has me off-kilter.

Two days after he died, my 5 year old boy turned 6. That wasn’t fun. I tried hard, but still. It’s like you are a stuffed animal. Something takes the stuffing out of you. You’re just a skin with no filling. That’s what it feels like.

Sometimes I can forget about it now. But then I remember. So here we are, tomorrow is the Fourth of July. I have to make the day in my cat’s honor. I need to. Bang! Poof! Ahhhh! You know, fireworks..

Planning for Christmas or Zombies

I think things will spin on as usual. Most chance for that, or next in line would be Zombies … yes, that Zombie Apocalypse will rise.

So, we still have to finish decorating the Christmas Tree. Not many cookies made yet. Not all the presents are wrapped nor gotten in hand yet. Most, yes, but not all.

I haven’t made cards, nor sent any, of course. Main reason, I didn’t send any last year, but I made 5. I loved those cards. The plan was to get them out and make more and send them. Well, I couldn’t find where I put them, until today, and today being the last one, um, uh, ha ha, it wasn’t such a good one, no feelings to do anything much.

It’ll all work out. No matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thankgiving 2012!

Celebrating the day watching parades on tv, starting food out with Savory Cheddar Mini-Muffins, need to make pies still (oops!) but the turkey is done, just need to re-heat that, make gravy and the other “side dishes”

Oh, and the Egg Nog. Need to make some better sooner than later today. Add egg whites/whipped cream, fresh nutmeg … and some occasional spiking in adult glasses, of course! I’m thankful for that, and everything!