60-Day Gut Reboot Protocol started September 5, 2023

Everything that follows is mostly suspended.

Starting over August 17, 2023

For Guts: Starting with my GUTS as needing to solve all problems first; eating more fibrous & colorful veggies, eating at least two meals and snack as carrots, apple etc.

Flora Symmetry

Glutamine+ capsules (getting a powder version soon)

Designs for Health: Inflammatone started today. (08-17-2023)

Another thing is also arriving near the end of the month which I hope will aide me all the more.

I have NAC and Milkweed Thistle when I want to use them; Quercetin and Stinging Nettles as well. I want to take Huperzine-A more. I have some, need to get more if going to keep taking it.

Upnourish Magnesium Glycinate for sleep aide 500MG (2 capsules) (overall general Magnesium for me and take one sometimes during the day)

Sports Research Astaxantin (Astaxantin since June 18, 2021) Sports Research since August 31, 2021

Helping Guts

SEED 10-11-22 Stopped taking this. 23 days left in a 1 month supply. Had taken 4 Full months of it before this. — ! Not Non-Histamine Friendly !

Vitanica Flora Symmetry (Started October 27, 2022) – Non-Histamine Friendly and so much cheaper than SEED!

promotes Healthy Utilization of Protien, Fat & Carbohydrates

Chromium Picolinate (Started September 27, 2022) (Essential Trace Mineral)

Helping Fight Histamine

Quercetin with Bromelain + Vitamin C + Zinc + Vitamin D3 (Started September 27, 2022)

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (Since October 19, 2022) NEW NAC Started Nov. 1, 2022. More on this at a later time.

Stinging Nettle (since August 27, 2022)

Other Goodies

Magnesium complex (Since May 2022 on and off and then since September 27, 2022 – 1 capsule at bedtime. ) NEW Magnesium Complex since Oct 27th. More on this at a later time.

Astaxanthin (since June 18, 2021)

I form my own capsules of this stuff:



Turmeric with Freshly Ground Black (Terricherry) Pepper


I also use sea salt as a supplement at times. Need to make Lysine capsules. Also any other good anti-inflammatory spices.