No more Flickr for me


I’d been part of Yahoo since before Yahoo, actually had a Geocities account and that grandfathered me into Yahoo with that account, which I rested, started a new account there at some point, then got a Flickr account in 2005, was Pro for all those years, at some point swapped my connected Yahoo account to my oldest one, and not soon after that had lost its point (showing how long ago I made the account on my profile, uh, what profile, yes, Yahoo lost me on that) but finally…it’s at the bitter end for me now.

Yes, the Verizon deal, I don’t want to go through that, changes haven’t been good all along, and every other service, like, for instance, has only gone down the toilet, though I stick it out with a free account there, I will not stick around Flickr any more, I’ll probably end up deleting my account.

My phone pictures have improved drastically since I got my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. Phenomenal pictures that rival my Canon EOS 7D. I still use my camera, but the pictures are stuck on it for awhile usually, I don’t bother syncing them to my computer right away usually. My phone uploads everything to Google Photo instantly practically. Also Windows wants to upload my photos, and Samsung Cloud too.

Every once in awhile I connect my phone and dump all the original resolution photos into a folder on my computer. [Just so I definitely have a copy of the originals.]

Flickr as a sharing site, an album and collection site, just lost my interest over the last few years. I tried 500px for awhile, just haven’t added much to them, thought  about getting an upgrade there, but didn’t end up wanting to after reading more about them.

So back to square one. My own hosted photo thing is what I need to implement. I have sites, I have unlimited hosting, I’m not caring if anyone sees my photos or not. I share because I care to. I don’t care if no one knows I share.

My new tablet

I’m using my  new Samsung Galaxy S3 9.7″ tablet to post this.

Yes, I’m using the onscreen keyboard. (I did not buy the keyboard cover.) It’s  not so bad. Nicer than using my phone. Of course it’d  be much more functional to use the WordPress app for Android instead, which I’ll do in the future.

I really like this tablet. Also the “Samsung Internet” app, I like it, but being purely invested in Chrome is painful.

On pc, the extension to sync bookmarks isn’t working for me yet, but that’s only part of it. Android chrome works ok enough, supplying me with all my passwords and site knowledge, so that is what is mostly crippling me.

I tried Flow with my Galaxy S6 Edge+ today. I turned it off for now, not so useful as I don’t  let any apps notify me on my phone. (It really annoys me how quickly the battery goes down on my phone while doing nothing at all.) I also prefer to Not have to unlock my phone with security. So there that is.

Hot Spot is easy enough to use when ever I might want to. I’m home most of the time, after all.

The Magnetic Folio Cover is good. It’s not the most secure cover, but it’s darn useful, I can clip the S pen to the book fold easily. The stand functionality is quick and sturdy for most things, but suffers failure when sitting with the tablet in one’s  lap, for instance, and that means a naked tablet… so learning how it works best is key to a long relationship [with this tablet.]

I used to have my Sony Xperia Z3 compact tablet on it’s  dock beside my bed, I loved that. Now I have a non-wireless tablet for charging. I’m trying to figure out how to get a nice relationship to my Acer Switch Alpha 12 (Win 10) and charging, USB-C PD isn’t entirely mainstream yet. I’ve been charging my laptop with it’s power cord, and really want to get something portable that’ll work with it and my S3 Tablet. A Samsung battery that I have doesn’t  work with my laptop, no surprise.

Also no Theme for Samsung tablets, my tablet is oh so jealous of my phone. I’m not a fan of Samsung colored icons…


Frustration getting a new site populated

Man, oh, man, I want to bang a hammer on the Host site I chose for my DH’s newer company.

It’s totally blank in the browser, Nameservers right, they installed WP when setting up the account. There are files in FTP, but on the site url, nothing. Ugh. I wish I would just leave it alone until tomorrow morning, or at least later tonight.

I had never worked with Cpanel before. Unfortunately, now I have. [rollmyeyes]

Mother’s Day 2017

Thank you DH for the new tablet on the way to me! It should arrive on Wednesday.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Tablet, Silver, with the magnetic cover, Best Buy has the cover at $24.99, from it’s regular $59.99 price.

I also previously bought a TPU cover via Amazon. Between the two I’ll have my options as I need them.

Lightning Knight – Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 Case, LK Ultra [Slim Thin] Scratch Resistant TPU Rubber Soft Skin Silicone Protective Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 (Frost Clear) [link]
I’d also like to get a neoprene sleeve for the tablet.

With my phone now fixed (glass had to be replaced) I’ll have Silver and Gold, a nice combination of (Android Samsung) devices.

I’m retiring my Sony Z3 Compact Tablet. Still in perfect condition, I’m just ready to move on to something else. Both my tablet and phone are Android 7, so that will feel good. (My Sony is stuck on Android 6.)

LEGO Worlds PS4 (RNG)

We got LEGO Worlds for our son’s birthday yesterday. It was nice to see him playing it, then later in the evening I finally got my own chance to play it.

We both had fun and are getting through all the upgrading to arrive at the I CAN BUILD ANYTHING stage.

This game is a dream come true for me. Fun with LEGO, LEGO theme stuff everywhere, but it’s all first party theme stuff. For so many years now I dream in LEGO, entire dreams of LEGO environs, non-lego games as LEGO Game in my dream, or a regular movie replicated into a LEGO movie in my dream.

Starhawk, Warframe, two games I played a lot and dreamed about frequently.

Any movie could get the LEGO treatment in my dreams. The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings did get LEGO games, but have you ever seen the real movies in LEGO? I have.

Other games, tv shows, movies, anything can be built in LEGO IRL, for the most part, and in LEGO Worlds, you can make that happen too, even better.

Now then, RNG in LEGO Worlds. My son got swamp after swamp after swamp, and was so sick of it. Well, when I played I had fantasy for the most part, sick of bows I am.

Also at one point suddenly my son turned into a Cowgirl, he was a male astronaut.

I was playing as Intergalactic Girl, in helmet. Suddenly I got turned into a male astronaut.

It was weird both times. But… it’s not unimaginable, R1 or L1 are the culprits.

At any rate, why was I playing as that girl character? RNG favored her in the Mini Figure Series she’s from.


I have too many of her, so many of her, oh so many of her. It was sickening, so the joke is a good one, I have to be her.

So then, in-game photos with “Camera” are in-game. Reminds me of Media Molecule’s games LBP & Tearaway, in-game camera pictures can be uploaded to a site for the game.  There is a game site for LEGO Worlds, but from Console I am not sure about getting photos there, it must be once you have 100 Gold Bricks.  Or it isn’t. I wouldn’t know, I only have 26 Gold Bricks [Can’t know unless I look it up, and so for this I’m going on experience, I. I prefer to understand through reading or experience, but some things must be read and and then experienced to confirm safely.

A few screenshots/trophy screenshots


LEGO® Worlds_20170430211307


LEGO® Worlds_20170430225928


LEGO® Worlds_20170501025354

My last trophy of my first play session.

I didn’t bother to change my character back, when I played the next day, I started with my usual Intergalactic Girl, so…that’s that.

This is the first post of hopefully many about LEGO Worlds on PS4. 🙂



Pre-considering options for tablet

Looking at Samsung Galaxy S3 Tablet lately, it’s only available in Black or Silver. It’s the tablet I want to upgrade to, and looking at those options, I’d go with Silver.

Next is cover. What cover do I want. I don’t want an expensive one, nor  a cheapo one.

I found a TPU case that I like the idea of. What I would want is a cover that a TPU case like that could slide in and out of. The only way I know of doing that is to buy a few cases and covers and see what’s what myself. This isn’t likely going to happen though, the tablet itself is pricey and putting $59 into the Official Samsung cover isn’t my favorite choice, and the TPU case is much cheaper (Amazon $8.99) but that is only a case for slip and edge/back protection. It’s purportedly very thin, so I don’t know if it’d slip into one of the case covers that has fabric edges to hold the cover and tablet together.

The idea about the Official Samsung cover is nice, magnetically held onto the tablet plus wake sleep, and hold the s-pen magnetically. I have seen reports that some say that drains the battery. Of course that could be true but it might be something else causing it, not everyone complains about it. This cover may not be the best for protection though.

Size Comparison:

I currently have a Sony Z3 Compact Tablet. Screen Ratio from one to the other, the bigger Samsung S3 has 4:3 while Sony Z3 has 16:9

My husband recently got a Samung S2. It has 4:3 as well. I compared the same movie playing in Google Movies & TV. Thin black bars on my Sony, Thicker black bars on my husbands Samsung S2.

  • Comparable size of actual movie, so I wouldn’t be losing in size for movies.
  • Gain in reading, and web and other apps.

So it’s a bigger tablet 8″ is my Sony, 9.7″ is the Samsung S3.

Bottom Line:

I have to figure out case/cover before getting a tablet, protection is key. I’m waiting to see if the tablet goes down in price for any reason in the next month … Sale? Nice, that would be nice, but likelihood, I have nothing to base it on.

My phone repair needs to be repeated

My Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ had radius cracks all over the screen sometime in March. It didn’t have them, then it did next time I picked it up.

I’d the phone for over a year, at that point, but did have 2 tiny knicks in the front screen since it was about 3 months old.  <— that with who-knows-why, OK. I have to get it fixed.

So we found a place, brought it there finally this past Saturday. Same day repair, come back after some shopping and, “OK it’s ready, uhhhhhh, OK, we’ll get it fixed up right.”

They were to send new info via email on Monday, no email. So far Tuesday, nothing.

What was wrong? The top left and right edges, glue shows under the glass, it’s horrible.


The place to fix it was clear audibly to us that they WILL fix it, and it won’t cost us more, and our warranty from the repair will cover it.

Yes, we trusted them and I hold out hope. Not an insurance repair, not a manufacturer repair, not a phone company repair. It’s a nice place that will fix most devices, like screens and other things.

I didn’t want to fix my screen myself because it’s a curved screen and very expensive to replace the whole front, much cheaper just for the glass, but dicey to repair in any case. I gladly hand it off to others.

This phone is great, lovely views, lovely photo taking, it just is a great phone. My poor phone suffered to much stress, breaking the front only glass. I hope I can get a good repair still. I don’t want to have to write a bad review.

That blip on my photo, well a couple of them on left side below the glue area and further down and right a big white blip … are just dust on top of the glass. [I used my Sony Z3 Compact Tablet to take the photo, awful choice.]

The glass is flawless. The under layer, glue yuck, yuck, yuck, yucky!

Warframe’s 4th Anniversary Syandana

Here are a few screenshots of three of my Warframes wearing the Dex Syandana. It’s fully color customizable. I love it!

Volt Prime


Ash Prime


Rhino Prime


Doctor Strange Steelbook arrived today!

I ordered this over the weekend. It was in the mail today! It’s a beautiful steelbook, and it’s a great movie in 3D, I’ll be happy to view it at home soon.

We really enjoyed the movie in the theatre in November. I was anxiously awaiting the blu-ray, but didn’t get to BB when they had any of the 3D Steelbook in stock. Was very glad I found this on their website as buy-able.

I had accrued more than enough points to buy something on Disney Movie Rewards site. Gaining 250 more points with this purchase, I felt fine with redeeming less than half of my total points for a POP! 169 vinyl Doctor Strange today. 🙂