• S1 & S2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    S1 & S2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    My hubby got me the bluray sets of Season One and Season Two of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show. This is a great show! I have the first 3 seasons on Vudu purchased long ago as it was airing, locked to that service so I don’t have any care to watch it there. I…

    2 responses to “S1 & S2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

    1. Maisy Avatar

      Oh no, now looking on my Amazon List: this show’s bluray version for Season 3 isn’t available to buy currently.

      1. Maisy Avatar

        Well other ways to buy it, used or new it’s not so bad … just no direct from Amazon.

  • Death


    So cold for a few days. Madame Chicken-legs last photograph. Sub-freezing temps and a stupid free-range chicken.

  • Christmas 2023

    Christmas 2023

    Our Christmas tree had one place to go with our current furniture arrangement. Cramped spot with a rose photo canvas as a backdrop on one side, and cruddy stairs on the other side. It’s minimalistically decorated with stuff we have and two different kind of light strings, colored with bulb covers, and metal string led…

  • Garden Zone Junk

    I am sorry to whomever in the government think this was a good idea to change 7b to 8a. I don’t see it as real. Nope. If anything all along we were 7a/7b kind of thing, but not hedging towards 8 at all. It’s garbage, 8 was southern Georgia. It’s very hot there. We are…

  • 3.1 Sound System in my office

    My current setup is 3.1 in my office. I have a Pioneer unit (VSX-452) that I’ve had for years, it’s been through a lot, moving around, used by me, used by my kids, sitting forlorn under a side table then for a few years, and then in 2023 I recently had enough, pulled it out…

  • Wish Lists and stupid me

    I try to religiously update my Wish Lists on Amazon, move things I’ve gotten to my GOT List. I don’t always succeed. Today hubby says I got a few things for you, Christmas gifts, one of them I was gonna get said you already had it … so …. Ah, just tell me what it…

  • Christmas Delivery messed up

    I have one item that was supposed to be delivered on Monday, December 11th. It was Out For Delivery at 11:33am. Later that day Amazon notification so SEE on MAP 11 Stops Away! Clicked to open map, no vehicle on map. 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm… 10pm….. nothing, then is said Still arrived today, just late.…

    One response to “Christmas Delivery messed up”

    1. Maisy Avatar

      I ended up canceling it and that was accepted very quickly. I ordered another one, a dollar+ more, but same thing, still waiting to see if it’ll come tomorrow or not,

  • Christmas delivery 1 didn’t happen

    Christmas delivery 1 didn’t happen

    Out for delivery, wrapping paper and a Prime try before you buy thing for my daughter. 2 more deliveries, 1 more, you are next! Great. On the road right behind us, on the map, they moved up and down it like they were lost the whole time, then vanished off the map. On our street…

    4 responses to “Christmas delivery 1 didn’t happen”

    1. Maisy Avatar

      What happened is two or three houses up, there was a domestic dispute, cops arrived, three discharged their weapons, someone might have gotten hurt, sent to hospital … they stayed there interviewing anyone nearby, investigating, hours and hours and hours and hours, in our tiny generally quiet subdivision.

    2. Maisy Avatar

      I finally got my wrapping paper this afternoon. The Slippers though, still languishing at the carrier facility with no scans since last evening at 10:06pm

    3. Maisy Avatar

      Something happened with the try before you buy order. It hasn’t shown up and not scanned at all today, now saying it won’t come today after all, and if don’t have it by the 6th then come back for a refund. Ha ha ha.

      I cancelled the order.

      Can’t get it again, $10 more now, which is way too much money.

    4. Maisy Avatar

      I found another similar variety for way less just now, so hope it’ll work out.


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  1. Oh no, now looking on my Amazon List: this show’s bluray version for Season 3 isn’t available to buy currently.