• Always Inquisitive

    Always Inquisitive

    Madame Chicken-legs’ tail looks to be feathering out more. She’s staying around all the time, sleeping on our front porch, or if she can get into the garage is happy to camp out there for the night. She is established as the “have to check THIS out!” thing. Always looking and following. Today’s picture are…

  • Migraine Switcher Misery

    I woke up before 4am today. Didn’t feel like I could go back to sleep. So I was up, drank water, listened to music in my office, time went on, I was enragengly hungry suddenly. It became so insistent I had to go make bacon and and a fried egg. Eating that at 5am was…

  • Bonk, Bonk, Bonk, Bonk, Bonk…

    I had a migraine building last night. Tried to go to sleep, bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk… over and over … it was right there in my head, but it wasn’t my imagination. It kept going most of the evening, 11pm it was still going, and I lost consciousness somewhere after that. Stuff like this…

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    1. […] night before that was this banging in my head <—– Migraine […]

  • House getting better

    House getting better

    Our house was built in 1997. We moved into it new. The Windows Were Junk. Not good, and the screens weren’t easily replaced, so we have no screens for many years on most windows, and broken vinyl frames inside, and a few broken windows (double pane inside panes broken.) All sorts of things that needed…

  • Madame Chicken-legs

    Madame Chicken-legs

    We have been adopted by a chicken, in fact a hen, and very friendly to EVERYBODY hen. She was in the neighborhood, free-ranging, and sauntered onto our property and took a great liking to us, returning again and again and finally over a week ago now, pretty much hangs out on our lot.

  • Fall Seasonal Allergies, yes I fall for them

    Autumn Seasonal Allergies have ramped up the last few days, leaving me with a sore raw throat yesterday late afternoon, and sinus pressure everywhere increasing …. sneezing, dripping, feeling off, slow, thick, emotionless. OH JUST BE DONE WITH IT! Today I feel like a zombie. Inflammation is at play too. Won’t get through the days…

  • 60-Day Leaky Gut Reboot

    September 5th I started: 60-Day Leaky Gut Reboot using the three products from Healthy Gut (I got the items on Amazon, and setup subscribe and save for my next set of bottles there on Amazon.) healthygut.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/get-powerful-lasting-gut-health-results-2110.pdf Page 10 has the 60-Day information. Healthy Gut products for this program HoloImmune: HoloZyme: Tributyrin-X:

  • Everything is too much

    My family has all been here since Thursday late morning. Very nice, but then again, not. Why? My family is all so very closed off, and it’s because of alcohol. Hubby just stays in his office room. That’s it, or sits outside with a book. That’s all he does. With alcohol. Or wishing about it.…

  • Why is everything so

    How can I deal with trauma. I mean past, stuffed down. The stuff that activates when my significant other has ingested alcohol of any kind. It’s killing me. I have stuff to deal with, and it’s too hard to deal with, so dealing is out the window. I am fearful. I am disgusted, I am…

  • My Minimalistic Reset

    Get up… Drink Fiji water, and part of another bottle. Plus a small pinch of Celtic Sea Salt. Next have Shilajit & coffee with hemp oil (THC free) and cream. A bit later… Eat breakfast and take 1 Tributyrin-X soft-gel. later, between eating meals/snack, take 2 Inflammatone capsules. (1 serving) I wish I could take…


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