Windows 10 – 2 Problems with 2-in-1 Tablets

I have been using my Acer Switch Alpha 12 a lot recently. Two main problems are annoying. I see this as, not an Acer only problem, it’s a WINDOWS problem entirely.

Something Went Wrong (PIN Login Error)

  1. The worst: Every so often, when I have to input my PIN to login, “Something went wrong…” and you have to input your password instead to login, or restart your PC/Tablet to get PIN login to work again.It has to do with sleep but isn’t absolute in how often it happens. Therefore it’s really annoying. It doesn’t happen all day, then does. So you restart. PIN login works, walk away later, it wants your PIN to unlock the screen again. Doesn’t work, PIN pulls the something is wrong error.

    OK Restart, login with PIN, works. Shut lid. Short bit later trying to unlock just brings on that frustration again.Something is stopping, whatever it is that processes the PIN, it’s not just me with this problem, it’s others with any variety of 2-in-1 Windows tablet pc.

    Touchpad or Keys Stop Working (Keyboard)

  2.  Second Worst: The detachable keyboard. You’re plugging away using the keyboard/touchscreen/touchpad — whatever you feel like doing. It works great.Then you try to use the touchpad of the keyboard, it moves fine, but click, does the touch to click work on links or any opening of anything? No.

    In fact you may start to notice this happening, at the top of your screen the flash of different mode states…it’s weird, it is connected, the keyboard, but it’s not entirely connected. There are no touchpad profiles to reload to fix the problem. It’s entirely fixable, not “fixable” permanent, you’ll have to do this frequently. Take the keyboard away from the tablet, then reconnect it. Immediately keyboard is fully talking to the tablet again.

    Sometimes certain keys stop working, same fix works.

The detachable keyboards that hook on via magnetic contacts (Like Switch and Surface tabs) are not the same as Bluetooth keyboards. This is specific to physically connected detachable keyboards in Windows.

I’ve seen this keyboard problem in Windows 10, haven’t had another Windows version on my Switch ever. My husband had a Dell 2-in-1 with a detachable 2nd Battery Keyboard in Windows 8, it had so many more problems and eventually died [needed a new MB, not worth it.]

My Switch Alpha 12 is updated regularly. I only use it in my private home network so far.  I have had no other trouble except for one Sleep state I couldn’t wake it from, once, for a few hours, then suddenly it came to life again.  That was a wicked morning, I was re-living my trouble with the Dell, but in the end, no. 🙂

All in all I love my ‘not as small as my 8″ Android Tablet but not as big as a normal 13-15″ Laptop’ 2-in-1 Acer Switch Alpha 12 Windows 10 portable machine.

Sometimes I love a big computer, and that’s where my Desktop comes in to play. I built it long ago (in computer years) but it’s just as good as Day 1.

My Acer is an i5, my Desktop is an older i7. This laptop is frisky and fast unlike older HP laptops that were previous i5 variations.

Google Play Music – Fix Incorrect Match

Google Play Music is playing games with me. I have my own music uploaded, plus subscribe to Family Unlimited.

The Head on the Door – The Cure –the offending album on Google Play Music.I have had to delete and re-upload my The Cure albums before, but not for awhile. I don’t know when I last had to do that, but at any rate, I discovered a horrible thing when listening to my own library copy of The Head on the Door the other day. Track 6 begins with screams of a crowd then Robert introducing The Baby Screams. A LIVE version.


I loaded up my computer folder for that album, and that track is great as it should be, not LIVE.

I checked other computers I use too. All were fine.

So I have played the game to “fix incorrect match” and all that does is feign something will be fixed.

If I delete the track, then point upload music to the track on my computer again, it just puts The Baby Screams on my account as from The Head on the Door (Deluxe) though the track on my computer was only tagged as “The Head on the Door”

My track is 3:43, theirs is 3:47.

There is a LIVE BOOTLEG version on their Deluxe version that is 3:46 and that is the same stinking track that keeps going into my account as if it’s the same regular The Baby Screams  3:43 track on my computer. It’s not.

The correct song in their collection is 3:44, so that ridiculous bug is rearing it’s head and mixing up my album.

What bug? They say you can’t won’t get duplicates when uploading, except for Music Match determines your upload is something different and then you have duplicates in an album, your and theirs are mixed.

I originally uploaded music with Music Manager in the old days. I have had to re-point it here and again for different reasons, and then I have to parcel parts of my library, delete on Google Play, then point at new parcel I made. In the end I always find an album or two or three, or more, that I haven’t played in a while with doubled songs. Ugh

This problem is only because of track lengths. I haven’t re-ripped my tracks on my computer.  For whatever reason Google thinks my song isn’t the standard album #6 track. It treats it as it is in name, but the content is far from normal version.

Nowadays I use the browser Upload feature, and don’t have Music Manager installed on my main computers, and won’t install it. Will leaving a browser open to Google Music actually utilize my file? Not so far. 🙁


Hosting Sites and Changing Opinions

I’ve been working on a LOGO for a startup my hubby is involved in. Trying to get things going can be frustrating. As it is, I think they want me to get the site going too, so my cost to them will be, I don’t know … not much of anything.

I’ve had hosting for my personal sites through dreamhost. It’s nothing expensive, but it will surely not be what is used by the new startup. Business class anything is more expensive from personal, as it should be.

Small businesses, often enough, tend to avoid Business things. It’s not a lucrative operation, can’t afford to, or too cheap to, or whatever.  Whatever the reasons, I won’t pollute my personal hosting with their Business anything.

This is a beginning of checking out what kind of site you get with more expensive hosting, what could end up being the end of my liking my own hosting much longer. Sadly, so true.

Happy New Year 2017 Style!

It’s a new year and that means: just another digit added to the year.

My PSN goal for the end of the year was to get to LEVEL 16, which I did by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

This year I hope to increase to LEVEL 17 by the end. I have enough backlog to complete, and really still want several new games… really want them.

The Order: 1886 on PS4 is a game I began right before Christmas 2016. I have one trophy in it, I’m more than halfway through the story, but on the airship and stuck where that shotgunner is, not a nice place to keep restarting at.

I know I’ve missed at least one collectable on the previous level that had collectibles before going to the airship. I hope I don’t miss anymore. I don’t like to find collectibles when trying to finish other things at the same time. I’m going to have to re-play a lot to get the trophies to Platinum the game.

Tearaway on PS Vita. I’ve 100% the game, but trophies are another thing: 3 of them require playing a certain level without losing one’s stamp. Meaning: Media Molecules nice “don’t die in this level and finish it in one go” ala Ace LBP levels. I got the Windego level done OK. The other two are doozies for me, and I can’t go back to the game without my knees starting to buckle and my stomach flipping around, it’s that traumatic for me.

Tearaway Unfolded on PS4, I started playing it, but didn’t go on from quite early in the game. I should pick it up again so I can 100% the game and still not get another Platinum. 😉

Ys: Memories of Celceta on PS Vita I have played through the story almost twice, once on normal, and then on Nightmare, but not through it yet, I can’t beat the BeastMaster … I found BAMI quite trivial in Nightmare, but super annoying hard on Normal. BeastMaster on Normal was pretty much not hard, easy enough to beat, but on Nightmare, it’s a total opposite for me. I’m fully upgraded in Level and in Skills for most of my characters now, I wasn’t fully leveled in all skills last time I found him, so I should try again…

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on PS3 is a game I started last year and had trouble going through the valley and not dying a million times, so I didn’t try ever after that. I WANT to progress in this.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North on PS3 first started playing this in August 2013 with someone on PSN, we got through the first playthrough, he got more trophies than me, playing as the Ranger, while I played as the Elf, and the Dwarf was AI.

Second playthrough we started playing with another person, played through and then were on our current third playthrough with another person, but stopped playing picked it up a few times after that August playing, got a few more trophies, but still not finished that playthrough, or something like that. Organizing play time is tough.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PS4 is a game I was really excited for, bought it digitally on the Playstation Store (stupidly) played it once, gaining OMG amounts of nemesis in the very beginning, oh no!

I really need to just delete that playthrough and start fresh, using a Game Guide this time and taking my sneaky good old time.

That’s a short list of games that bug me to finish them.

I also have three Earth Defense Force games (PS3 EDF 2025, PS Vita EDF 2017 Portable, and EDF 2 Invaders from Space) that mock me for not grinding enough yet.

I started playing Freedom Wars on PS Vita and really liked it, but feel stuck, unable to progress without playing with others to get certificates. My optional missions are over my head. I’m really stuck.

I started playing Helldivers on PS4, PSN friends promised they’d play it with me. We’ll see.


I love LEGO games, but don’t play every franchise. I am at the point of wanting a lot of the games for PS Vita, I have finished: LoTR, The Hobbit, Legend of Chima, Marvel Superheros: Universe in Peril.

I’d play Ninjago one’s, and Jurassic Park World, The LEGO Movie, Marvel Avengers, at the least, all on my PS Vita.

My Big Wish is for Pixel Junk Monsters Platinum Ultimate on PS4, with trophies for everything, not just the “Challenge” levels. And more content. PLEASE!!!!! [Yes, this is a made up PJM title, but it sounds great!]

Secondly how about Savage Moon remastered for PS4, and also PS Vita.

It’s Christmas Season!

Christmas Season is my favorite time of year. It’s colder and there’s the fireplace in use most days, planning goes high gear, implementation knocked out as can do all the next month.

Of course, we just got done with Thanksgiving Day and my daughters birthday the next day, and I got sick over that time. I hate colds, I hate them! I’m really in no shape to do much, it’s enraging when there WERE things you had wanted to do, but have no way of forcing yourself to care about those things anymore.

Easy tasks are now nightmare. I don’t have the energy to do more than blow my nose, drink coffee, play on my PS Vita, or read something (book, on PC, Tablet, phone, etc.)

For instance I took no photos the last couple of days. Oh no!

Even now, there are beautiful maples  in my yard, getting redder by the day, and I have taken none. My Thanksgiving meal, that day, nothing. Daughters birthday, nothing. Ugh.



The Holiday Season Begins – 2016

Costco today was a madhouse. Few carts available when we arrived. So many people in the warehouse, like I haven’t seen in ages. Usually more like that AFTER Thanksgiving, but don’t hold that to me as a FACT statement, just a ‘seems like’ light comparison.

By the end of it all, at the checkout, I was having some trouble not feeling like I was going to, I don’t know what, just anxiety kicking in with all the people in that checkout area … I survived somehow.

My one good thing from Costco:


It was to be my birthday movie in July, but we never went. 🙁 That’s O.K. now. 🙂