• SEE-fi imploding and exploding

    SEE is a happy party animal, usually. Sometimes there is a reactor meltdown, often culminating with holidays and weekends. Add more fuel to the fire if it’s somebody else’s personal holiday, he is so selfish and horrible to live with. He (SEE-fi) will get worse as the years go on. (She SEE-fi version would too, […]

  • Control the Outcome?

    What can you control? Only yourself. You can’t control others, you can’t control how their lives will go. You have your life to live. Just live your life. Understanding comes from within and without. That is how we have relationships and can stand to be around others. I can’t stand the idea of control. It’s […]

  • PS5 is better

    PS5 is better

    My family got me a PS5 as an early Mother’s Day present this last week. Warframe is the key game that I just had so much trouble playing lately on PS4, and I knew PS5 would be better. It is so fast to load and exit, actual game startup, mission loading, etc. Zippity Fast. The […]

  • Warframe PS4 Misery

    PS4 Warframe I hadn’t played Warframe much until this past week (Sun. April 16th 2023) with Cross-Play released (Dec 2, 2022) My review after a few days of misery trying to play: Neither Cross-play enabled or disabled works to get into a Relic mission with others succefully 5/10 times. Sometimes segments and segments of no […]

  • S7 FE SM-T733 Mystic Pink

    S7 FE SM-T733 Mystic Pink

    Rec’d on March 31, 2023. Overall liking it, these are the negatives: 1. missing fingerprint security, 2. should be more speakers, 3. lack of audio jack, 4. lack of OLED screen, 5. dumb stylus. Fingerprint security …. why oh why is this missing? It’s painful. The audio jack is missing on all my phones since […]

  • VC1 Rearing it’s ugly head

    VC1 Rearing it’s ugly head

    A couple of things I’ve gotten recently on Blu-ray (movies) use a VC1 codec. Then a few more plus more that I already had but recently finally got them into Emby, so many VC1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7FE Tab now. Any VC1 codec file plays with flashing artifacts every other second. On my […]

  • Galaxy S3 Tab peed on

    Galaxy S3 Tab peed on

    Thank you cat. Peed on my tablet which was on my bed. WT??????? I’m getting it replaced, with something more modern at least. S3 Tab problem solving I cleaned the magnetic cover with alcohol, really good, let it dry, did it again and again. Sprayed it with BacOut let it sit for 10 minutes, wiped […]

  • Clan of Xymox from 2013

    Clan of Xymox from 2013

    Reminiscing from previous Clan of Xymox concert I attended as I prepare to go see them tonight in Atlanta, GA. It was a great concert in 2013. Plenty of material to go through. Thinking in that vein, they have put out 5 regular albums since then. I love this group, totally Ronny Morings is a […]

  • 2 Upcoming Concerts so far this year

    2 Upcoming Concerts so far this year

    March 18 – Clan of Xymox June 27 – The Cure Those two bands are the most important for me. Supremely important, in fact. Supporting Clan of Xymox is supposedly The Bellwether Syndicate. I’m not familiar much with them, though I will become moreso by Saturday. I saw Clan of Xymox in 2013. Supporting The […]


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