Remembering animation but can’t find anything

I recall in my youth seeing something on TV that was a beautiful but dark The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen … particularly the imagery of the young mermaid swimming up in the very green ocean. It was NOT the 1975 Japanese version, it was something though from the 70’s or 60’s or even before and strikes me as an art style being European classic of some type and not the earlier Russian version either.

I’d know it if I saw the image. I didn’t make it up. It’s been in my mind ever since then, and I’ve never found what it was.

I’ve been over indulging in Beauty and the Beast this past week and that has brought this memory up all the more insistent that the puzzle needs to be solved, but it’s a lost cause at this rate. Really, really frustrating.

Aladdin Disney vs Anime Aladdin

I didn’t like Disney’s Aladdin much, but have the Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere Digital HD anyhow.


It seemed OK, just a bit too lightly done overall to me.

My Netflix account: Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic (2012)
My Netflix account: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (2013)
My Netflix account: Magi: Adventure of Sinbad (2016)

Since watching the anime of Magi (three different [one season  each] shows on Netflix, which I very much liked,) I watched Disney’s Aladdin again last night, and dislike Disney’s Aladdin all the more.

I really wish Disney would take the whole westernized [as literature translations added to original One Thousand and One Nights] Arabian Nights ideas and do a much better animated movie and live action movie as well. One of the things I grew up with was those fantasy stories in books and coloring books. It impacted me greatly and I have not yet found a good modern period-re-telling as it could be done now-a-days.

Can hardly wait hardly for this PS4 game even though I’ve never seen the TV show

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PS4 Limited Edition Pre-Order
Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PS4 Limited Edition Pre-Order


I was going to watch the show [Psycho-Pass] on Netflix, but then they took it off before I got to it! Figures. At any rate once I heard the game was coming to PS4 and PS Vita I tossed the idea around a long while and later decided to go with the PS4 one. Sorry my dear PS Vita. I had fun playing Steins Gate on you earlier this year!

Not only the game, but the Limited Edition was the thing about it, I LOVE LE games that have good content in the package.

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PS4 Limited Edition contents
Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness PS4 Limited Edition contents

Games are way cheaper at stores you have a membership with. In this case, for me, often Amazon [Prime] has what I want, Best Buy [Gamer Unlocked] is declining on having what I want. Both stores are equal in pricing discount for me so whomever has the goods gets the order.

Part of the PlayStation package is every game gets codes for the first 2 episodes of the show, uh, which means, not where I’d want them since I’d buy it elsewhere, Google or Vudu, for instance. It is what it is though.

I haven’t watched a lot of anime, nor played many anime-ish games. I started watching some anime this year on purpose. I really loved Death Note, and Fate/Zero. Fate Stay the Night next. Steins Gate as a game was really good [felt like I’d nearly watched a show] and if I could I’d watch the show based on it.

We have a big Directv pkg, and the larger Netlfix sub, and satellite radio subs, and more … so an anime site to watch things, no deal since free is ugly to me and paid is just more money that could go to LEGO or Art Supplies, etc. I take what’s on Netflix and profit smartly.

Psycho-Pass, I wish it would come back to Netflix, and I wish they hadn’t taken Death Note off too. I never fully re-watched it, but once I heard the news it was going away, it wasn’t within my power to actually re-watch the first season again. Sorry L!

Just one more week before the delivery should hit my doorstep. Hurray! [I better get busy and finish Ni no kuni before then, oh bother, I’m not far in yet.]


Beauty and the Beast DMA connected account differences

Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary Edition/Version is out Digitally today.


My DMA of Beauty and the Beast updated the cover art weeks ago, and my account page said I’d pre-ordered the 25th anniversary version … though I hadn’t done anything of the sort. (Guess they only have one imprint for DMA?)

All in all it’s OK, the DMA version now has all the extras from the 25th Anniversary content. How it goes with other providers linked is a different story though.

beauty and the beast special edition
My main Vudu account used to be linked to DMA, this is the version of Beauty and the Beast that DMA linked, which remains static, no updated extras added because DMA isn’t linked anymore.

On my main Vudu account I have the Special Edition. Some people said in previous days to un-link and re-link Vudu with DMA then you’d have the Special and Theatrical versions in your Vudu account.

For me it didn’t happen because I have 2 Vudu accounts now, and have always used DMA in any browser before that, so even though I keep my account stuff in separate browser instances (Chrome Users) my prior use of DMA anywhere mussed me up and yes, I linked the wrong Vudu account. I un-linked it quickly but that didn’t matter, the second you sign-in, you are toast to quit that sphere.

I had an xml version of Beauty and the Beast as well, but didn’t have I-tunes linked to DMA for a long time (I used to be linked, but didn’t use it and never re-upped it when Disney auto un-linked long ago.) I decided to re-login there this past weekend and link it up again, so that’s 2 versions of Beauty and the Beast in my DMA, but they don’t show there in DMA that way (as in what I can watch, nor on that 2nd Vudu account that’s linked to DMA.)

On that second Vudu account it was Beauty and the Beast 1991 version, and then because it was linked to DMA yesterday through to today, the version there got all the extras Vudu has over night, when September 6, 2016 rolled around. It remains Beauty and the Beast 1991 Version though.

Beauty and the Beast 1991 extras
2nd Vudu account which had DMA connected through today, September 6, 2016 , the day the Digital HD 25th Anniversary Edition came out. See the Vudu Extra’s tab and the version of the movie? Weird, huh.

Amazon and Google Play are other providers I have linked.

Google Play says my version of Beauty and the Beast is the 1991 version. No extras.

This is the cover art for the version on Google Play, the same cover art that used to be on my Vudu and DMA versions.

Amazon has 2 Beauty and the Beast versions:

  • Beauty and the Beast 1991 Version.
Beauty and the Beast 1991 version on my Amazon Video linked to DMA
Beauty and the Beast 1991 version on my Amazon Video linked to DMA
  • Beauty and the Beast Theatrical Version.
Beauty and the Beast Theatrical is second version in my Amazon linked to DMA account, but they have same runtime.
Beauty and the Beast Theatrical is second version in my Amazon linked to DMA account, but they have same runtime. See that other B&TB though? read on below.

Aren’t those the same? Yeah, I think so, even though the art is new on one and old on the other. There is another Beauty and the Beast on Amazon that comes with Bonuses, it’s totally separate, not connected to my version in DMA.


This is a cluster of you-know-what.

My Vudu Beauty and the Beast Special Edition doesn’t have DMA linked right now, and has NO extras.

Disney Movies Anywhere extras have all the versions of the movie you need, though the regular version is the main movie, the other versions are under ‘etc’ in the extras.

Etc. Beauty and the Beast movie extras
Etc. Beauty and the Beast movie extras 1st part

and further

Etc. Beauty and the Beast movie extras
Etc. Beauty and the Beast movie extras 2nd part

The Vudu extras do not have all the versions, only the sing-along version is in extras there.

Was the 25th Anniversary supposed to be a newly beautified version or just the same as whichever thing, with more extras only? It’s a confusing mess, but it looks to me like the best provider to go with is Vudu still, because they do have extras and if I could connect my main Vudu to DMA I’d know the deal, losing Special version or keeping it, I’d know. As it is now I do know others have said they have both versions or just the 1991 version now. It’s not absolute, in other words.

Simple phone call is supposed to be able to fix it for me. That’s the trouble. Phone is my weakest link. I can email, that’s great. Then they say “call us” in reply email, and I can’t work through it. I suck, yeah, it’s me.

Digital Movie Locker problems

I un-linked Vudu from Disney Movies Anywhere. Oh no, there goes the problem.

I have 2 Vudu accounts, keep them separate, in different browsers (no problem usually.) Unfortunately I didn’t have 2 Vudu accounts always and have used Disney Movies Anywhere in either browser. Yep, there’s my problem.


So now I have to wait until … March 2017 to re-link it to the Vudu account I want it on.

I have the same Disney movies in both Vudu accounts now, but won’t get any new ones in either because I un-linked DMA from that 2nd Vudu account too.

I have other services linked to Disney Movies Anywhere, and that’ll have to suffice until … early March.

Thankfully the Digital HD DMA code entry will work just fine in this situation.

I also had a tiger of a time getting my old freaking apple id itunes thingie linked with DMA today. Chrome wouldn’t work. Edge wouldn’t work. I had to download Firefox and of course that worked. Hmph. Anyhow I had Itunes linked before, but hadn’t for a long time. it’s just a backup sort of movie collection for “just in case.” (I don’t use Itunes at all, just had been using it to redeem Digital Copy in the early days after one Windows digital copy went bad upon reinstall of window. Such a bad system that is/was.)

Only thing I still wish is that now Google Play Movies would be able to link to my UV Library. I have great ability to use Google Play Movies on any device. Please UltraViolet light up my Google Play Movies!

Testing photos in posts

I haven’t treated my own blog with my photos much this past year.

This blog is in a strange state, I’m using this Eighties theme, which is simple and BIG and that’s that. I long for a nice photo blog, forget other sites … but then I’d have all my photos and nobody to see them. 😉

As it goes, photo’s on this current themed blog aren’t bad, I just haven’t felt like posting much of anything.

So I’ll look and see what I want to put right here.

November 23, 2007 8:08am 55mm f/5.6 ISO-320 1/60 sec.
November 23, 2007 8:08am; Canon Digital Rebel; 55mm; f/5.6; ISO-320; 1/60 sec.

I love dragonflies, need identification

I love dragonflies so very much, but don’t know how to identify this one:



I posted on Twitter about it too.

At any rate, I collect dragonfly jewelry and such, not at an incredible rate, just when I find something or my husband does. I pretty much always have something dragonfly around my neck or hanging from my ears. 🙂

If I could figure out what the above pictured dragonfly is (taken by me with a Canon EOS 7D EFS-24mm 2.8) it would be great. It’s been hanging around that dead branch in my backyard today (Southeast US). It’s rather tattered, so I’m thinking it must be near the end of it’s lifecycle. IRL it looks very much like the photos, Dark, brown, wings gossamer, sparkly, and that brown tipped edge is nearly gold. Head is dark too, and the browns on it are almost reddish, just such a dark dragonfly. Looks kinda like a gray petaltail, but I’m not comfortable saying it’s one at all. FWIW

Amazing what you can get for about $700 today compared to a few years ago

In January I posted Lack of Nice Laptops; 43x830C Monitor is Wonderful instead which was important in terms of upgrade for me, I wanted a laptop, had for a long time, but the model I liked was not available any more, other good ones were way too expensive.

On Saturday we got my Acer Switch Alpha 12 convertible laptop. Same price. I posted this about it, and still love it Acer Switch Alpha 12 – My New PC!

My oh my how well the two things go together. I have such a clear resolution on both. It’s perfect for a near sighted person like me. My computing is via a giant 4K PC, or tiny FHD laptop/tablet.

In 2012 I got a nifty HP Envy 4, was really cheap, no optical drive, but too cheaply built to last in a quality way. How much was it? That same price, 699.99 plus tax.

Best thing about my new laptop though, Tax Free Weekend. 🙂

Thinking, thinking, thinking …