Socionics and my family

ego type socionics type role quadra oldham type
ESFp – SEESensory-Ethical Extravert The Politician GAMMA Mercurial
INTp – ILIIntuitive-Logical IntrovertThe CriticGAMMASolitary
INTp – ILIIntuitive-Logical Introvert The Critic GAMMA Solitary
INFp – IEIIntuitive-Ethical IntrovertThe LyricistBETADramatic
ESTp – SLESensory-Logical ExtravertThe LegionnaireBETASelf-Confident
ENTp – ILEIntuitive-Logical ExtravertThe SearcherALPHAInventive
Father, Mother, Child 1, Child 2, Child 3, Child 4. My own family is a Gamma/Beta/Alpha order, very Gamma overall.

My Mother and Father

ENFj – EIEEthical-Intuitive ExtravertThe MentorBETAConscientious
ISFp – SEISensory-Ethical IntrovertThe MediatorALPHAArtistic
My Mother, EIE, My Father SEI

My family had 5 children. Me the youngest. I know my type, but not my siblings.

I didn’t (and still don’t) think our Zoo Dysfunctional family was good. Socionics shows why it would be hard to have good relationships

My Dad had a psychological disorder personality for his type as well, ended up with dementia and death at 68 years of age.

Supervisor Hell

Dad: Supervisor of Mom

Mom: Supervisoree from Dad; Supervisor of Me

Dad and Me: Super-Ego

Me: Supervisoree from Mom

My mother came from a family a stern mother and a gentle father. She’s the eldest. EIE, then a sister that was the Golden Child, then her ESI brother.

The sister was little miss perfect life sister. Gracious and doted on anyone which won everyone’s favor. Even getting a South Carolinian Lady Drawl that never left her (the family was in Eastern Pennsylvania.) My mother being EIE, had that flawed feeling, just not good enough, and boy howdy did the sister aide in her sinking.

Once my mother had her family started, I’m not sure why she didn’t flee home (to her parents) and stay there. Abuse is a sticky situation. Well, obviously she wanted to prove her worth, stick it out. Her sister had as much of the blame as my father.

I’ve lived in so many places and have what I call, a media accent. I can speak with affected accent at will, but not “naturally” like my Aunt did. I never heard a PA accent from her.

So my first 7 years were in Eastern PA, next 7 in Northern Central PA, then South Florida, and even that out with NE GA for just as long now. My SEE hubby still sounds Michigander.

My mother’s sister … ESE absolutely.

My Mothers Family Group

ISFj – ESIEthical-Intuitive IntrovertDreiserThe GuardianDevotedGAMMAGrandma
infp? intp? isfp? Grandpa
ENFj – ESEEthical-Intuitive ExtravertHamletThe ArtistConscientiousBETAMother
ESFj – ESEEthical-Sensory ExtravertHugoThe EnthusiastSelf-SacrificingALPHASister
ISFj – ESIEthical-Sensory Introvert Dreiser The GuardianDevotedGAMMABrother