Gulenko: Description of Semi-Dual Relationships

Victor Gulenko, “Criteria of reciprocity”

Cautious comfort

Interesting relations, in which the partners are afraid to get closer because they feel that by doing so comfort will dissipate. After pleasantly communicating for some time, the partners don’t know how to proceed next. At times, partners privaely take note some unpleasant moments in behavior of each other. However, these unpleasant moments and hurdles are often not discussed openly and not brought up to attention of the partner. In matters of duties and responsibilities, the work is usually distributed according to temperament. Disagreements are usually resolved through compromise and through mutual concessions.

Binary signs of intertype relations

Semi-duality is much more difficult to establish than duality. Getting closer is not easy and takes a long period of time. Third parties generate confusion and disturb emotional balance in a semi-dual pair. Insularity in this pair promotes its stability.

In semi-dual relations, mutual comfort and convenience are of primary importance. Misunderstandings in communication periodically disturb these relations. There is an impression that in these relations fate plays a special role – some irrational principle seems to define their development. Physical health of partners may likewise fluctuate.

Turbulent emotional atmosphere is destructive to semi-dual relations. They must be imbued with the spirit of cooperation, reason and benefit derived from mutual undertakings, as well as united opposition waged against external hardships and dangers. There should be fewer emotional outbursts and more productive undertakings, then semi-duality will strengthen and provide for a special kind of charm of unemotional comfort.

Semi-duality relations exacerbate in partners awareness of their body, their physical condition. Relaxation in semi-duality relationship is not as easy as in dual relations. Material well-being of the pair is provided by collaborative effort. This especially concerns the cases when semi-duality combines two intuitive types. Semi-duals are able to realistically assess their chances of success and take up only those matters that will bring quick benefits.

Dynamics of semi-dual relations are perceived by both partners acutely. There is a sharp contrast between leisure and work. Disruptions in relations usually cause more confusion than in duality relations. Partners are as if drawn to make relations more dynamic and do things which are surprising for the other.

Semi-dual relations contribute to the preservation of one’s own individuality. In these relations partners hone their personal skills. While they may consult with each other, each leads his or her own affairs. Relations can be well managed and have a tendency for self-correction.

Advice for getting along

Be patient, don’t force events. Remember that getting close to each other is a very slow process in these relations. Try to spend more free time together. In semi-dual relations there is intensification of physical sensitivity and desire for tangible contact.

Be more considerate in relation to each other. Avoid anything that can cause emotional instability. Deal with disagreements right away. Try to rely more on logic. Avoid middle-men in these relations and deal with each other directly. Protect one another from negative influence of any hostile people.

In semi-dual relations there are periodic break downs caused by the fact that partners will try to process their feelings separately and individually concerning the same events. In this case, don’t show much emotions – positive or negative – simply switch your attention to the next subject.