I have gotten Migraines since I was younger, horrible debilitating Migraines when I was 16, before that a lot of headaches that doctors all poo pooed at me about (‘just genetic nothing you can do about it’)

I never went to a doctor about Migraines. I knew better (1980’s) than to force myself into some horrible drug induced future.

I have lived with migraines, for the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.

I don’t have them all the time, just sometimes and a lot sometimes, and then a lot of time without.

I know it will pass on to gone phase, and it’s just getting through, ice, heat, Motrin, Advil, etc. Bath, Shower, get chills on purpose, wear socks to keep feet warm, scream, curse someone out, cry, repeat as necessary.

Things have changed over the years. My worst time was the 4 to term pregnancies I had, no not all of them, just my 2nd, who turned out to be a baby girl. My first and third were boys and boy I felt good. My 4th was also a boy, but it was a mixed good and bad, mostly good but some fairly doozy migraines in last trimester. My 2nd was hell on earth. Three to four day long migraines where all I could do was lay on the couch and pray for death.

Since all those childbearing days, I’ve had weird triple migraines, meaning 1 then over, then another, then over, then another, and when it was over, I knew I’d be ok for many more days usually.

Then it got easier, migraines sometimes worse, sometimes easy to deal with but linger, never horrifying. Sometimes the worst. Rare though.

Scads and scads of migraines prior to this chart which I am starting today.

DatePre (1)One (2)Two (3)Three (4)Side
November 9, 2022Yeah, I look back and it started the night before.Woke up OK, started yawning a couple of hours later, then a couple more hours later I fell into a hole and determined it was a Migraine coming. Took 2 Advil. Always so stupid about it, waiting too long.Was in pain fairly quickly then and then light sensitivity hit later (odd for me) and my tummy felt bad. I tried to lay down, that didn’t last long. I had to get up. Ended up taking a long shower. Felt a lot better then. Not sure that it’s not going to rear it’s ugly head again. Pretty sure it just might do that. 11-09-22 – 4:34pmLeft
LOL at this empty chart.
Migraines since then, just never logged them.
September 7, 2023Woke up, cracked neck (usually can’t, so when I can means migraine coming)
Tracking migraines here since 11-9-2022