Getting Help Installing Android Market Apps from phone to a new tablet

I bought Bejeweled 2 on my HTC Evo in the past several months. It’s something I’ve wanted to use on a larger touch screen device, like which I now have in the HTC EVO View tablet I got yesterday.

In the Market on my new device there is no Bejeweled 2.

On my computer Bejeweled 2 is not compatible with my new device, so they say, and it will not let me install to it there.

So I tried again today, looked online for others with solutions or complaining and found very little about it at all.

I did read something about people not having this or that anymore when it dissapears from the Market … and some people said to make sure to back up those .apk’s … one way is with Astro File Browser … which I have on my HTC EVO. So I went to that, looked at the backup function and clicked on the 2 things I wanted to have on my new device that I couldn’t get in the market on it.

Bejeweled 2

Yahoo Fantasy ’11 (Baseball)

Backed them up. Connected my HTC EVO to the computer as a disk drive found the .apk files in the Backup folder, copied to my computer, then I attached those files to an email and sent them to myself (email I use on the new device, of course) … then on my new device I got the email, opened and downloaded each .apk file.

Then I got Astro installed on my new device and navigated in that to the downloads folder and clicked on each file and that opened a pop up and I chose to Open App Manager and there I clicked Install.

Yahoo Fantasy ’11 worked right away just fine (as far as I could tell)

Bejeweled 2 didn’t work, had to download a bunch of files then hiccuped with an error telling me to go to … and that was a nothing to help message.

So I thought, and then re-connected my HTC EVO and looked for the folder I knew was on the card, the one with tons of files and pictures and came with no .nomedia file so pollutes your gallery (so one knows about the files and where the nomedia file needs to be put to fix that…)

I copied all of that stuff to my computer.

Then I connected my new device to my computer as a Disk Drive. I copied those files to the same location on the new device, there was a folder there with a “needtodownload” file in it. I deleted the file and copied the old files right there.

Disconnected and right there on my new device I touched Bejeweled 2 and … it opened and I played and when I was done my score went into a list of other high scores, scores I got on the HTC EVO before. 🙂

Wonderful! (note, you might have to check allowing installation of non-Market applications, if so, find that in “Settings:Applications: UNKNOWN SOURCES.

HTC EVO VIEW or HTC FLYER …. same deal. Do it.

I think the game played fine. Just the music wasn’t as “fluid” but not a problem at all, the game I played. (Which was only 1, ACTION, FWIW.)


Waiting for Google Music Beta Invitation

I’m getting impatient. Actually wishing for this as soon as Voice Actions for Android came out with “Listen To” but only worked with cloud music services that implemented the functions in their apps. It didn’t work with the stock music player on my HTC Evo. That got me looking for other things, and I tried mSpot. A joke for me.

mSpot couldn’t ever get my stuff uploaded. It took over night to get like 10 songs. It took all day, then all night, to get a few songs. I deleted everything from mSpot, and re-did the info as to what to upload, and it wasn’t any different. Now I have a large library of music, but it’s not that big really. Also it’s not encoded in anything but .wma or .mp3 and neither at a very high rate (it bothers me, but less than making higher rate rips that take up tons of space, so I live with not quite up to snuff, but good enough to get more on my player, which never made a difference anyhow with playing music at any high or low rate with it. Good earphones worked well enough also. Whatever. I digress.

I’m waiting for the $$ to put together a new desktop computer. On this future computer I was going to re-rip all of my music on higher settings. I wanted a cloud music service to be able to listen on a device that way (therefore not needing huge Micro-SD cards just for the MUSIC anymore.)

All I have ever wanted was a connected device and a way to use it with MY music.

Enter Android. I got an Android phone in September 2010 and very shortly dreamed of what it could be for me if only …

Google Cloud Music would happen.

I found a leaked Honeycomb music player, found the .apk file for it, installed it on my phone. That’s the one that also installed “Jumper Test” and that had a music sync thing that worked, it seemed, though I never tried it without my Micro-SD card installed with the music still on it. The app was nice, but not everything that should have been was implemented. Basically it would play my music sideways, and that made me happy, plus it scrobbled.

In any case, recently I looked for an update, and found an updated version. I installed that .apk (had to uninstall the above one before it would install) and the app was similar, but better, yet had no “Jumper Test” and the “add google account” area for syncing music was “empty” … but otherwise the regular player was nice, worked awesome with the music on my phone.

Just yesterday, early morning I was on my computer and found more information, that Google was unveiling the Cloud Music that very day … So I got over to and requested an invite. And I’m still waiting. It’s been over a day. I used to Tweet about how much I wanted this. I wish to try it out so badly since I really want this, now use a SoundBlade with my phone to listen to music via bluetooth.

I have the official 3.0 Google Music app on my phone now. It’s the same as that last one I tried, minus all the streaming stuff in the menus. I mean, it’s not in the menus at all. I’m wondering if it’ll magically appear once my invite arrives?

On my Google Account it’s there, but I can’t access the service yet. It’s in my Dashboard as “Music by Google Beta” with “Manage Music Library” and “PrivacyPolicy” links. I’m anxious to have access to this, and part of that is my curiosity to see if something is there already, from the Jumper Test days of the previous few months.

Also, on my HTC Evo I have “Listen To” use with this app. That’s a great step ahead. My basic need though is for that to be cleaned up. If I say “Listen To … Wasteland” if there is other noise around me it asks me if I meant Listen To Wasteland and many other options.

If there isn’t other noise it loads the
“Listen To Wasteland”
“Go Cancel”
window, then the music app with the search field filled in with “Wasteland” and the song category is shown with the song listed below it, and the keyboard is popped up. But, the song then plays, without showing the Now Playing screen (which I find highly annoying) without me touching anything.

Right now I tried another

The Cure has an album, Disintegration. There is also a song on that album with the same name.

I touched “Voice Search” and said “Listen To … Disintegration”

“Listen To
“Go Cancel”
Window Loads
Then the music app with “Disintegration” in the search field and the Abum category showing the album on top, with the song below it. The keyboard is also open, of course. Without touching anything, the album begins playing. Yes, the first song in the album, then the next, etc.

How to distinguish you want the song, not the album, or Vise Versa? I don’t know.

I really wish it would play what you want when you ask for something specifically, without the search junk showing, just play it and show me the Now Playing screen.

Because of this I am now more into the idea of using Playlists, naming them with quippy unique names. It’d be nice to have the Instant Mix thing of Google Music. It’s not in the Music app I installed yesterday. I can make a new playlist, but just a regular one. Oh well. I know the video they have for the new service shows using the web browser version to do that, but I did read the info for the Android version and it mention doing it in the app (but you must be online to do it, hence why I can’t access it though I am online, I’m not allowed access to Music Beta …. 🙁 )

I just want a cleaned up way of dealing with what loads with Listen To, and what to say to get this or that implemented better. Accessibility to the cloud storage in order to easily have any of my music at my beck and call without having to “load it” on every device!!!!!!

Like I have the new Duran Duran album. I still haven’t gotten it on to my phone, and I just don’t feel like connecting it to my computer, accessing it like a drive, dragging or syncing anything now. Just waiting for full implementation of what it should be like to live in the 21st Century!

HTC Evo: Weird Camera Posterize-like stuckness

I just went and got my HTC Evo (phone) and turned on the Camera app, and something was really messed up, like “posterize” was chosen, in PINK but all the settings were normal in reality (I have used different settings before, but not with my most recent use of the phone camera.) Choosing any other settings did nothing except change the color of the “posterize” look … I had used the camera a few days or more ago. I’m not sure how long ago. Anyhow, I powered down then back on my phone last night for some other reason, that’s the only thing … but that doesn’t make sense. So anyhow I just now since discovering that powered my phone down then back on again, and voila! It’s fine now.

Retro Camera problem (fixed)

I had a Retro Camera problem on my HTC Evo phone. Retro Camera is a free app (available in the Market) which takes pictures with the phone camera, but differently from your stock camera application. There are several different models of camera that you can use, vintage looks, take the picture and it’s “processed” fairly quickly on the fly. Then you can view your pictures as if they are clipped to a line, like old-time paper photo processing.

You can also view your pictures in Gallery. There is a specific “Retro Camera” folder there.  In the Retro Camera app the pictures will stay on the “line” until more photos are taken that “push them off” but they’ll always be available in Gallery before or after that.

Unless …

What if you go into Gallery and your most recent Retro Camera photos are not in it? Mine showed (96) and only two of my most recent photos. I had a lot more than that.

Look online for help. No help found when I looked. One other person asked about the problem on a forum and had someone tell them to force stop Gallery. That didn’t work for them. No other help was offered. I didn’t look deeply, but basic searching that often will bring answers for other problems gave me no information on it at all other than that one forum mentioned.

So, I tried the “Force Stop” of Gallery. It didn’t fix the problem. So I shut down my phone, restarted my phone. Still, Gallery not displaying all my Retro Camera photos.

At that point I saw an “Updates” available symbol on my status bar. Touched that, and there were a couple of apps that had updates, so I did that, then scrolled down, just looking, then back up, and thought, “hmmmm” touched “Retro Camera” and looked at comments, nothing there of relevancy. Went back to Updates and looked and spotted “Vignette Demo” ah yes, I did install that last week, to see if I wanted to use it. I had opened it once and said “not for me” all I really want is simple. Retro Camera does that for me, and my stock camera app has setting to make photos different too, that’s enough for me. Then I didn’t use Vignette again, should have uninstalled it, but just hadn’t.

At the point of seeing it in my Updates list, I knew it. Right then, just knew it.

So I touched it and then touched “Uninstall” — shut the Update app, found Gallery and opened it, scrolled down to Retro Camera folder, the same (96) was showing, then the list of folders refreshed automatically in front of me as I was scrolling, and when the screen re-wrote there was a new number on Retro Camera (104) and touching that, all my newest photos were finally in the folder.

Hope this helps someone else.

Sibley app on Android

Today I saw Cedar Waxwing’s in my backyard. That’s a first for our yard, plus for me.

Recently I got the Sibley app for my HTC EVO. I love it. It’s my favorite bird books in my phone, with added function, bird songs! I really love the way it works too, with a map for viewing with the key right there on every bird profile (easier than the books!) It’s great searching for birds and more. The audio for bird songs is awesome, it really made it super easy to absolutely identify the Cedar Waxwings without having a super closeup view of them.

Unfortunately I have had several force close errors, but I can get it right back up working. Hopefully something will work better with it in the future. (most notable when trying to “edit” My List. Unable to do so. Force Close.)

My plan is to eventually get a Nook Color, root it, and get this app on there to work. I hope I can do that soon, and I hope it’ll work!

I have to remember to leave a comment on the Android Market about my experience with force close with this app.

Contacts (People) HTC Evo

I’ve had an HTC Evo since September 2010. One thing I struggled with understanding was why the pictures for contacts didn’t stay how I had made them.

I used to have a Palm Pre. I had Google Contacts, had worked on Google on my laptop to make my contacts how I wanted. I loaded pictures there.

On my Evo, I just had to add a few accounts to it when it was brand new and voila! All my stuff was on my phone in short order. But the thing is, PEOPLE was a bit confusing, even coming from the Palm Pre which had LAYERED Contacts.

So, with how it works, it’s great, have a bunch of contacts here and there and somewhere else, they can all be pulled into your phone and then you can put the right ones together to make a set of from 1 contacts different contact profiles.

In the HTC Evo it’s actually more clear when understood from the un-linked position of things. When no contacts are linked to any other contacts there can be multiple entries for one person. For instance, an “on your phone” contact, a “google” contact, a “flickr” contact, etc.

Each “contact” has information associated with it, including a “picture”. For Google it’s whatever is on Google for that contact. For Flickr it’s whatever is that person’s avatar on Flickr. So then … on the phone … it’s whatever picture is associated with that contact on your phone.

In order to have a nice crisp contact picture showing when you call that contact or when they call you … it’s best to have the phone contact picture. (This is how you do it for any contact, but particularly a topic of usefulness for any Google Contact user.) If you don’t have original images on your phone tied to a phone contact, then the other pictures the linked contact uses are degraded images from websites. The are pixelated and blurry, horrible monstrous things. They look nice at first, but then when your phone syncs with those services, you see a degraded picture next time, sometimes swapped from Google to Flickr or something too. Weird. Anyhow, continue on to solve it.

1. For each contact that you have a specific image you want to use for said contact, un-link everything from their linked profile. (open contact, at the top on the right touch “Linked” to get to the screen to edit those settings. Touch the green linked line to “unlink”. Then touch “done”.

2. Go to the PEOPLE list.

2. Open the “phone contact” –only have their NAME entered and for the picture pick the one you want, crop as desired, and save it, save the contact. If you don’t have a “phone contact” entry, then make a new one exactly as detailed. (I suppose you could have other info in there, this is the same (you have to edit an existing PHONE contact using “menu”)

3. Then open a related contact and touch the green “Linked” symbol or the gray “not linked” symbol. Choose the different contacts to link, linking the PHONE contact last.

The resulting Linked Contact won’t automatically use the right picture. Once linked, only 1 contact shows in your PEOPLE list. They are “layered” or “linked” contacts, however you wish to think of it. Choose the “PHONE” contact when you touch the picture in the “LINKED” screen. Then you have the right picture, the one ON YOUR PHONE associated with the linked contact. No icky Google, Flickr or other degraded or unwanted image will be used.

Of course you may not HAVE to ‘unlink’ everything to do this. Just know you have to UNLINK the Phone contact to be able to be sure you pick the picture & it’s is used permanently.

My idea for a new Evo owner would be, open PEOPLE & don’t link anything until you make phone contacts for whom you want better pictures connected to your contacts, make a PHONE contact with their name and PHOTO. Let the other info be filled in with Google or whatever else.

In my case I use Retro Camera app for a lot of pictures. I make a PHONE contact, choose a photo from my gallery, Crop it so that it looks right, it crops square, Retro Camera photos are square, so it’s really easy to get the right look using one. I mean, it’s not just the person or whatever, it’s styling as well. At any rate, if it’s what you want, it looks great to you, that’s all that you’ll want.

Try the above methodology, refine it however you can, understanding that I haven’t step-by-step gone through every jot and tittle of information about this. It’s more an idea with basic steps and understanding of what one needs to do to accomplish happy thoughts about the phone when making and receiving calls.

Uninstall Bing Bar


I found this when I opened my laptop lid the last two days.

I Google Goggles’d it (took a picture of it with the Goggles app on my HTC EVO) & I knew easily exactly what I needed.

I did see link after link to Win XP info, of course. Most recent thing that installed this month is “the Bing bar” so I uninstalled that (1. It doesn’t work in FireFox. 2. It does work in IE. 3. My primary browser is FireFox, the only time to open IE is NOT for searching. 4. I have a short search list: Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo.)

mswinext.exe is associated with today’s Bing. It’s not in my services running module now that I’ve uninstalled that Bing Bar.

I’ll update this topic if all is well or not. It’s something I can’t abide by: errors upon logging in, They don’t keep you from logging in, but they are there sole to bother you most times when it should go smoothly. Get them, eradicate them.


I got an HTC Evo (Sprint 4G) phone a few weeks ago, and have been really loving it. I believed in Palm, had a Palm Pre (Sprint, 1st webOS device) day 1: June 6, 2009. I was holding out the whole time for a few apps and functionalities to come to webOS, video eventually did. That was the LEAST of the things needed on that phone. A year later, still a nice device, but lacking still …

In July & August I paid more attention to what was out or coming soon, and found myself in the boat looking for a bigger, newer, faster, well tech’d out boat. Meet the HTC Evo. Has the speed where 4G is out, works better in 3G than my Palm Pre did. Is fast, slick, useful, great built in functions. Voice anything, search, cameras, Google everything that works. Love the Google Nav app. I could go on and on, but I won’t.

I just need to find a decent mount for this device so I can use it instead of my lost Magellan (stolen from our vehicle not long before I got the Evo) in the car. I don’t like the two options that are “out there” right now, HTC & Seido. I may end up with one of them eventually.

This is a phone that is a pleasure to use, I LIKE the bigger size. I LOVE IT! And it works. Works well, has zip and has apps that are useful and built-in stuff that SHOULD BE in WEBOS! But webOS for me is in the past.