LEGO Worlds PS4 (RNG)

We got LEGO Worlds for our son’s birthday yesterday. It was nice to see him playing it, then later in the evening I finally got my own chance to play it.

We both had fun and are getting through all the upgrading to arrive at the I CAN BUILD ANYTHING stage.

This game is a dream come true for me. Fun with LEGO, LEGO theme stuff everywhere, but it’s all first party theme stuff. For so many years now I dream in LEGO, entire dreams of LEGO environs, non-lego games as LEGO Game in my dream, or a regular movie replicated into a LEGO movie in my dream.

Starhawk, Warframe, two games I played a lot and dreamed about frequently.

Any movie could get the LEGO treatment in my dreams. The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings did get LEGO games, but have you ever seen the real movies in LEGO? I have.

Other games, tv shows, movies, anything can be built in LEGO IRL, for the most part, and in LEGO Worlds, you can make that happen too, even better.

Now then, RNG in LEGO Worlds. My son got swamp after swamp after swamp, and was so sick of it. Well, when I played I had fantasy for the most part, sick of bows I am.

Also at one point suddenly my son turned into a Cowgirl, he was a male astronaut.

I was playing as Intergalactic Girl, in helmet. Suddenly I got turned into a male astronaut.

It was weird both times. But… it’s not unimaginable, R1 or L1 are the culprits.

At any rate, why was I playing as that girl character? RNG favored her in the Mini Figure Series she’s from.


I have too many of her, so many of her, oh so many of her. It was sickening, so the joke is a good one, I have to be her.

So then, in-game photos with “Camera” are in-game. Reminds me of Media Molecule’s games LBP & Tearaway, in-game camera pictures can be uploaded to a site for the game.  There is a game site for LEGO Worlds, but from Console I am not sure about getting photos there, it must be once you have 100 Gold Bricks.  Or it isn’t. I wouldn’t know, I only have 26 Gold Bricks [Can’t know unless I look it up, and so for this I’m going on experience, I. I prefer to understand through reading or experience, but some things must be read and and then experienced to confirm safely.

A few screenshots/trophy screenshots


LEGO® Worlds_20170430211307


LEGO® Worlds_20170430225928


LEGO® Worlds_20170501025354

My last trophy of my first play session.

I didn’t bother to change my character back, when I played the next day, I started with my usual Intergalactic Girl, so…that’s that.

This is the first post of hopefully many about LEGO Worlds on PS4. 🙂



LEGO The Hobbit is fun!

LEGO The Hobbit game on PS4 is fun.

It’s not the best game ever, it has more going for it how many things work out in LEGO games, but it’s not as epic as LEGO Lord of the Rings was (though that one would be super epic if it was updated today.) It is very much fun to play through in any case.

Part of it, of course is that it only goes over the first two Hobbit movies. The Story is engaging, but there’s no true finish to it.

I have 26% of the trophies, but am 60%+ in game completion, sooner than later more and more of those trophies will pop for me. I’m only playing this as I usually do, via having fun and trying to find everything  myself, and using the internet to find an answer to something only if it’s like 1 or 2 things that I just can’t find in a level, or where is this or that if I just can’t find it. Mostly that’s limited to me being lazy, in this game everything is “easier” kind of. I mean it’s not a super hard puzzle game at all.

Crazy-Maisy playing LEGO The Hobbit on PS4
Crazy-Maisy playing LEGO The Hobbit on PS4


The “grinding” is mostly running around and getting all the Mithril bricks that I can, and getting as many Mithril Designs that I can, forging them, repeat, repeat, repeat!

I’m also going into Free-Play levels, complete each level  (Master Burglar, All Treasures, All Mini-Kits, & Any Mithril Designs.) So I do some of that, then Mithril Brick/Design trials on the map as Free-Roam begin again. 🙂

LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Universe In Peril – PS Vita

LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Universe In Peril PS Vita
LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Universe In Peril for PS Vita

I finally, got this game. Frustrating to admit that it’s OK I got it so late. It, as a game from LEGO tradition, just doesn’t do it for me.

LEGO games traditionally let you swap between two characters … not so easily on PS Vita, not the first time through, and it’s just simply weird.

Missions … no map. No free roaming at all.

Guess what? I can’t jump or fly using buttons. I have to flick two fingers up to get into the air. Jump onto something? Only a small up using left analog for things I’m allowed to get onto, like a pressure pad, or something.

Lego Marvel Superheroes: Universe In Peril PS Vita start screen
Lego Marvel Superheroes: Universe In Peril PS Vita start screen

All the touch in the game, I avoid most of it most of the time.

I know what I’m going to do. Finish the game and give it to someone else to sweat over. Then turn on Remote PS4 play and play the console version of LEGO Marvel Superheroes. It’s sweet and works well on my PS Vita.

All I wanted was a console type length game with console controls on my PS Vita. Instead we got a Native Touch-centric Missions game. I don’t feel like I’m playing with the characters in Universe in Peril like I so flipping enjoy playing on my PS4.

LEGO #6866 X-Men Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown

My new LEGO set by CrazyMaisy
My new LEGO set, a photo by CrazyMaisy on Flickr.

I bought this last week and put it together while videoing segments … something which I’ll link to once the video is processed and uploaded to YouTube.

It’s a really fun set, fun to build and play with. The helicopter chopper is really neato and the motorcycle chopper is really nice. The three mini-figures are great, Deadpool all red, printed details and a back-holster to hold twp cool swords. Magneto has a nice helmet, purple hands and purple cape and printed details, two faces that are oh so Magneto. Wolverine has his claws for each hand to hold, two faces, nice printed detail, perfect Wolverine Hair, oh, and his expressions are perfect.

Wolverine is my most favorite, by far, X-Men character.

Lego Train Track

I have a LEGO Train, no power functions yet, and no track yet. I would like to get all of that, to have a decent layout. But …

Lego don’t have any good track in their shop at home store, there is some on eBay for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! It was $15.99 at one time in the store, now it’s not there, and on eBay it’s way above, from $50 on up, mostly, auctions sometimes a little lower, or a lot more, and buy-it-now up and up and up. It’s way too steep for me, and LEGO really should put that package back into the store.

I do not want to, nor will I do so, make a track with “flexible track” only. That’s my option right now. Thus I have none and see no time in the future that I can get any.

It’s frustrating. LEGO 10194 Emerald Night is a great looking train, and I want to run it around a track, but there is no reason to even get power functions for it when there is no good track to be had. I suppose I should get them anyhow, just in case they stop stocking the power functions I need.

Read; Build; Make

It’s already mid-October! This month has flown, my husband out-of-town A LOT & only daughter too sick to help most of the last 2 weeks, everyone but me got it, it hit her the worst. It’s been busy, tough, the sort of time that you just want to shut your eyes, and when you open them, it’s over. Sigh.

I’m needing something, something good to read, good to build, good to make.

Books: I want to keep going with the Jim Butcher “Dresden Files” series. I had book one Storm Front this summer. I asked my hubby to pick up the next 2 or 3 books, but he only finally did so last weekend, and couldn’t find any in the stores he tried.

I could order them, but they wouldn’t arrive until yesterday at the earliest if I used my B&N membership. I probably could have just gotten them from Amazon, maybe. I know recently that getting books delivered cheaply and in reasonable time is nigh impossible.

Get books from online delivered to you that you aren’t anxious to devour. That’s about the only rule I know. I messed up on that one for two books recently, Lee Child The Affair and John Sandford Shock Wave. Pre-order “free member express shipping” from B&N.

So my “pre-oder” is in for long enough time for it to seem to mean something. Nothing at all though. Books available everywhere on Tuesdays. THEY DIDN’T start sending it until the next day. Then it didn’t arrive until Friday.

That is NOT express shipping on a pre-order. Maybe THEY think it is, but I don’t care what they think about it, it’s what I, the CUSTOMER thinks about it. My membership is up at the end of this month. Just might go to Amazon for books from now on, Costco, used books stores still as well. Maybe I’ll use Albris more. Who knows.

So that whole time I could have been reading those books in my B&N app on my tablet. I don’t like the books I LOVE reading in that format. I’m not desperate enough for that. I really have a hard time considering never turning a real page in a real book again. All NEW books are digital … no, can’t do that. Can’t go there.

As for building, LEGO fits the bill. I do have the Winter Toy Shop and Winter Village Post Office on there way, or on their way soon. That will complete my Christmas under the tree scene for this year, minus a train. I hope LEGO keeps up with this theme for quite awhile.

As for making something. That’s crafting something with paper, ink, etc.I’m trying to wrap my head around doing an art journal, making the actual journal first. I do have some parchment cardstock cut for such a thing with a few tab pages (I hand cut all that stuff.) I need to construct a cover, I have coils for my Bind-It-All that I can use. I have grunge paper, some chipboard covers, not necessarily the right size, but the grunge stuff is OK cause I’d cut it to size, it’s big.

I have to make those decisions and get it done. So the big one is, do I ink the edges of some of the pages, all of the pages, some of the sections, …. or not. I think I will. Then if I want that different, other things: ink, paint, paper will cover it as needed per page later.

That will be my 1st true art journal. For doodling, and way more than that. I want to really get my style down, get my artsy stuff out of my soul, but for that I need to get some extra things eventually. (I’ll have this when I’m in a crafty mood, or when I’m needing to craft and feeling stuck. Always something to be able to do, start a new page or work on an old one. Cool.)

Ah, I know what I need, vellum. Good thick vellum to go between pages. Darn, I’m out of that. Need to get to a store.

Writing things out makes them clearer, sometimes helps you decide a lot. Today, this sure has. 🙂

LEGO VIP Points = cheap buy

My husband went to the Lego store early this week to get me my Winter Village Bakery (last years seasonal offering) which I had been wanting, using LEGO VIP rewards for the bulk of the purchase.

The store was out of stock in regards to that item. They also couldn’t order it to ship to the store without full pay because the system for VIP points wasn’t working, or something like that. So he called their 800 phone number and talked to them, and they there also had a problem, so he hung up and didn’t pursue it again, until this morning when I MADE him do so.

So he talked to them on the phone again, a new person, they got it worked out, and it’s supposed to be sent out on Monday … all for about $16.05. They agreed to ship free. So it’s the price of the thing, plus tax, minus VIP Points used as part of payment to equal the $16.05.


Alien Conquest! Earth Defense HQ

I finished building my Alien Conquest! Earth Defense HQ yesterday afternoon/evening. I’d done the first little things the other day, all in Book 1, the mini-figures, the Alien Saucer, Interceptor Shuttle [I love this plane, the Jet-Copter Encounter isn’t as wonderful now, blink, blink 🙂 ] and the mini-rescue vehicle, trailer/stretcher plus Prisoner Pod. That was enough for one session. I was going to do the rest the next day, but never got to it.

I started building the main part of the set later in the day than I’d intended to do so. It took me a few hours, with the boys in and out of the room checking on my progress, hanging out watching, pestering me, what-have-you. I had Star Trek (2009) on too. 🙂

This build was  different, I made it on my bed, not a table. Easier but harder, if that makes any sense at all. The Front and Back sections of the vehicle HQ are well put together. The piece feels awesome when built.

The launcher that goes on top of the back of the vehicle was, only one way to say it: tedious to make. Juggling pieces into that configuration took some manipulation, not too hard, one of those “harder than most of the LEGO things” sort of thing. Once constructed it created an immediate need to get the fighter and put it on. Sweet. (Sure, it doesn’t “really” launch, it holds the plane and gets it in a ready-to-fly position. Imagination goes from there. Don’t need Hot Wheels launching, it’s a LEGO airplane!)

The Flick Fire Missiles were the last part. I was feeling ready to quit, but trodded on. In short order I had the wonderful last addition to the top of the HQ.

Every set I’ve built, the Flick Fire Missiles have improved. How the missiles flick is the key, plus how nice the weapon looks.

Once my eldest saw how the HQ Flick Fire Missile was constructed he was off to his stash to build something better for his Star Wars stuff. It’s simple, and VERY Effective. (He also switched his allegiance from the Jet-Copter Encounter to this HQ set. Of course, it’s totally, nearly overwhelmingly, so much better. The vehicles are large and have such nice drive-ability. It’s impressive to look at. (Some reviewers poo poo this set, overprice, could build it for $50, etc. –there are some new pieces, but overall the fullness of it is, I doubt most anyone could, special circumstances not withstanding.

I was putting all my stuff in my office, and my 10 year old came down and was holding the saucer, flying it around the room, so I said “Fly over here” indicating the table where I had the HQ truck parked. He did, and I shot one of the FF Missile towers at the saucer. Blam! It was awesome! Those 4 missles impacted so quickly, efficiently bringing the saucer down. (IRL they hit and blasted off of it in every direction, instantaneous!)

So my Alien Conquest! 2011 LEGO collection is complete (minus one bonus pack that we haven’t figured out, have the JetPack one though.)

I’m hoping for more in 2012. For now I’m going to keep looking at LEGO Blacktron sets (I love this, never had any, never paid attention to it before, I don’t know why) and try to get some. There are some Space Police pieces I like too.

Another end I’m pursuing is a train. I want to get the Emerald Night, and enough track and power and such to make a Christmas setup around a tree. The currently offered Winter Village Bakery would be an added bonus.

I’m very interested in some of the other LEGO Creator models. I dream a lot, and lately I dream about LEGO things more than anything else. I mean really dreaming. Nighttime, R.E.M. (not the band, the sort of sleep that dreams are realized from.)

LEGO Alien Conquest & Me

I finally started liking a particular theme in LEGO this year, Alien Conquest. It’s not that I don’t like anything else LEGO, in PARTICULAR EVERYTHING in this theme is the point.

I didn’t have any of my own stuff of LEGO ever before. I have bought many things for my children, getting more and more into wanting to build something for myself as they got older and older into bigger and better things.

My time has finally come. Entering Alien Conquest into the LEGO line was their best effort at introducing something awesome and totally different and unique. Totally up my alley.

Not just that, awesome pieces, nothing priced higher than $89.99 = I now have every piece, except for one promotional item that I seem to have missed somehow (ADU Walker) … and one item is on the way to me (Alien Conquest Battle Pack) since both Target and the LEGO store in our area were out of them. (I was supposed to get one before now, but with some things a bit tight, had to wait.)

My first actual personal LEGO build was this year, an impulse pack of a Pizza Planet LGM on a little flyer … cute, my favorite character in the Toy Story films. It was perfect for me as a single thing that was to be all my own for a small $.

We knew about Alien Conquest and that was what I wanted to get for my birthday. So for my birthday that’s what I got, but just one thing: Alien Conquest UFO Abduction. It was really fun to build, so solid and cool.

Since then I have gotten the other two little sets available: Alien Striker and Alien Defender.

For my birthday my daughter gave me a coupon for the Alien Conquest Battle Pack, but I couldn’t redeem it until we got more $$ since she was owed money (from birthdays, etc. that we hold ‘on account’ for the children) … I’d have had that for my birthday right away otherwise.

A couple of days ago we went to the LEGO store and got in one fell swoop ADU Battle HQ, Alien Mothership, Alien Tripod Invader,  and the ADU Jetcopter.

I put the Tripod Invader together first. Yesterday I started on the Alien Mothership, actually starting to video different phases on putting it together, and when I got to this and that, just quit, and put it all together with no more video. But I found at one point I didn’t have enough dark gray long pieces. Just had white. I saw in my instructions book 2 inventory that there should be 8x dark gray and 2x white. No use of white in book 2 though.

I couldn’t see totally where I’d used it or messed up previously until I was too tired to care. I also had a headache, so put it together completely with the wrong color in the spokes, but anyhow it is a really cool piece (way cooler than it seemed it’d be.)

So after that we tried to look and figured maybe I’d used those dark gray pieces in the saucer part, and just couldn’t see them well enough to get to them.

Looking at book 1 it was obvious I’d messed up there, white corner pieces looked white in the instructions, but the long piece looked gray and I just picked up the gray I had in the size, It looked great. FWIW.

So this morning I knew I had to do something and pried and pulled and had to dismantle the whole frickin saucer, but got down to it and sure enough, that was that. So I then got the white ones from the spokes, and put the dark grey in their place where they really belonged and the saucer now sits as a pile of pieces on my office floor.

I have no good place to put it either, it’s so big. over 19″ circular diameter. I’m going to figure out how to suspend it from the ceiling, me thinks.

I have to rebuild it first though. Of course. Also, the Reporter Mini-figure was on a shelf overnight, had her microphone in hand last I saw, and this morning I found her on the floor with no microphone. For some reason ever mini-figure I put on the shelf, those in the middle end up on the floor more often than any from other positions on the shelf.

My office is in the walk-out basement, not much activity down here, keep my door at night. OOOOOHHHH I just found it, microphone on my desk under my Tron Deluxe Disc. 🙂