Musings from a 40-year-old

What does the world look like once you are in your 40’s? Pretty much like it did, for me, in my 30’s. Granted, it just the matter of a few weeks of comparison …

But aside from that, one can take stock of their dreams and consider what they haven’t accomplished yet. That’s something I’ve done for years already, nothing new to me. 😉

I have spoken to older women on various occassions through my life, and this idea stuck with me that some of them, at least one old lady in particular said to me many years ago: “I still feel 18 inside”

I don’t have that particular age inside, but I do have a “kid” in me, in that I can’t imagine myself ever being a serious old person. I have seriousness, sure, plenty of it, but inside I am a youngster, as I’ve always been.

I’m wanting to get into better shape, and that’s a tough row to hoe at this point in body life. I mean, I move around and my middle isn’t as flat as before I had babies. In fact it got worse after my miscarriage in 2004. I don’t excercise beyond climbing real stairs to get somewhere in the house, and walking around doing things.

I’m not an ‘exerciser’ type, but I am a lift-weights sort of person [I’ve never been a gym goer, so I haven’t actually “lifted weights”] and we do have a Bow-Flex machine, have for years, but with DH traveling for work for all these last 9 or so years I’ve not gotten into using the machine, I can say we did once, and it was awesome, we both loved it, but to do that “alone” I can’t.

So we got another machine for abs a year or so ago, and it’s one that I’d prefer a buddy to start it with. I don’t necessarily ‘need’ a ‘spotter’ but it would be a decent thing to have.

I woke up this morning with the TV on and an infomercial was on for yet another great exercise piece. It looks a do-it-myself sort of thing, but I looked it up on the web, and it’s $200 give or take depending on how you pay. Hello!??? Too bad.

So I’m going to have to bite the bullet and drag out what we have and make something work out. Yeah, me. Just three times a week, nothing overly strenuous. Actually I find the bow-flex idea to be my ideal, it’s refreshing, it’s great stuff.

I’m not talking about this due to “wanting a svelt waistline” but only talking about strength I need and lack of “I feel fat”-ness to go along with it, with the facts being that I’m not able to wear certain clothing I own due to a “pookier than it should be” middle, which is quite tiresome.

DH needs to work out too. He needs to worse than me. All those years I had babies, he gained for each one, similar to me, but I lost most of it each time, whereas he didn’t. :rolleyes: He knows this stuff. So let’s be motivated to firm up the muscular structuralness about us hubby!

Hard Floors

I’m still trying to get to this “back in order” for functionality thing since the end of May. One thing I have to give me the “counter” space I need is a table in the kitchen space. I have a smaller one that I want to swap the big one in the kitchen right now, for. It’s not that either are very large, one is bigger than the other, that’s all. The smaller one will do better to aide moving about a changing kitchen. Currently that little table is in my bedroom on the side of the room that is “mine”. It’s chocked full of the stuff that has flown into the masterbedroom the last few weeks, so it’s a major undertaking to get it uncluttered, and move it out of there. That makes for a larger job too, getting to all that stuff finally. Ugh.

The other day I did a small “mop and glo” session on the back end of the kitchen, where the table exchange will go. I didn’t like the results, decided I didn’t use enough Mop and Glo guck, would need to “do it over.” We then went out on some errands, and when we got back home it was late, I was tired and walking into the house it was a “What is that smell?” session that began, and went on all night for me. I knew exactly what it smelled like, chemicals, floral-ish, cleaning, ick. I found out the next morning. The bottle of Mop and Glo from the previous day must have been left out on the counter and it fell by itself, or aided to that fall by a cat, whichever, it was on the floor, and the top had busted off. There was a great CSI-able splash pattern that had dried overnight, a thick layer of plastic-y stuff, which pointed to the hiding place of the broken off top of the bottle. 🙂 Or not. It was nice to find the top using a pattern recognition criminal technique for spatter, I wasn’t happy to have to clean up the mess. Me and ammonia are not friends, and that is what I needed, according to the bottle, and I grudgingly agreed with it.

So DH went and got me what I needed while out on another errand, and I let it all sit that day. The next day was yesterday, and I mixed up the slosh and got it on the area a had to de-mop-and-glo, and let that sit awhile. It didn’t all come up easily. I ended up using an old switch cover plate to scrape up the stubborner stuff. In the end I didn’t get all of it up, there are thin swatches of shiny surface here and there, but they will combine well, from what I can tell, when I re-apply the Mop and Glo in the true fashion.

Moral of the Story: Never leave a bottle of Mop and Glo on any surface where it could conceivably fall to the floor without supervision.

I don’t like having to baby floors, but I do know that I want the Mop and Glo effect so that it’s easier to get dirt off of the floor, which there is ALWAYS PLENTY OF!!!

I have to also say that those commercials on TV for all sorts of floor cleaners are starting to drive me nuts in my non-tv time, they are in my brain from when we had subfloors only. I have brooms, dustpans, recently got a new dirt devil electric broom (I used to have one, but it fell into disuse and the childre mangled it to death since then.) It’s nice to have one again, a very useful too. I also have a cordless Dust Buster now, it’s not as powerful as I need, but it’s better than nothing. I see the value of all those swiffer things, and all the other brands. I don’t have a utility closet, but what I have is already filling my utility closet to the brim! 😉 If clutter on the floors would go away entirely I’d be happy to have one of those i robot thingies. Otherwise it’s about sweeping and disposing of loose dirty stuff manually with aide of electronic variety that I have. “Cleaning” is thoroughly manual, as in getting stuck on stuff off, and shining, or plainly just “making fresh looking” anything.

I know that most people don’t really like hard floors, and want carpets cause carpets eat dirt, vaccuums then eat it back (they think,) but I know better. Carpets are horrible, way worse than being a slave to hard floors. Amen.


I’m cured. Back to cleaning the floors! 🙂

Mish Mosh of PMS and Allergies

Dh has been out for the last few days, getting home this weekend, not too soon at all. I mean, I wish he’d been here the last few days, hard days with a PMS mother needing a break! I about snapped at my worst this morning. I had put on “happy cream” this cycle due to feeling more and more PMS-ish the last few cycles, and wow this one was worse, in how it “made me feel mean” … eeks. Happy Cream was great earlier on when I used it, then I didn’t a few days, then later regretted it, then it did not much yesterday when I put it on, and really it didn’t since this morning was overwhelmingly proof of it … I then at that breaking point put some one again, and felt no relief … but many hours later I felt an instant cooling off, my true me in my head returning, and evidence for why was soon to come. Yeah, PMS over. Nothing pre about it no more. Always the best situation in every day life for resolving that old PMS problem.

I usually don’t write posts like this, but I am now since I really have known about Happy Cream for as long as I’ve had a blog practically, and I haven’t used it much at all the last couple of years, feeling alright most of the time, but knowningly seeing a pattern of going downhill with feeling more PMS-ish month-by-month for a bit, then creeping back uphill again. So it’s something about something … I don’t know what though. I could kick myself for not just using the Happy Cream, it works when it’s used habitually at the right times, and for me, if I just started to use it if I know I feel mentally mean and it’s about the right time for PMS, then I’d be better off month-by-month no doubt, breaking that pattern to pieces.

Talking to someone the other week about sensitivites, she asked me about progesterone levels, and asked me how I felt in the last trimester of pregnancy, besides the usual discomforts, overall how did I feel. I told her “GREAT!” I did feel great and loved it. It was an awesome time for me, that last trimester, yeah, feeling so big, having to go potty a lot, starving usually, but exhilerationially high.

She told me a Doc was going to test her progesterone levels once, then asked her about the very thing she had just asked me … and her answer was the same as the one I gave, and the Doc said, then I KNOW you are low in progesterone usually. And he didn’t test her levels, was confident enough with her answer to know for himself satisfactorily.

I’ve never had mine tested either. I avoid doctors, to tell the truth, since I haven’t had any help me any over the years. I just deal with what I deal with. So it goes, with Happy Cream I must become a faster friend, it’s something that might aide me in getting a leg up on migraines, and who knows what else. Just not screaming, even once, for the “10 days” of it being more likely than not, would be great. I know that I usually can almost count it all out due to the way my responses to stimuli (children and DH) change from one day to the next between the 10 to 7 days out (before the new cycle begins.) It’s akin to how short my fuse is when I take Benadryl during the day. There is a great correlation between how the two things are so similar, but so very opposite, yet almost the same in many ways still. I’m so sensitive to Benadryl, I take a 1/4 tsp. of liquid and it can be too much, or I take 1 pink pill and cut it in half and just that half will throw me for a loop. Instructions are for 2 of those pink pills usually, and that would put me out into nightmare status in short order for too many long hours. It’s bad enough to be thrown for a loop as I am with half a pill, or a tiny bit of the liquid. But I take it occasionally due to itchy nose/eyes allergies … it’s worth it when I do it, and just when I get relief of the reason I took it, I get the “sorry I took it” blues when I snap and blow if I don’t just “go to bed” and sleep it off. It’s not the real me, it’s like my personality when ‘normal’ has a nice cushy wall around it. When I take even a minute dose of Benadryl, that soft cushy wall instantly disappears and everything rushes at me rawly, and I rush right out rawly to meet it. It’s likened to a protective brick wall being there usually, and being gone instantly and feeling nude and unprotected, knowing you used to feel the wall’s presence, but feeling as if it’s a dream world it was in, and that reality is flat, ugly and raw. I say things in that condition that I’d NEVER say, the wall keeps it in even if I think it. Benadryl is evil, a necessary evil though. So I try to tough it out and ONLY take it if I must, and try to tough that out and ONLY take it at bedtime if I can.

So then, PMS is sort of like that. It’s that wall, it’s gone. It’s like my personality was flattened by a steam roller. It’s not that I’m depressed, no, it’s that I feel one dimensional-ish, and it’s “fine if I’m alone” and “rage building up if anyone is around me” which is a bad, bad thing if you live with people, especially little people. OK so I admit it’s tough, but it’s not always this bad. This is the worst time I’ve had in months, but I saw it coming, and should have aided myself the last week, but didn’t. I’m going to have DH get me a new container of cream.

Not to embarrass him or any other guys, but there are times when guys seem a bit PMS-ish, in a male way … and DH has let me put a bit of my cream on him, and voila, nice guy comes back. I have also snuck some on him without him knowing that I did it (but I told him afterwards) to prove to him and me that it really did or didn’t affect him. It does really help guys if they are cranky and moody and can’t snap out of it. It happens sometimes, not all the time, just that occasional funk that hits a guy, maybe not every guy, but some guys.

I recognize it as conversations happen in certain ways, if I know that I have to watch myself, and am being really careful, but Dh is just plainly arguementable no matter what I do or don’t say, I know it’s a good time for my Happy Cream, and unfortunately he’s not always close enough to get that done, as was the case today, since he’s miles away. Oh well. That’s the way it goes.

So I am not needing to use my happy cream for a couple of weeks, for me at least, and then I’ll be trying to make it all nice and happy times instead of frowning, stewing, screaming times.

It’s so fun being a girl. We can understand being “mad” as in “crazy” one minute, and being rationally sane the next. It’s that maddeningly obvious when one time period ends and another begins, it’s like the maddening fog is lifting magically. Ahhhh. That is only weighed as good since then bodily discomforts arrive and any pain is dealt with while totally rationally sane, which might be betterly dealt with if out of mind with maddness, in actuallity. It’s not that bad, really. It used to be, when I was younger, but that all edged away in my early 20’s and hasn’t been so bad since, since before I had children. Some folks say it’s “having babies” that changes it for the pain sufferers in youth. But for me I know it’s not that, since I was about 29 when my first baby was born. That’s more than a few years after it abated for me overall. Let’s just say I have empathy for any of you young girls with painful cycles. I suffered for a couple of years, getting so very ill, until a doctor introduced me to a new prescription-only drug “Motrin” and what a lifesaver that was for me, until I had no way to get a prescription for awhile, then it came on the market as over-the-counter and my life was saved again. Even now, occasionally it’s nice to take some of that wondrous drug the first day or two, to ease the terror of it, though even the worst of it is a walk in the park compared to any I dealt with between 14 and 21 years of age. Back then I habitually had to miss three or four days of school every month. Motrin gave me my life back. I wanted to die those first three days, and it’s like Motrin was a magic potion. No other product on the market has ever helped me, as Motrin did, still does (Advil is what I use now.)

So I have to say, yeah, once I had a doctor get a good thing going for me, the Motrin. That’s it, that’s the first and only truly helpful thing I’ve gotten. All my allergies and sensitivities are better off with self-treatment/comfort, natural stuff seeking, avoiding allergens, which is hard when it’s pretty much integral of BUILDINGS that is the problem for me. Like shopping, I Thank God that he made me to not like shopping very much. Going shopping gives me a raw sore throat in short order. It always has since I’ve noticed allergies in me … the early days of this “phenomenon” I didn’t realize what it was, but it’s chemical sensitivities, really. I know I just have to be careful and stores are where I shouldn’t be much. Clothing that is new HAS to be washed, and for my preference, more than once before wearing. Oh, and that, it has to be washed in a detergent that is a “allergy and dye free and clear” variety, or else my eyes get stickier than gum so fast. Like spending the night in a hotel, or in someone elses house, I have miserable nights since most everyone uses a bothersome detergent, except for my household, I’ve notices on my travels. 🙁 So to put on clothing that someone else washed, to not think of it before getting dressed, then to realize it, it’s horrid, the cycle it sets up isn’t pretty. No wonder I don’t like to travel. There now, DH you might get a blinky understanding of why, just from this one standpoint.

My kitties aren’t allergies to me (only a bit itchy if I get them in my face for too long, but overall it’s much less of a problem than the next things, I mean, I’ve had them all my life and don’t always struggle so badly, it’s all due to these other things, and exasperated, no doubt in my mind, by vaccinations), it’s mostly detergents, chemicals, perfumes of various natures (but not every one of them), and mold, grass, mold, mold, mold. UGH.

Can’t you tell I’ve been itchy, sticky and mean all week, and it’s so nice to be able to get it out on “paper.” Relief to “voice” misery. Ha. I’ve neither said a thing about it aloud, nor touched a pen to paper. Illusionary words, paper and voice. 🙂

The Japs are here!

I saw the first Japanese Beetle of the season, today, on a tiny stand of weeds in the backyard. I knew they’d be coming, and was hoping they wouldn’t show up early, as some things have done, due to the very mild winter we had 2005/2006. Maybe they are a tad early, since I know they usually show up in mass at the same time, first notice usually, sometime in June, but not quite this early, unless past memories are just too foggy to recollect an exact-ish time of arrival.

I do not like JB’s, they make my nice things so very holy, um, hol-ey — you know, full of holes. Anyways, I didn’t do anything to that beetle, I let it live. It was very new looking, small-ish. I usually will get a jar with an inch or two of engine use oil in the bottem, and flick the beatles into that. I must get one of those jars going for this year, and maybe more than that, let the children take care of early morning beetle duty for awhile. They love doing it, as I sort of do too, and did when young in PA, but it does get gross at times, they get so thick on plants … ugh.

On a nice note, DH is right now getting my dark layers to bring back. Yay! I’m happy about it, I have missed them. It’s just 7, and that’s what we’ll stick with while on this property. If we can get a piece of land, I’ll get more, fast. 🙂

Photo Organization and Scrapbooking

I’m trying to get my actual “scrapbooking” hobby back “online” … which doesn’t meant “on the internet” but … “alive in real life.” I’ve had some new supplies for more than a few months now, but have trouble getting anything going still. I have ideas, many, many, many, which is the problem for me. I can’t just start and get into it because I am very visual and in my mind’s eye I have plans and see it all with clarity, and it’s too much to dive into.

I, in the last month, took over an old computer armoire that I was letting DD use to put stuff in, in her bedroom. It wasn’t well used though to organise her things, so finally I saw the light and brought it downstairs to the main level of the house and filled it with my scrapbooking things. For the first time they were organised in a more organised manner. 🙂

I open the doors and look at it all, finger this and that and dream, but don’t scrapbook yet. I did start an attempt to do a small book of a small series of photos I took of my DD in 2002 in front of wildflowers that I had growing out front. I started that when I had my things upstairs on a table still. I ripped some things out not liking them afterall and had not gone far into it anyhow.

I also got a little scrapbook set in a box at Target in early February, marketed for the holiday that falls on Feb. 14. I had ideas to get it done to give my DH, but I lost interest when I didn’t find the photos that would inspire me. I found a few, but needed more.

That’s where this whole scrapping thing lays: In my very organised photos of the past.

My old photos are all in the sleeves them come from the processing plant in. Most all I’ve written on the back of the sleeve as to what is inside, to some degree, and a date. Earlier ones are well marked, the ones going back to 1992, when I got married. The last 5 years are a mess though. There are a few rolls of film not developed still, from 2003. From 2004 on all the pictures are digital and that presents a problem, since most all are on the computers and not printed out. I have things to take care of that, but it’s that I need to acually go through all of them and rename them and use a program to sort them out.

In the past I’ve tried a couple of things to do that, but I didn’t like them. I do know that my need is not to use a program first, but it’s to truely get to know what I have first hand and change the names and put the right ones in the right folders named rightly … as I am doing this year with all my newly taken photos now. The point to it is that the ones in the past are many, and have many, many needs for attention, since they are mostly all from another camera and not saved with names, just ugly numbers. My newer camera is easier to deal with and use, being a Canon Digital Rebel (the older version), and the other one (digital) was a horrid lesser type of camera. My film camera is a Canon Rebel, and I loved it and wanted the digital version for so long, but couldn’t get one first, had to get a cheaper one first.

So anyhow it’s all that, the mixed-up way, –it’s film and prints and then differently saved digitals– it all has to be arranged so that I can use the digital and know it’s all sorted and named the same as my current way of doing new photos, and then get the good prints into the computer as well, so that all can be looked at via a nice program to tag photos and blah, blah, blah etc. … them and get good use out of finding exactly what I want and to know if I have prints of the photo I want to use, or have to print one out for use myself.

I’m now going through my CD binder to pull out all home burnt CD’s to see what’s hiding on them … I have photos and other stuff that has sat too long on them. I don’t burn CD’s anymore, but have an extra drive to hold stuff, and also can burn DVD’s if I want to, but I haven’t really yet done that with much, only tested it out by putting a ton of digital pictures on a disc to see if they’d fit and work out and they did with plenty of room to spare, what would have taken several CD’s. Yeah, I could have just looked at the actual numbers for the files and known it would fit, but I prefer just to do to see how it works out IRL.

All my film prints are in sleeves, as I said earlier, but they need to all be in same-container things. Some are in shoe-box-like photo boxes, but many are in big Rubbermaid containers, the really big ones. I have a ton of photographs from 14 years, not counting the stuff from before 1992 that I have, not all very well arranged, many photos loose … I didn’t have “my own” camera back then.

I really do love my digital camera though, it really frees up picture taking and makes it more fun. It’s instant and I only need prints of what I want, and do them myself, or can take them elsewhere to be printed. In the old days I did take more pictures than I currently have done. Part of that was motivation due to the children being babies and toddlers. Lately they are all older, of course , not toddlers any of them any more. The house is torn apart and the yards aren’t updated enough as our plans for them didn’t get going fully and things are just mish-mosh everywhere, so photography has fallen on hard times for me, motivation being so much less due to it all. I’m trying to get that going more, even do have a pro account for flickr to motivate me, but I haven’t used it really since upgrading a few months ago! I was in a fog to some degree these past months, feeling stifled by a lot, and that has to do with not having my hobbies up and running, scrapbooking, counted-cross stitch, photography, bird watching, rubber stamping, etc. some of that has to do with our kitchen, some has to do with the lack of a family room for years, and other things are due to children messing with supplies and equipment and plainly just ruining things I needed to do things. Life gets bland when fun goes away. I’m fighting it now. I’ve had some good books to read lately and that helps, rich fantasy literature really helps to inspire creativity.

So I’m going to get to Michael’s sometime soon, this week, and fill in some of my little things that I need to fill out scrapbooking, embellishments and tools, and a few rubber stamping supplies. Those things and the organization of the photographs I have to do are all connected and will get things pumped up for me to actually create, and spur me on to take more photos and try and set things up for even more photos (I’m not a professional photographer, but a pseudo one, born with the eye for it, and self-propelled.) I have been organized with my photos, but not to the nth degree that I needed to in the old days, the inbetween days it all got much worse, and so I’m now able to group it all together into one cohesive manner.


THEN I have to actually sit down and start doing layouts and put them together in books. I’ve seen so many layouts online, in books, magazines. I don’t want to duplicate other layouts, only think for myself and put the materials I have to creative use. I usually do all artistic things that way, just do it, think as I do, let my inner self figure it out. It’s how art is really made, to do it, not think it. Let the right-brain lead and let it flow out. 😉 Deep organization isn’t easy for me, being very visual-spatial, but I do have a somewhat knack for organization if I have the right tools and a drive to use them then, and I do enjoy it, as long as it goes well. I am hoping I can do all I’ve planned, to get all things organized in my computer, and in my boxes, and get it all together in a program and tagged appropriately. This is the basis for creativity, a good organization base … it’s the lack of that which has kept me from doing what I love, actually scrapbooking.

My Zire 31 has that Orange Blob disease

I seem to have attained a nice level in the Murphy’s Law world. When I was younger I was teased, nearly to death, over “Murphy’s this and that” in my family.

That followed me into my individual life as I grew, chances were, if I picked something off a shelf, it’d be the one that wasn’t as it should be (only find-out-able once purchased and home with it.) Secondary influences came via anyone that was getting something for me. Invariably my mother would bring the thing home happily, only for me to melt due to “you didn’t get the thing I asked for, that is something else.”

I have grown up though, and do not dwell there in Murphy’s Law world. I still see the secondary type of it happening through DH, and it’s just plain, if I want it, I have to pick it out. If it’s broke and I picked it out, that’s bad enough, but alright, since if someone else gets me something and it’s not what I wanted, and they THOUGHT they were getting the right thing that I wanted, urg. If they do get the right thing though, it’s likely to be broken.

So I am thinking about this why? The other variation of it: It’ll work for awhile then suddenly go “Na Na Na Na” at me.

DD’s Mix Stick from This Christmas Past. We had tried to get it local, but ended up having to get one from a store miles and miles away, no one else had it. They had 4. They set one aside for DH, he picked it up. That’s a 3rd-Party Variation. It’s the thing that you had to get it out and play with it to find out that it seemed O.K., then find out later, it is not working, it did, but won’t no more.

That situation did resovle, we got a new one through the Warranty. It’s a 3rd-Party affair again, but so far, longer than the first one, it’s working.

The latest 3rd-Party Variation is directly mine, all mine. Last year, Sept/Oct 2006, I got interested in (audio books) and was able to get a deal through that get a new Palm Zire easily, and get content from Audible. I didn’t have a device that I could use with Audible, only a WMP type MP3 player.

So I got a Palm Zire 31. I would have chosen a 71 or TE if I could, but I couldn’t 😉

It was a loverly thing, when it came. I knew it didn’t have the screen resolution that I’d like, and was only a color and button upgrade with media player capabilities from my Palm Vx, but seemed more frail. My Vx is still around and hard and lovely as it can be in gray scale. I liked it, but didn’t find it as motivating as color (which is true and real for visual people) and since I wanted Audible it made sence to do it via a Palm color.

So since then I’ve used it, and not as much as I meant to, but I was just getting back up with things since my mother died, I opened it up and thought it might have died (run out of power) and that would be no problem since I hadn’t done anything new with it since the last HotSync. I turned it on and it had power, but urg, urg, urg! I couldn’t see the power indicater, nor more than half the screen. Only the bottom third, about, was clear. Over the rest was/is a large dark blue area with what looks like a nasty crack/crease in the upper mid-left and there in that area was/is a large orange blob. Urg!

My first attempt was to do a soft then hard reset. No, they did nothing to solve the problem. I went onto Palms website and looked for help and found nothing much, just got the understanding that THEY will say they’ll replace the screen for $$$. I say it’s not worth it. The darn thing works fine, you just can’t see a thing you are doing. So that makes it a mystery freak PDA. Audible things still work too, but you can only see the a name of a book if there are more than one loaded. You can play things you can’t see the name of, the soft-controls are at the bottom of the screen. It’s a bit more mysterious than I care for, in a gadget.

O.K. then, what did I do to it to brake it? I didn’t brake it. It just happened. Normal use, less than normal time put into it compared to others who use theirs moreso. I had it since early Oct 2005. I did open my Palm on our last FL. trip. It looked great then. That was the end of April.

What of that? It’s a mystery and I’m not alone. I’ve found several others via searching the web, that have the same “orange blob” or “lines” etc. Mine is extreme it seems, two-thirds of the screen is taken up with dark blue, a “crack” sort of thing with orange blob at the top.

I’ll just be plain as plain can be and say, the “crack” likeness points to the top kind of like it comes from the SD-slot. Ya, I usually had an SD-card in the slot. Is THAT the deal? I mean, really, it is not that, or might be, but it could be an influence on the screen, and if the screen had something wrong it’d do it eventually — and mine had it big. It lasted for just about 7 months, my nice Zire 31, then **dark sky blob Attack!!!!**

So then it’s just peachy and moldy. I can’t afford to get a new something, and least of all I don’t want to get an audio-only device for Audible, but even if I did, I would still want a nice little Palm-like device in color to be my friend.

I don’t see the value in fixing this Zire 31, really it’s nuts. A new one might be just as peachy and last without molding up. Fixing this one might make it nice again, but might just make it nice and it’ll mold up again. It’s a toss of the dice.

I’d rather just figure out if the Zire 71 gets this sort of, or some other problem, and know that at least that one has longer Warranty, oh, yeah, the kicker, Z-31 just has a 90-day Warranty. There’s an extended Warrenty available, and that’s another animal.

I’m talking pie in the sky here, I have no way to get this resolved any time soon, and resolve isn’t something I want with the Zire 31, except for it to get over it’s trantrum and just work fine again. I mean, do it all by itself. I have faith in it, that it could do it. I mean, haven’t you ever seen a gizmo of any type just get off it’s death bed and work again? One day it works, next it don’t and doesn’t for days, then blah, blah, it’s working again!

Windows (PC) is like that, lessons enough.

I really have the faith for it, just not the actual hope needed.

My next deal to do with the Zire 31 will to be: Take it apart and fiddle with whatever and see if it gets happy from something I can do to please it. It’s out of warranty and who cares. Glorified ugly little audio player. I can’t imagine that I’ll cry when it totally dies, but I have more hope that that, that it won’t be ME who kills it by opening it up on the table. I have skills enough to have faith there. 🙂

It’s always fun to open stuff up and see how cheapy it’s made and have a laugh that way. “I paid WHAT for this?”

I want a device anyhow that is hard and worthy of being thought of as “platinum” — my favorite metal, even before I had a clue about metal values. It’s therefore my thought that everything should be platinum-ish if it’s mine. The Zire-31 failed miseralably there. White and blue plastic. Ha!

I must think on that next time and only get something that, through smooshed out vision it looks plantinum enough … I mean smooshed out vision as being, looking at something with nearly closed eyes to make it look nicer … if it passes the platinum test though, it’ll be metal and silvery and that’s enough. 🙂

Weather getting colder

It’s Springtime now literally in earth application if not reality on the calendar or solar cycle, but NOW according to accuweather, when earlier today it wasn’t slated to be this bad, they have the weather turning absolutly below normal temps for the fullness of the 15-day outlook starting this coming Saturday, the 18th thru to the 28th (all that shows on the 15-day outlook). 🙁

Last normal freeze is March 15, that’s tomorrow. All of the sudden they are showing on accuweather that we’ll have freezing temperatures finally in the last half of March, but it’s not like that’ll be our highs, so it’s that the daily highs will be in the 50’s at the most, which is colder for this time of the year than normal, plus the overnight temps being in the high 30’s and then getting to be mid to lower and then below freezing and further down to 29 or so some nights. Whooo, it’s nuts. Mildest Winter in how long, now the end of a lovely start to March, nice blooming and growing everything almost, and it’s going to get colder, they say, how will that affect things? Hopefully the weather outlook will actually not be that bad when those slated dates actually come.

Today is cooler than the last four or so days have been, and the winds are gusty. Right now it’s 55 degrees, but the sun is going down soon, so temps are decreasing. They say it’ll get down to 32 tonight. 🙁 But the next few days it’ll be normal temps of highs in the 60’s and nights in the high 40’s, and then that’s when everything is supposed to start going downhill, with daytime in the very low 60’s Friday and Saturday, in the high 30’s at night, then going down worse on Sunday and Monday to the low 40’s for highs, and low 30’s for lows (some lower and then some higher) then and continuing to the last of the 15-day outlook, but the daytime temps at least go up to the mid-50’s overall for the remaining days of the 15-day outlook.

Frustrating when it’s been balmy, hot (to me mid 70’s is hot), Spring allergy season, and nice enough to go barefoot outside most all the time, wear lighter clothing and actually wish for a/c a few times, and wear sandals going somewhere … think hard about getting out summer clothing for the children and take stock in what new things I need to get ASAP (like sandals for both the boys) and see that I really still need some decent summer dresses, which I never got last year. Now it’ll be pulling back to wearing socks again and putting on shoes sometimes, and wearing more clothing. Bummer.

I hope plants do alright. I must say it dismays me since one of the Peonies has a good six inches or more of plant material growing upward, putting out leaves already. Mostly the others are just the initial spikes, but that one is putting itself in danger. I’ll have to do something for it today, and already don’t feel like going out there, I’ve been lying down all afternoon with a semi-migraine, trying to keep it at bay. It’s gusty today, allergy pollen counts have been high for days, and that makes windy days highly allergic. I’m itchy and scratchy and a mess already.

Well because of that we stayed home on Sunday, then decided to go to the Smokies to do a day hike. We did Grotto Falls on the Trillium Gap Trail … a little more than 2 miles roundtrip, a moderate rated trail. I struggled for breath often, it really is a moderate trail, and it was fun. We hadn’t hiked it in a long time (it’s accessed via the Roaring Fork Motor Trail which is found at #8 turn in Gatlinburg.) We’ve been lazy and I am SO VERY out of shape. Anyhow, I had my Canon Digital Rebel, took way over one hundred and fourty photos, some are trash, but I got many good ones. I printed out a pile of them with my Epson Picture Mate, a dedicated 4×6 Durabright ink photo printer. I need to get some of them up on Flickr … I have a pro account there and haven’t uploaded a thing at all practically since getting it, to my shame. Honestly though I haven’t been very inspired with my camera, so it was a delight to have inspiration all around me on Sunday in the lovely mountains approx. 3 hrs. from home.

When I get something going on Flickr I’ll include the best of the best on a post here. It was good hiking, and the state of the mountains was pre-spring mostly while having nice 60’s and a bit lower as we got higher, so allergies weren’t an issue mostly. Lower down Spring was starting, and things looked to be how they were by us a couple of weeks ago … so we were there at a good time to escape the horrors of the allergy season by us for just a day, and get a jump start on excercise, hopefully get more going on one of the machines we own at home that are totally unused [Dh needs to spot me on one, and I won’t do any excercise alone, I’m an introvert but totally unmotivated by myself … and it’s hard to get Dh the extrovert interested to actually DO something about it with introvert me. 🙁 He agrees we should work out at home, but the actual doing of it … well … it’s nice to buy the machine here and that one there and then let them sit. Not nice really. Nope.]

I’m not fat, just that pooky unmuscled tummy in a woman of late 30’s age after 3 babies and one miscarriage. I just need to get my abs in better shape and get more muscles tuned up in legs and arms, etc. Dh has a massive job to do in what he let go, each time I had a baby he got fatter, and he’s increased in girth because of that and age and not excercising really, so now he’s 40 and has to do something about it, like we’ve talked about many times for 10 years now. :rolleyes: hopefully you read this deary and make a date with me to do something and just do it for real. Abs baby, abs, good place to start for the both of us. Couple that with hiking every few weeks and we’ll be on a better plane for energy, than we’ve had for awhile.

I don’t go for any excercise but natural nature hikes and the like, and indoor machines, like weight training, we have a bow flex for that. We used it once and I LOVED it, but that’s all my salesman husband could muster in time and motivation. 🙁 We have another machine now and it was supposed to get DH motivated and should have, but didn’t. You know how it is, you have to MAKE TIME, and MAKE it happen, just like sales … but this is really more important and harder to follow through. So an embarrassing blog post might do what is needed … I hope. 🙂

Dogs and Westminster 2006

So the Westminster Dog Show for 2006 is over. The dog I liked was the first doggie to win his Group to get into the “Best In Show”. I didn’t write about it. I didn’t feel the need to.

I did write about the French Bulldog earlier, but that is just a post about wanting to see that girlie, not for her to win, not that I didn’t want her to win her group. The Non-Sporting Group has so many good dogs in it, and it’s not easy to be a French Bulldog there. In any case, she was so cute, and just beautiful. They did a little segment using her and the Bulldog and the Boston Terrier to compare similar breeds and show how the judges compare … which they supposedly really don’t do, just look at the dog and compare it to it’s standard, not look at other similar breeds or totally different breeds in comparision. So it was nice to see Joy there, hanging out with her Bulldog cousins.

My love for dogs has been limited. Through the years I’ve shown a propensity to be known as a Cat Lover. I am a Cat Lover. We only have 6 cats right now. I could have many more, if I could [but can’t]. I like the idea of dogs. We have a dog. We had other dogs. Always something that we got from someone, a sort of “rescue” is how we got our first dog, and our second dog. Both of them were so unruly and untrainable by us that we resorted to county help to take them off our hands.

Growing up we had cats, and one time we had a dog, but it was short lived, a small dog of what variety I’m not sure, smooth coated, black and white, I can’t recall more detail, it was “just a dog” at the time. It got hit by a car when a neighbor kid led it away from our house one day. That was my “family dog” experience.

When I was in my more grown-up years, but still living at home, one day a lovely female dog showed up looking for attention. She was a Rottweiler, so gorgeous, no ID and she stayed for three days, then dissapeared, never to be seen again. I loved her. She was so sweet, and what a package she was. I have a picture taken during that time, of her and me together. Summer of 1988.

Me and Lizzie the roving Rottweiler

Ever since then I knew that I wanted a Rottweiler bitch. My DH has come round to understand how a Rottweiler would fit in our family quite well. He wasn’t on board right away though. We don’t have a purebred dog yet, but want to get one or two or three eventually.

Our current dog is a stray. His sister and he wondered down our street one day. DH had seen them up on another road earlier and it looked like they had been dumped off, there were three of them. When they got to our house, and they did come to our house all by themselves, there were only two.

We just happened to be out front doing things in the yard, and the puppies saw us and tottered down the driveway into our hearts. We cared for them and wondered if anyone was looking for them, but knew most assuredly that they had been dumped.

Those puppies were cute, and looked to be a mix of some short haired breeds, some sort of sheperd [german] in there. So I gave them “German” names. I was right then looking into German family info (geneaology) so it was fitting, it seemed to me 🙂 Gretchen and Lothar were what I dubbed them. Gretchen didn’t live past her puppyhood though, she was attacked when feisty she went tunneling under the fence late one night. It wasn’t her digging, it was the mean dogs behind our house that dug that earth out. It was late, dark as dark can be on a moonless night. Horrible yelps were heard and fighting. Lothar had gone in too, but he came back to our yard pretty fast. Gretchen didn’t, and finally she tried to struggle through but could barely move.

I carried her back to the house and she was listless, wouldn’t get up. Alive, but obviously in shock. She died in the night [just a few hours after the event, it happened so late as it was]. Externally there were no wounds. The dogs in that yard were big mean dogs. The next day they dissappeared. The whole story isn’t here. It’s just a rememberance of key details. We lost her. It was so sad.

So her brother lives on, Lothar is a big boy now. He’s semi-trained. We haven’t had the battles with him that we had with the previous dogs we had had. He’s strong and runs fast.

Here’s a recent photo, from January 13, 2006, of Lothar out in the backyard running. An action shot 🙂

Lothar Running - Jan. 2006

I have thought of setting up some agility training for him, but just haven’t quite had the umph to finish him up with obedience training yet. Chalk that up to our small house and our renovations. Complicated, and morso than I’m thinking, no doubt.

Lothar is a lover dog. I mean he loves. He has a gentle strong lover way about him. His sister was the feisty one that was super energy chipper lets-do-this-bad-thing sort of pup. Once she was gone Lothar grew more secure as the only.

One of these days we’ll get a Rottweiler or French Bulldog. They have different tasks for us. The Frenchie is to be my sweet companion. The Rottweiler is to be the true protection of our family, herding the children, scaring away intruders [if there are any] etc.

Of course I haven’t gotten into what we’ll do first, when we’ll do either.

I’ll just get back to the dog show here:

Shaka is the Rottweiler that won Best in Breed and Best in Group. Shaka was the one dog in Best in Show that I was rooting for. There were two other dogs I’d have applauded, but there were a few that I would have had a sour taste for. Of course it was a sour win. Terriers. Blah. Shaka lives in Georgia. Sharpsburg, GA in fact. Shaka is one of those special dogs with a Breeder/Owner/Handler. If you watch dog shows you might have seen Shaka before, special segments with Shaka as well. That is one mightily trained dog. 🙂

So we are stuck with a year of egg-headed-Rufus. :rolleyes: The stats back up the fact that Terriers win Best in Show over any other Group by far. That smells to me. [Though I don’t especially like any Terriers, but think the Smooth Coated Fox Terrier is cute to look at. It doesn’t matter if I like terriers or not to say this, I just think Terriers are easier to pair with standards, that if one is good, it’s premiere. I still say it smells. I am not even a psuedo-expert, I’m just saying from my limited knowledge, something smells. I said it again. It’s stinky, you know.]

I just have to rest on the laurels of last years Best in Show [Westminster 2005]. Carly the Short Haired German Pointer. What a dream that was. I liked her in that show and about blew the roof of the house off when she won. She was strikingly obvious, and I couldn’t believe that the judge chose her. Nearly unbelievable, though I did believe it.

Boomer the Dalmation in 2006 was nice. The Pug was really nice (a bit freaked out, but recovered to strut wonderfully.) Then Shaka, just perfect. But no dice. Just pretend this is Yahtzee scoring. That’s what it seems like, it’s a crap shoot as to who’ll win. The dice are rolled and saved/re-rolled with Yahtzee rules, and in the end it was not what I would have done with the dice. You know how you can play Yahtzee alone, or with others, but you roll and do with your dice what you will [scoring]. You see someone else roll something you would use, but they pick it up and reroll it. Yikes. That is the only way I can explain how I feel about Judging in dog shows.

Narnia Soundtrack and Toys

We bought the soundtrack for “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” on Tuesday, the day it first came out … we have the CD/DVD version, the Collectors one. The DVD has pictures and “making of …” things, worth the price for Narnia lovers, waiting for the actual movie to come out on DVD …. 😉

We have seen the movie two times thus far, the second time was without DH, he had a meeting near the theatre and so we all went and split up for us to see the movie and he to go to his meeting. The children, the boys mostly, were a bit wormy, all over their seats … that being their second showing. I enjoyed seeing it again though, and am still wanting to see it again a third and fourth and fifth time(s) … the music CD I have played many times since Tuesday, and it is so well made, the score is so Narnia and so very me … it feels like my soul-mate … really.

Toys ‘R’ Us is where we were the other day and they have Hasbros “Narnia” character action figures and toys to go along with playing … there were not more than a few “toys” left, don’t know how many the store we were at had in the first place. We got the last “Edmund sword and shield”, but there were several “white witch wands” there and no other big toys. Who would want to get a “white witch wand” for their child? Not us. I don’t want them “being her” in play, though she is an integral part of the story, just doesn’t need a “prop” I guess, that would be moreso “emulating” than I am fond of. Whereas Edmund for battle is better to “emulate”, as is Peter, of course. No Peter gear was there though. The label on the shelf below the “Edmund” toy sword said “Lucy …” so it was something Lucy like that used to grace that spot, or that the line of those toys included something for her, ‘cordial and dagger’ perhaps? What about “Susan” toys? Ah, well, we got the Edmund thing for our youngest, and the character toys in different sizes for each of them, there are sets with the main characters in a smaller size, and partial sets of main characters in separate packages as larger figures. That’s what we got. Also the bigger figures are available separately and also separately as alternate types in smaller or bigger movable/posable figures. Maybe they are all posable, anyhow, I gift wrapped the ones we got already, so I can’t check out the actuality of it currently.

I got an Aslan stand-alone figure … it’s not mine now, but WILL be for Christmas, lets put it that way. I didn’t touch it, just saw a few of them there and DH picked one for me since I was oozingly desirous to have an Aslan on my desk 😉

I’d like a Peter decked out as Knight Peter too. 🙂 An Edmund would be great, all of the children really, to pose them, but let’s just say, to post Aslan and Edmund on a “hill” speaking one to the other … very endearingly, redemptively forgiving and such a picture of grace.

I’m looking forward to Christmas gift opening time, this year especially. We also found a Narnia movie themed “Stratego” in Toys ‘R’ Us, and got it for a family gift. In B&N we later saw that Milton Bradely has a different Narnia movie themed game … not the same one. Hmmm.

B&N has a long table filled with Narnia books and paraphenalia, every part is covered and underneath things are also stacked. One item is an official movie book, a soft cover large book filled with movie photos and descriptions and everything cool about it.

For some reason I’m attaching myself to Narnia deeper than I ever attached myself to Tolkien LoTR. I’m not gooey-goo over the movie stuff for no reason, I really have a love for Narnia inside, and have for 26 years at least. I see the simplistic books and deeply colourful and full of meaning, only simple on the surface. The movie is bringing this all to life in a visual banquet of delicious Narnian food. It’s well done enough to say “This is the one to get a bit more nuts with” to make a “new collection” over. (I love collecting this and that, finding something new to collect is so wonderful!)

The artwork connected with this movie is stupendous and I am wanting to get posters mounted and framed to theme out a room in our home with Narnia decor partially (I’m very ecelctic at best, I can’t theme anything fully in decor, and I’m still an INTP and decor is mostly “I wish to do this” but rarely do decorate much 😉 )

About the Narnia movie

“The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” opens tomorrow. I first read the whole series in my early teen years … I think I was 13 in actuality, my first read-through, my Aunt & Uncle bought a boxed paperback set for me as a gift. I don’t know how many times I’ve read the series, but more than thrice I do suppose, but not recently.

I read the first chapter of what I still consider the first book, how my set is numbered is the real numbering, how they were written, and how they were considered for so many years before being re-ordered :rolleyes:, I read that first chapter aloud to the family last week sometime, and realized that I’d not be able to get through it with them very easily before the movie was out. At that time we weren’t sure how the movie was going to be and weren’t sure that we’d go to see it right away, after release, the first few days.

I have an Audible Listener account, so I had already downloaded the Audiobook of The L, the W, & the W … and the other day we went to pick up milk, as we do by driving to a farm for it, about a three-hour round trip … and I brought my PalmOne Zire 31 with the audiobook loaded on the SD card, and my old Sony Portable CD-Player cassette adapter, and the charging cord for my Zire … we have a power converter box in the van to plug regular things in all the time.

So I got it all set up and started playing the audiobook and the children and hubby and I sat as we drove along, listening intently the whole way there, and the whole way back. We didn’t quite finish the book, and so yesterday, DH out of town missed it, we had a nice corned beef early-dinner and finished listening to the book during that time.

Since before the milk trip DH and I had pretty much decided we would like to see the movie sooner than later. I was just now looking up Theatre times, and don’t know when we can go, DH is at the airport on the way home right now, so I can’t talk to him about it currently. At any rate, there are several theatres around us, all several time over miles away, in the normal shopping places we have to go to, to get the bigger stores, malls, and stuff that is only around a larger area. Anyhow, that’s great for us, though, since they are all about the same distance, give or take, and many are that one directional way spread out just a tad. We have many theatre choices for times and locations.

If I had my druthers we’d see it at midnight, when it is running at several theatres, but that DH won’t go for once he gets home, I know for sure. There are shows at two theatres before 10am, and others after 10am for first shows of the actual DAYTIME times. I’m hoping we can do the 9:50am. He’s been out-of-town for a couple of days, and may be able to do that on a Friday, or not. Don’t know. In any case he’ll want to see it before nightfall, I’m sure, so he will have to cut out early, so maybe can be convinced to do it first thing, and have the afternoon to work. I mean, after 1pm or between then and 2pm is when we’d get home, based on the longer run of the movie and giving time for travel in these beastly holiday traffic moronish times.

I’m anxious to see this movie. I love seeing fantasies brought to life, and have read enough about it the last few days to know that much is faithful and much can be invented since there isn’t complete description of EVERYTHING in the books, much is left to the imagination and I won’t fault them for having a different view of something than me, and that some things might be disliked in how they are handled, but I did have those thoughts when viewing LoTR, and overall love those movie adaptions (but would have done many things different if it was ME directing it:wink: )

I’ll write up something after I see it. Typically I don’t “review” movies as others do, just write some opinionated thoughts on the movie seen, if I write anything. Most of the time I don’t even write about movies I’ve seen, but seem to for epic-ish ones.