Sparkle Unleashed on PSN

I’ve been playing Sparkle Unleashed, mostly on PS4, and when playing there, I stream it to Twitch.

I was a little miffed when I bought the game that all 3 versions: PS4, PS Vita, PS3, share the same trophy list. Sparkle 2, it’s predecessor, had separate trophy lists.

So it goes, I only have to play it fully at one place, or, well only one place can get me the Nightmare trophy, if I ever get there. I could do Survival on my PS Vita, and not on PS4 or whatever. Sparkle on PS3 is really good, but not as good as on PS4. They are the same games, but faster loading, it just feels fluid and crisp on PS4.

Sparkle 2 had maps that I really liked, and maps that I so hated.

Sparkle Unleashed is amazing. Totally different. Same game, yet definitely Unleashed. I have most of my first playthrough on PS4 on my YouTube Channel.

My first playthrough: Sparkle Unleashed Days 1-13

Here’s the Full  Playlist:, which I’ll be adding to as I process through what I streamed to Twitch.

From my YouTube Channel: CrazyMaisy – Sparkle Unleashed Playlist

Get Sparkle Unleashed on PSN, play it on PS4 or PS Vita or PS3 (or all of them. One Trophy list.)  3-way-Cross-Buy.

Buy Sparkle Unleashed on PS4

Sparkle Unleashed

10tons Ltd.
PSN Game | Released Jun 2, 2015

A secluded world of mystery has succumbed to an ominous darkness. You must travel through the fallen lands, light magical braziers and banish the darkness once and for all.

Unlock amazing powerups and use the ones you like the most to overcome increasingly challenging levels, Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs and Survival challenges. Can you carve a path of light through the darkness?

– Ultra-polished match-three marble shooter gameplay
– An arsenal of 23 amazing powerups to unlock and select
– Cinematic soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
– Free trial: Play the first 23 levels for free, pay once to unlock Full Game
– Full game includes 108 challenging levels, Survival mode and two more difficulty settings

Purchasing this content entitles you to the PS3™ system, PS4™ system, and “PS Vita” system versions!

Video output in Full HD 1080p requires 1080p native display.

1 player
10MB minimum save size
1080p HD Video Output

Thinking About PS4 Situations


There’s a big thing I often think about: In the upcoming months the PS4 in our house will be alone. It’s going to be a nice machine, have awesome ability to have us game wonderfully into the next generation of games.

Alone is a big thing. Some games are single games, but so many are multiplayer online and if more than one person in the house likes the same games, that poses the question of: Can I Co-op locally?

Local Co-op

Killzone: Shadowfall is one game we want Co-op locally on. It’s not going to happen unless they release DLC or an update to allow it, and I’m not holding my breathe.

We have 3 PS3’s. Only 1 PS4 is scheduled to be purchased this year. I don’t know if we’ll buy another next year. I know I’ll be happy enough to buy games on disc and only have to buy 1 copy of said game. Multiple devices needing or wanting a game can become quite pricey.

In my house two of us wanted The Last of Us in June. That’s $100 in discs. I mostly don’t buy digital games that. I want the case(s) for one thing, and just love how putting discs in feels, and frankly disc games have more value than that since I can sell it to someone else if I don’t want it anymore.

Digital Content

I have a lot of digital content for my PS3. Older stuff I can put on all three of our PS3’s, but most stuff we’d prefer to do that for, we can’t. The rules changed in November 2012 to allow most digital content to be put on 2 devices. That’s one reason to buy digital vs. disc, when the software is able to be used by two different consoles and PSN ID’s at the same time. (That’s not always the case, so when one buys digital games they should ALWAYS read everything in the description, to be sure.)

PS + is about Digital all the way. Game saves are digital whether or not it’s a digital game. Cloud Storage for Game Data is awesome. On the PS3 it’s something I’ve enjoyed, allowing me to go anywhere on any PS3 easily. On the PS4 that will work, and it’ll be more than that. I’ll be able to log onto another PS4 anywhere and download ANY of my PS4 Digital content.

That’s where it’s sticky though. I know how the PS3 licence for digital stuff goes. I can only use PS+ on one PS3 to auto-update and all the benefits of PS+, so it’s similar to the idea of PRIMARY PS4 for PS Plus being one machine. But how it is on PS3 right now is I can put my content on TWO PS3’s permanently. On PS4 it sounds like there is no second permanent, but that’s not entirely a sure thing. Maybe we can do that, maybe not.

Multiple PS4 Consoles

If we had 2 PS4’s I would have PS+ and another family member would have PS+ –both machines would be covered. If I bought a game (not a PS Plus free game) could I put it on both machines or only on 1 and temporarily put it on another. But how that works seems silly … if we wanted to both play that game at the same time, like an online co-op or multiplayer … then we’d have to flip-flop which machine we’d play on. My content couldn’t sit on the second PS4 permanently. It’d just be a temporary situation, and I’d HAVE to play on that machine for that game session. Seems too unfriendly to families.

Easiest thing would be to buy the games digitally twice. Me and them. Sigh. Back to the discs we’d go.

PlayStation 4 in Two Weeks!

It’s officially November now, only 15 or so (whichever way you count days) to go until PS4 is released!

PS4 Package
PS4 Package

We have three PS3’s and won’t be getting rid of them. They have a high use place in our house. We’ll have one new PS4 at first, and maybe we’ll move a PS3 to another spot to make room in the living room, since our TV only has two HDMI slots.

The games available on launch aren’t the ones I most looking forward to play on PS4. inFamous Second Son, The Order: 1886 are the ones I most look forward to, oh, and WatchDogs.

I am looking forward also to playing LEGO Marvel Superheroes on PS4. I don’t have the game for PS3 nor PS Vita yet either.

Gaming isn’t the cheapest hobby. It is fulfilling, like buying and listening to music, or movies. These are entertainment things, but that is exactly what’s important for us to do, play, have fun. Enriched lives.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation has a great program for $49.99 a year. PS+ (PlayStation Plus) gives you many games free to play every year on PS3 and also PS Vita, and the PS4 will also be included. The IGC (Instant Game Collection) is the current offerenings. Buy the subscription and you have access to all those games free. You must stay subscribed to keep using the games, but once you have PS+ maybe you’ll be like me, keep it going.

PS+ subscriptions can be stacked, so if you are currently subscribed and want to add-on to that time period, just buy another subscription with the same PSN ID and it automatically is added-on.

If you do let PS+ lapse, you have an ability to re-subscribe and access those games again.

Every month new games are added, some are taken out to make room. If you have the games in your Download List you can keep downloading and using them on up to 2 PS3’s and 2 PS Vita’s (but on PS Vita you have to have your devices all associated with the buying account, the PS+ enabled PSN ID, in other words. The same goes for PS3, but on the PS3 the console shares content with anyone else on that machine. PS Vita is one PSN ID specific user only.)

If you’ve been a PS+ member for awhile, your Download List maybe quite long. Mine is. I mostly “buy” whatever is offered, not absolutely, but for the most part. Even if I’m not interested in it, I or someone else in my family might be one day. So it’s there in my Download List just in case.

PS4 will get two new games a month in IGC. Pretty good since it’s a totally new platform, all new games! It’s not clear how many PS4’s we can use in one house with our content. There is something about making one PS4 your Active device, and then logging in anywhere on anyone’s PS4 and being able to download and play your games from your Download List. This doesn’t speak to whether or not we can actually have the 2-device download thing, like on PS3. I keep two PS3’s with my digital content. It might get a bit squirrely for a family if they have more than one PS4 … I do know that PS+ will only cover 1 PS4 statically, the one set as Primary.

Online Play

Online Multiplayer for PS4 will require a PS4 with a PS Plus Primary user on it. Anyone on the console can play online then.

Some Free-To-Play games will have free multiplayer online play. Most games are not even online play, so it’s only going to affect users who aren’t PS+ but want to play a purchased multiplayer online game.

In the past we had Online Passes associated with one’s PSN ID. This limited so much. Thankfully Sony recently ditched Online Passes for new games.


For PS Vita, we have Resistance Burning Skies on PS Vita Game Card. My son played it first, he got it for his birthday. He put in the Online Pass.

I can play that game, but I can't play Online since I don't have an Online Pass for that game. I could buy one for $9.99, but it's not that I want to play online, just would HAVE to to get all the trophies and platinum it. So I don't play it.
Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita came out in September 2013. No Online Pass. Yippeee! So if my daughter wants to use my copy of the game, she can. We have 2 copies.


PSN PS Vita: TOM Blitz

I’ve been playing the free game for PS Vita referred to as TOM Blitz … for short … as if it IS it’s name. Anyhow, it’s fun, Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, but can be very frustrating for anyone that plays and doesn’t want to or cannot pay for more lives. (By the way, the sounds are really nice, mysterious Mexico legend stuff.)

You get 5 lives to start with, and after 5 minutes you get another, and one life is one game, and it’s 1 minute long, maybe longer depending on things during game play. That makes for 6 games in a row then … do something else for awhile (15 or so or more minutes) until your lives are refilled.

It’s not an easy game to ALWAYS get a good score, those on the leader boards are the ones who pay to play, they can buy lives AND crystals. Crystals are something you get in the game by swapping the gems to erase them, if there is a crystal or more in the gems erased you get them, and they are added up and timed by something after your game. You can also get crystals via a Scratch Off Game that you get randomly mostly one time a day, different amounts are won depending on what 3 symbols are “scratched off” and you cant’ “lose” you always get “something”.

The other way to get crystals is via Near. You not only can get them that way from other players, you can also Give crystals, which is called “Share” after the scratch off game. You have to tell it Yes to launch Near and then hit the Near button to get it to update … then you can go back to the game, your crystals that you gave are there for Near people and your friends list people. You Get crystals from both sets of people as well.

Their is another way to get crystals, that is leveling up. On each one you get crystals. For instance I just leveled up to 6 and got 750 crystals for it.

The final way to get crystals is to PAY for them. That is something I won’t do. At least not until I’m “RICH” LOL

The game is very much like Bejeweled except everything else about the game play. You swap 3 or more gems, you get score multipliers, there are special Totems and Bonuses you can add on to a game round (they cost you crystals to use for each game they are in) you can take them out or change them around each game.

Game play is better with Totems and Bonuses available and that’s why PAY TO PLAY gets the highest scores. My many crystals got down to 0 once before and 5 today. I’ve played mostly today without anything extra and my scores haven’t been very high for the most part. I can’t top my own high score, it’s really hard to have a good game, it IS possible, just not very likely.

Anyhow you swap the gems, and you can keep moving more swaps as the board changes, THAT is NOT like Bejeweled at all. It’s sweet. As your levels progress there are harder things thrown at you, like what I see, a chain and lock around an occasional gem, you can’t move to swap unless you do it right, it’s harder, the rules are different for that chain wrapped gem.

Every week there is a “new” tournament, your friends that play and you are in the “tournament” and your score gets wiped to start over, but your LEVEL stays.

We aren’t sure in our house what happens if you win the week or whatever. We started the game with just 3 days (my son) and 1 day for me left in the “week tournament”, there are 23 or so hours left in THIS weeks right now, so I’ll know better then. My son has the top score right now, and other “friends” I have on my list are lower than me. One is catching up though and my lack of crystals is causing me fretting over getting put into third place maybe. That’s just on my list. His list could be different, and my sons only has me and him on it. So … how it works out, who knows.

All in all it’s a very fun game, just limiting in how much you can play at one time, and it’s very much something that makes you WANT to play it MORE and MORE, yet you can’t unless you wait between sets of lives or PAY for more. Either way, you are out either time or money and money takes time and so it’s all time and it’s all money … right?

PS Vita – Games and Thoughts – February 26

I’ve been playing Lumines Electronic Symphony DEMO on my PS Vita.

My High Score - Lumines Electronic Symphony (Demo)

I really like it and want to be able to Unlock the full game, but it’s just too steep of a price for me right now, with MLB 12 The Show coming out on March 6, plus Unit 13, and maybe also Sumioni: Demon Arts on my want list.

Anyhow, it’s odd to play a 10 minute puzzle-ish demo over and over and over, but I have been doing that. I like it so much, while the music isn’t my favorite sort of music, it’s OK. I like other Electronic stuff but tend towards hard rock, metal, modern hard, alternative, dark stuff … whether or not you include The Cure in that, but yes, I do, plus Clan of Xymox, two of my favorite, favorite, favorite bands, and Clan of Xymox’s most recent album Darkest Hour is more electronic than previous albums by far, but so different from LES music.

Another game I have is Army Corps of Hell. There is spectacular death metal music in it. I love that part of the game. I haven’t progressed past Level 2 yet. I just can’t quite beat that boss. I don’t try much, just 2 or 3 tries here and there a day. I need to put on my earphones when I play this game, appreciate the music all the more, and maybe that’ll get me beating the boss to progress a bit more. This is one game I want to fully finish and get all the Trophies for.

The baseball game won’t be in my hands until a couple of days after it releases. I pre-ordered it and my hubby will be picking it up on his way home from a trip. I don’t know when we’ll get the PS3 version. That’ll be nice with my PS Vita version to continue a game on the couch while someone else plays on the PS3 or play it in bed, in the vehicle, etc.

I’d also like Unit 13, but I maybe will only get it for my son, and see what I can do with the DEMO of that between here and there and make a decision later. $$ is at issue though.

Sumioni: Demon Arts looks beautiful and I don’t know if it’s my kind of game exactly, but it LOOKS gorgeous, I do like the Sumi-e art style. The premise looks promising. I’ll have to see about it once price and how big to download or if available as Retail version or not information is out.

I hope PSN will get Trophy info onto the PS3 and Internet trophy sites with our PS Vita Trophies. It’s frustrating to see my count go up and not be able to see it on PS3 or in the browser. Yes, I can see things on my PS Vita, that’s good. Oh, but there is a flaw I noticed with a PS3 game on my PS Vita. I was playing Warhawk and got a couple of Trophies yesterday. I synced and I’m at 59% on that game now. On my PS Vita though, it shows me at 58% now. It shows the same trophies, and the % is up from before but just 1% lower on my PS Vita trophy list view.

All my other PS3 games show the same % between PS3 & PS Vita & Web browser. (oh, minus Bejeweled 3 which won’t sync to PSN Trophies — Sony has to implement a fix, and they should have done so ever since November 2011 when it’s been a known issue. Really annoying. I can’t look at my Trophies on my PS3 I played Bejeweled 3 on without sync auto-syncing every time I look. If I choose triangle and “sync” I get an error. All other thing, looking at trophies, sync starts, then hangs a bit, then finishes and shows me my trophies (but Bejeweled 3 isn’t on the Browser or other PS3 Trophy lists, only on my PS3 that I earned it on, but it’s not counted in my Trophy number. AUGH! When I realized all this, I quit playing it. I won’t play it again until Sony puts the trophies in the server. I got the game the day it came out, my hubby saved it for a xmas present for me. I didn’t play it until recently, thank goodness, due to trophy sync issue.)

There are several games for PS3 I haven’t done much with, or anything. There are games coming up for PS3 that I’d love to get. (Quantum Conundrum, Starhawk, and not upcoming but never got 2nd copy: Resistance 3) So put that all together and you have me, PS Vita, not enough games on it to satisfy me, but I do love the PS Vita. PS3, games to play, just don’t do much but play Warhawk sometimes, and more of Starhawk public beta, then less, and moreso waiting for 1.3 update to play more. So in a lull I think about the lack of a good puzzle full game for my PS Vita (Lumines!) and frustration at being stuck on Level 2 of ACoH. I KNOW what to do, just having a hard time getting it done. I love Little Deviants, but it’s a game that has challenges and is fun, but taxing and not something to “just play” like “Lumines” would be for me.

Another game for PS3 is WipEout HD. I need to play that so that I can maybe get better (I have to get better!) at PS Vita WipEout 2048! I started WipEout HD once in 2011. I didn’t do much, barely remember the game play. The PS Vita version is brutal. I’m stuck with 3 track things completed. That in itself was hard work. I’ve given up on that for now. Good DLC for WipEout 2048 is coming later (DLC will be: WipEout HD & Fury HD) and then cross-play can be lots of fun …

And now I have been looking at MotorStorm RC … and that is a PSN PS3 PS Vita dream come true! Sounds like a game I’ll like and so will my family and it’ll be so affordable. Yea!

PSN Activations – starting from Scratch

My hubby called PSN support today. They answered very quickly, but … I felt they didn’t get to the point of understanding what we wanted exactly, but eventually were going to do the ONE TIME ONLY EVER IN THE LIFE OF THE ACCOUNT wiping of all activations.

This is silly as the only reason I HAD to have them do it is that THEIR system messed up giving me devices I had labeled that were real PSP’s to be only virtual PSP’s activated with Video/Comics & Music and the real world PSP’s when I activated each one, my personal one connected to my virtual one as it should, but the other two showed up as NEW PSP’s and that’s purely nothing that I did. I couldn’t deactivate the PSP Video/Comic activations because I had no deviced tied to those virtual activations, they went into limbo (even though no different from before in my house, with mine acting right, and the other two totally not connecting to those profiles online in Sony’s database, FOR WHATEVER REASON!) All I wanted was for SONY to fix my activation problems.

The biggest thing about it is, if they stick to their guns and say later, “We can’t do that because on November 26, 2011 we did that for you and it’s a once in a lifetime thing for any one PSN ID … this post is about it, and I will demand justification for it again, since they messed up my systems with their deactivation scheme in the first place.

So anyhow, I got the account wiped. Within a couple hours everything was off my account and I started from scratch, added each device in and labeled it appropriately. I only activated GAMES on everything. Nothing else. Sony automatically puts MUSIC on each device (I don’t use it though, signed into it once this year just to see what it was, but didn’t do anything with it and that’s that.)

I’m not putting VIDEO on any machine/device unless I need it in the future. On each PS3 we can’t do it (only 1 is allowed per account.) I don’t know if that is ONLY the PSN Store Video (I guess it is) and that the other kinds of video I can do on either/or whenever without “VIDEO” activation. (Netflix, Cinema Now, Hulu, Vudu, but Video Unlimited I don’t know.)

In the past I’ve gotten video on my computer from Amazon Unboxed. I’m not a big fan of digital renting of movie or shows as you don’t have much time with them if something keeps you from it, I prefer discs to that, plus a disc can be watched anywhere, anytime as many times as desired and sold or given away later if desired. Digital content, if you buy it, it is yours forever and limited to the program it is part of, either in their cloud service or on your harddrive. No thank you except for Digital Copy from some movie discs, that’s a back up version to watch without the disc at times, nice sometime, hardly used but a nice feature, and it’s not my only option. I like options.

That’s why Sony has me not so happy with this license change. It’s less options.

Now then, on the phone the person my hubby talked to told him about how Me as Master account with Sub Accounts works. I know how it works and how I WANT it to work, but she/he was supposedly telling him that on the PSP it DOES work the way I want, but she’s not right. I know, nothing has changed, there are no controls in Master Accounts to let them use my content. They have to be logged on as me on the portable devices. Why they don’t change that, I don’t know.

For some games they can put their sign-in PSN ID in, but for some games they HAVE to have MY PSN ID input. It’s not an easy thing, it’s a jump through hoops to do it kind of thing. I wrote about it early this year (in August) when we bought Syphon Filter Combat Ops on PSN… and then referred to it again when we got the UMD of Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow

Still waiting … (theme of my life)

Still waiting for hubby to call Sony about the PSP activation thing I wrote about last. He said he would that day, didn’t, nor the next, and so on.

I can’t believe it from this perspective, that their stuff is so messed up as to not recognize that those two PSP’s are the same ones as before hitting the Deactivate button. The Music/Video/Comics activation is totally annoying, as you can’t get rid of old ones that are activated with that stuff since that stuff isn’t EDITABLE ONLINE ANYMORE as it once was (I know, I took that stuff off of one of the old ones we don’t have anymore but was still connected to the account, then the DEACTIVATE from post 11-18 did take that one away totally. There is no way to take such an approach now though, cause the DEVICE section was changed, and there is no way to change the PSP Music/Video/Comics thing anymore. I’m glad I did it when I could, before, but now I’m locked with two PSP’s listed with that stuff, and when trying to activate the ACTUAL PSP’s in question, they can’t be activated for that stuff, and if I activate for GAMES they show up as NEW PSP’s, don’t connect to the ones there already, thus I refer to those on my account as Virtual PSP’s, they used to be representative of IRL PSP’s but no longer are connected. Urgh!!!!!

Murky PSN Licensing Reality

After thinking about the PSN fiasco started November 4, 2011 on the Playstation Blog(s) for awhile now, I am just as peeved seeing a definite problem with it, moreso in regard to how it’ll work with portable units. PSP and future devices. As it is, there is no trophy support on the PSP, so … it’s worked to have just my account activated on all three PSP’s in our household, especially since I was allowed to put my stuff on up to 5 PSP’s.

All year I’ve fretted about this day coming, in my head, since I knew it’d be an issue with the PS Vita in the first place, it’d have to have activation as a device differing from how one is signed into PSN ID. But … who knows if that is solved yet. Assuredly it must be, but … anyhow, only 2 devices can play something at the same time, in the portable arena. How does it work IRL though, can all three of my PSP’s stay activated for other content and have all new content, how does it really work with their proposed activate/deactivate scheme. It seems murky and hoopy.

Anyhow, you have to “Activate” a machine. When you download a game it “activates” when installing. If you sign-out of PSN some games won’t let you play unless you are signed in to PSN with the activation ID. Some games won’t let two people be signed in with the same activation ID at the same time, and in those cases they can sign-in with their own PSN ID, depening on the game. Otherwise, you need two copies of the game to play it at the same time (some online games are like that) It’s murky, not fun, already. With new stuff, it could be worse.

I don’t have devices so that I have to jump through hoops. If I liked jumping through hoops I’d have a set of hoops to jump through out in my yard.

This should be so easy, where’s the Staples EASY button when you need it?!!!

[There are 4 people that use the 3 PSP’s: Me, Son #1, we each have our own. One other is shared between the rest of the family thus far, mostly 2 other people (Son and Daughter) but it will eventually become a problem when we would need to retire that 3rd one and get a couple of new ones, and then all along my #1 and me were planning on upgrading, I was going to keep my PSP on hand for UMD use mostly, so it’s so really icky murky and it’s gonna get worse, no doubt.]