Things I need for CKC: Update 2

List is things I need thus far:

  • Dark Brown Ink
  • Light Brown Ink
  • Brown Chalk Ink
  • Roll of Foam Tape (Scotch)
  • New Glue Dots
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Either Zip Dry Paper Glue or 3-in-1 Glue
  • A more portable 12×12″ paper trimmer
  • A new white writing pen
  • Inkssentials Blending Tool
  • Glossy Accents
  • Crop-a-Dial

I have found most of the things I need to bring in August to CKC. Ink is troublesome so far. I did buy some ink, but don’t know if it’s right or good enough for the event. I mean, most things are just “pigment” inks at Michael’s, and the one’s that are the Dye I’m looking for aren’t in Brown of any kind.

The thing about it is for sure, it has to be quick drying to use in a class that’s an hour long. Right? Right. Pigment won’t be right then.

I did buy a big (EK Success) Inkadinkado Black Ink dye ink pad … I just tested it, OK crisp really black lovely fast fast fast drying.

I also bought a giant (Ranger) Archival Ink Sepia ink pad … it’s brown, of some kind, so I need to find a darker one, anyhow, it dries very fast on regular types of paper. OK but it’s not dark nor is it light, it’s really in-between, and I guess it could stand in as light brown if it must, but not dark … no way.

Things I need for CKC classes

I have a list of new things I will be needing to get for the CKC event we are attending in August.

This list is things I need thus far:

  • Dark Brown Ink
  • Light Brown Ink
  • A more portable 12×12″ paper trimmer
  • A new white writing pen
  • Inkssentials Blending Tool
  • Roll of Foam Tape (Scotch)
  • New Glue Dots
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Either Zip Dry Paper Glue or 3-in-1 Glue
  • Glossy Accents
  • Crop-a-Dial

Plus I really should have a better solution than I do have for carrying things around, and also get plastic boxes for each project to keep them separate after class.

I hope we can figure out a good solution, also have a good one for my daughter, who’ll be taking the same classes with me.


CkC is Creating Keepsakes Convention. It’s a scrapbooing thing. Pretty much any paper crafter can find at least one class to take that interests them

We’ll be going to one in August regionally. We’ll be going to 3 classes. The whole family will be at the Vendor Faire sometimes, and my daughter & me will be attending the classes together.

The nice thing about registering & taking at least 1 class is: you can choose “free”  a 1 yr subscription to either Creating Keepsakes Magazine or Paper Crafts Magazine.


Scrapbooking Set on Flickr

I added a new Set to my Flickr account.


I took some pictures of embellishments I made yesterday and decided I should start documenting things I make, instead of not.

Here are a few of the images, go to the link above to see the whole Set on Flickr.

Overview of Scrapbooking Embellishments I Made June 11, 2010

Scrapbooking Embellishments I Made June 11, 2010

Glitter Gel Pen Doodle Embellishment

Forward Progress

In my scrapbook space I have both lighting fixtures up and running now. Both Home Depot fixtures came with halogen bulbs, one had 4, one had 3. Each fixture’s group of light bulbs had one dead. One was DOA, one died less than a minute after turning on the fixture. Subsequent bulbs replacing them have worked thus far (quite a few days.)

With light in the space now I can see to do things. It’s quite amazing. I’ve done embellishment work, also shared the space with my 11 year old daughter doing things together. What I mean by “embellishment work” is making little things to put on pages.

Stamping, Powder Embossing, cutting, Sticker-afying (Xyron Create-a-Sticker 150), Glitter Gel Pen-afying, Metallic Gel Pen-afying, Glaze Pen-afying, Liquid Embossing, etc.

Not making anything on purpose, just what appeals to me at the moment looking through my box of clear stamps (which I have a nice kit to put together to make THAT job easier, something I should do now, but want to do when I have things in better order and cleaned up more than everything is now.)

I can’t spend much time online, or crafting right now though because we are ripping out the old livingroom floor and will be installing Heart Pine 5″ wide flooring soon. It’s a job that is tough, and takes a lot of sheer will power, not even thinking of physical energy. Hubby is gone for a few more days, and that makes it easier to do this, as well as harder at the same time. So it’s mostly me and my 14 year old son doing the demolition, and trying to get the other three to not make a mess anywhere, clean up and do regular chores and help when we ask for it, something that they can do. It’s harder to get them helping than anything, and also it’s hard to force anyone to spend a huge time tearing out flooring, without long breaks.

I didn’t sleep well for a couple of nights in a row, then finally last night I got a good nights sleep. Maybe I’ll be better equipped to get the rest of the floor out today, it’s the worst part, any furniture there now has to move, it’s about half or more of the room. Piano & all the new wood are on one side, audio/video equipment connected to wall hanging LCD flat screen. So I’ll have to disconnect everything and move it and then figure out where to put anything else, coffee table, chair, thing, things. I already have some other stuff lined up on one side of the kitchen. It’s just a big fat mess. That piano is going to be a big …

Lights, Camera, Action!

We got one of my new light fixtures for the scrapbook area I am putting together in the “basement” installed and working last evening. There is another one that needs to be installed, and then the lights in my IKEA cabinet installed (need a new outlet for them.)

Having real overhead light coming down over my table is amazing. It’s a cheap (as fixtures go) [a Home Depot brand] island fixture, 4 halogens and opaque glass shades, creamy yellowish color glass. The fixture is dark brown. Simple yet lovely design. The other fixture is a different one, but same styling.

One of these days the room will be more finished and I’ll get some pictures to put on my Scrapbooking Page on this site.

I got some things cleaned up in the area today, finally with glorious light shining down. I’ll get some crafty stuff done now, any old time I wish too and can get down there. Hurray!

Cricut Gypsy & Cartridges

I bought a Cricut Gypsy at the end of November 2009. There was a point bonus and a $100 store credit bonus for buying the Gypsy at that time. I didn’t get anything from either place then. I wasn’t sure what to get, there being so many cartridges that I would love to have …

Today I finally bit the bullet and made myself look and choose. So I chose a newer cartridge “Forever Young” which is very girly/fashion oriented. Nice for cards to sisters, daughters, pages about them in scrapbooks, room decorations, etc.

I also chose a Cricut tool, the spatula, which I’ve wanted since having the Cricut Expression, but have only looked in Michael’s for it and they have never had it when I’ve looked. I had to pay for shipping, but no tax, but it all came out of the $100 store credit. I have less than $10 left, but more than $9. Nicely, I can add money from a credit card and let it sit there until I use it. Just like my Playstation Wallet. Makes it easier to buy when I’m ready to buy. Sounds sort of dumb, but it’s easier to divide the moments. Put money in a spot to just automatically get easier than using a credit card. Use the credit card when you aren’t overprocessing information about what you are buying. Only having a decision on how much money to add, then freely choose stuff another time, within those limits. In any case, I like it.

There are several other cartridges I’d like to have, some new, some older. One of the older ones I can get from if I get 100 more points, which I may get from buying this newer cartridge on The one I’m speaking of is “Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More”

There are less interesting cartridges available on cricutrewards. Most of the stuff I’d like isn’t there. Also, there is some kind of sale at Michael’s this week, $39 on cricut cartridges. I couldn’t tell from their ad whether it was all, or just particular ones. Not that I’ll have the opportunity to buy any.

I’ve moved my Cricut Expression to the basement, setting up my crafting things down there finally, but then the cold came, such a mild winter until I moved some of my major things to the basement. It’s just too cold to work down there. I’m getting my crafting self back after a dull January/February so far. Actually I HAVE been doing some, working on my scrapping calendar which I got for Christmas, it’s a kit in a calendar. All calendar pages are blank grids. Color & Print papers and stickers for all the numbers and design elements are in the back of the calendar. There is plenty to work with to embellish the top half to death. Layer after layer of paper on paper and a photo on top. I have the basic structure of the top half done through April, only the whole thing done for January and now February, when the bug hits I take it down and do more work. At the end of the year I’ll take the calendar apart and put it all in an 8×8 album, in the same order as the calendar, so any notations are there in a 2010 scrapbook.

I need to get scrappier and also make cards galore this year. I need to get that all up and running so that maybe I’ll truly make a card to send for Christmas in 2010. I made 2 1/2 prototype cards in 2009. All for naught. But I did use my Gypsy, it was great!

Christmas/New Year/Simplify

I got a new camera for Christmas, actually a Sony Handycam, HDR-SR11. I’ve had a couple of Handycams over the years, but not for several long years, and never one like this. The old ones were tape driven, and were problems for me over and over and I tore one apart and gave another one away, which that one worked for my sister in the Seattle area, but not for me in GA, it kept the dew lamp on here and wouldn’t function, even when inside our A/C’d house all the time. For her it worked. Just plain worked, no more dew lamp.

So I have a nice HDD sort of Handycam now, and it’s really good. I have a Memory Stick Pro 4 Gig card in for Photos, and put all the video on the HardDrive. I have to get better at shooting video so that I have to do less editing. I haven’t edited yet either, just looked at some things on my computer about it, I don’t relish working with the stuff since I seem to have little time on the computer with a toddler in the house again. (baby is getting bigger and older day by day, he’s no baby anymore! Well, hardly at all.)

I also feel bad about all my photos from all the years past, I still haven’t gotten them into albums, they sit in boxes, by date, but in boxes. I want them all in album with text comments. Then all digitized and then all my digitals that I have now, and the ones I need to get done, to have good tags on my computer, and then the really worthwhile photos put into scrapbooks.

I struggle with the scrapbooking aspect of it. I have had scrapbooking ability since early 1996, before my children were born, and here I am 13 years later and I haven’t one complete scrapbook. I started with CM, but I hate their albums. I have a few other albums now, the past couple of years, and have created pages for them, but nothing cohesive. I like full 12×12 pages, in protected sleeves, and move-able since they are complete. CM isn’t that at all.

So next about it is space. I still don’t have really good space, or any space at all, to scrapbook. So it’s too hard to get anything done at all.

Recently I have had new stamps added to my collection, wonderful clear stamps, and I can’t use them with no setup to work!

I got a Cricut Expression last year for my birthday, I had a table it was on, but it’s not there now. It was sort of useful at first, but now it’s not. I need dedicated space for it to work for me. I like it and did use it on my bed to make some things at Christmas, but the card I wanted to make didn’t materialize, so I sent nothing out, but had some tags for presents, whoo hoo.

So that’s what’s bugging me, so many “memory” things I need to get in order STILL and more added to it with video ability. Simplifying all this is what I need, starting with the place to do it, and the stuff to put it in. That is scrapbooking and desk space for my needs, and books to put everything in. And also, for sure, places for each scrapbooking supply to be useful.

It’s not probable that this can occur to the extent I need it to while in the house we live in now, but I need to get SOMETHING carved out for me, SOMETHING!!!! Simpy something!!!!

My Cricut Expression Birthday

My birthday was on Friday. We were out of town for a family wedding. So compensation was in order to amend how that was for me. My big present was:

A Cricut Expression machine.

If you click the above link you can see that, right now, the msrp is $499.99. We bought it from Costco online … for $349.99 (+ tax) and the price includes S&H. Well that was a few days before my birthday that we ordered it. We arrived home on Sunday night, and my package was on the doorstep.

I didn’t open it until the next night, being tired from the trip and lots of things to re-organize, and being so tired …

I played around with it a bit, and then yesterday I watched the DVD disc that comes in the package, then went and tried a few new things. I made a rectangular “bag” for my daughter, to put some of her small hair accessories in. I put flowers on the two wider sides as well. All this from the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge that comes with the original package. I then made a {belated} birthday card for my sister using the same cartridge. I didn’t finish it until today, putting some of it together last night, and the rest today. One of the fun things I did, was to make heart confetti to put in the envelope with the card.

I was more creative with this stuff than I’ve been in months and months (with no cutting tool except my scissors and craft knife … blah.) I didn’t want a Cricut when they first came out, but since the Cricut Expression has come out I’ve thought about IT here and there and finally came to realize that this is the tool I wanted the most, not a manual cutting system, and I liked how it seemed to work (from afar) and just decided it was right for me. I was very happy to be able to get it for my birthday, for a decent price.

So then I started writing this post, and I went to the manufacturer’s site and then to to look at the product on each site. That is when I about blew my stack when I looked at the Costco page and saw that, “what ….? $269 …? What is THIS!?”

the Cricut Expression page on Costco’s site.

So then I went to our bank online and looked at the transactions to verify the charges, and sure enough, we paid a lot more than that. So my hubby called our Costco store and they assured him they’d be able to adjust the price for us, corporate Costco, so he then called the right number and sure enough, they will refund the ajusted amount withing 48 hours. How nice, and how right for them to do so, with just a week or so between our purchase and the price change, or less than that, I don’t know for sure.

I finished my sister’s card today, then decided to cut out a few things for potential scrapbook pages, then got inspired to make another card, one for a friend, for no particular reason except for that (being a long-distance friend.) I have all the basic parts, just need to finish the inside ideas, then put it all together. With this card I went and made shadows for my title. Wow does it look great, and it wasn’t hard to put them together with my glue stick. (Yes, using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, again.)

I didn’t take a picture of anything yet, I haven’t sent my sister’s card yet, but I have it sealed up, so I can’t take a picture of it anymore. I will try and take a picture of my next card, maybe the “bag” I made. I’m sure I’ll make a new bag next. A rounded one out of 12×12 paper/cardstock. 🙂

The best thing about this is I have ideas for cards and now I can implement them easily, and make a coordinating envelope out of really nicely patterned paper so easily (when before I’d just use a stock plain envelope, or no envelope at all for cards to immediate family members.)

I’ve always liked scrapbooking, and using scrapbooking supplies to make cards and other stuff, but I haven’t always made stuff very often, and I haven’t really scrapped much at all, in reality. I have scads of photos in boxes, and even more now that are digital (way more photos taken since going digital!) Now the Cricut Expression will have me making projects galore, and hopefully that will include getting several scrapbooks completed before the years end.