Tropical Systems

We got rain from the “Barry” storm yesterday. Nothing “hard” but slight sprinkling to steady light rain over a period of time. It’s wet outside and that is so very nice. We truly need ANY rain we can get. We were not “forecasted” to get any of the “Barry” weather, btw. I don’t put huge […]

April Freezes

From Friday night to Saturday morning it was supposed to be really cold, just below freezing. I don’t think that actually happened on our property … yes it was cold, but not quite to freezing, from how the grass and blooms and herbs and such look in our yard(s) as of Saturday afternoon … Now […]

Thunderstorms 2007

We just had our first Thunderstorm for 2007 Spring, maybe first in 2007 (but I can’t say for sure since we weren’t here every day this year up to now.) It wasn’t a long one, it did rain hard for a bit mid-point, and rained more softly before that and after that, and the “thunder” […]