Update June/July ’07

I haven’t written anything much on this blog for over a month … due to not having much to say except for end of pregnancy and birth stuff … which I haven’t even updated on the pregnancy Page I have here, of what I’ve written on my other blog about it, and haven’t written anything really except for the birth story since the birth, June 23rd.

So anyhow, go to the link in the above paragraph if you want to read about our latest baby being born. He’s three weeks old now. Our 4th child, third boy.

It’s been an uneventful July thus far, except for the daily ups and downs with a newborn in the house after so many years without one (last one was in Sept. 2000!)

The weather has been peculiar for July in Georgia. Purely overcast most of the month thus far, and the hot isn’t intense therefore (as is usual.) The rain has threatened and not been released at times, and then other times it downpours for a short time or a long time, or sprinkles. I saw a tad bit of blue sky the other night as the sun was beginning to set in the West. I saw some this morning as well, in the East as the sun was about to come over the horizon. I took some photos out my bedroom window, the salmon pink clouds and the bits of blue showing, but from there to the West it was overcast, all but the sunrise area of the horizon.

That’s it for now. Most of my “writing” will probably be baby/household related, so on my other blog, but I will strive to find reason to post here more often than not, I hope.

Tropical Systems

We got rain from the “Barry” storm yesterday. Nothing “hard” but slight sprinkling to steady light rain over a period of time. It’s wet outside and that is so very nice. We truly need ANY rain we can get. We were not “forecasted” to get any of the “Barry” weather, btw. I don’t put huge stock in such things. We get the forecast and they say we will, and then we don’t. Or that we won’t, and then we will. Or that it’ll be big, and it is only slight. Or that it will be … on and on.

We live in an area that just either gets it or misses it, we are east, but not quite East Enough. Also we notice often that radar shows rain coming, any sort of rain from any system or non-system, and when it gets to our county, it skirts around it, for what it’s worth. It’s weird, something I’ve noted for awhile, dealing with the horrid drought conditions we’ve had in the past 10 or so years, especially the first few we’ve lived here.

I’ve been waiting for Hurricane Season to begin, and now it’s here. We need lots of rain in the South, and the tropical systems are what bring the needed relief. I do not wish, as I’ve stated in past years, for damaging storms per se, to the costal regions, but that is what a hurricane is, a big storm full of badness and goodness. People like to live on the coast and must pay the piper atimes. It’s what it is. Inward regions of land rely on the tropical systems to relieve drought, or to just supply the Summer rains that keep a deficit away. As well, wetlands are renewed.

The rain total for the last 24 hours at a distant enough away not to be what we experienced at our house weather reporting station says they got about .43 inches of precipitation. Less or more is what we had, no doubt, in any case. 🙂

So more than a smidgen, nearly 1/2 an inch is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, it does “clear the air”.

Beneficial Rain from Tropical Rainstorm Barry Remains

Barry became extratropical Saturday night, but it is still a strong storm system, centered over the South Carolina coast. It will continue to bring heavy rain to the Carolinas, mid-Atlantic and eventually the Northeast through Monday. As is usually the case with an extratropical low, much of the rain is falling in a band from Virginia, through the western Carolinas into eastern Georgia. The rainfall is mainly welcome across this region, as most places have received less than half of the normal year-to-date rainfall. The heavy downpours will provide relief to those fighting the wildfires across Florida, as well.

Allergies and house stuff

Goo … I feel miserable. My “normal” allergies have just been la, la, la all along this Spring, until about a week ago. They ramped up, but even moreso this week.

So here I am, 36+3 (wks+days) pregnant and it’s hard enough to get the energy I need to do stuff … forget it now. 😉

It’s my eyes, they feel big and swollen and red, just the rims look it though; my nose is goopey drippey stuffy, not dry, very, very wet; my throat is scratchy, it’s getting more sore on one side, as it does in heavy allergy times (like in my earlier years in Florida); my nose is itchy as well. I’m sneezing off and on and always, always dripping.

Hubby is coming home tonight and so I hope I can get some Benadryl soon. I have a small amount of liquid Benadryl that I have started to take itty bitty bits of here and there since yesterday. I only take small amounts of it in the first place, as a “usual dose” knocks me out or over. I take a child’s or even a half-child’s dose and it’s bad enough.

I need to get the house A/C filter changed out again. It’s an allergenic sort, with a high value for use, but this house is full of dusty dust blobs, so it needs to be changed out more often than it might in another house. It’s not as big a deal when allergies aren’t high, but when they are … it’s a huge deal to get a new filter sooner, way sooner than usual.

Today I’m getting all the bedding washed and changed, I hope. I need to. One problem I have is changing the bedding, it’s difficult for me usually, being smaller than most “Normal” folks, as well as now being bigger bellied 🙂 Another one is that our bed is a Queen size. We had used this one for awhile, then got a King size, and over the years the Queen size was rarely used, and the King size wore out, so we are using the Queen this past year or so again … hoping to get an entirely new setup ASAP from IKEA. As well, we have King and Queen sheets, and the labels are all worn down and so it’s like “Which size is this one?” and if hubby puts the sheets on the bed, he puts whatever on. If it’s a King bottom sheet, it’s too loose width-wise and comes off easily, which I dispise entirely. I am also realizing that the most sheets we have purchased in the last 5-years or more are flannel King sheets for the previous King size mattress set we had.

The other thing is that there is one sheet set that I know is Queen. The bottom sheet I have on the foundation. So it’s unavailable (the foundation looks hideous and needs covered.) I don’t have a dust ruffle for a Queen either, and as well the foundation rests on the floor, we took the old H-frame out a few months ago, it was so rickety and I knew it’d be easier for me to get in and out of bed with it on the floor anyhow.

So yesterday I was in the hall closet looking for pillowcases & sheets, and found one ugly dark green sheet (which I had for a Queen futon “couch” that we don’t have a futon mattress for anymore) and one pillowcase for that, and another pillowcase from a nice white pair with a pretty eyelet thick edge but I have one covering a window.

I need more than that, and it comes down to looking and pondering and knowing that there must be more somewhere, but where. Ah, some are worn, ripped, or just hideous (as in “why did we ever buy that color, pattern, etc.”) and are probably in some of the stuff in the garage, or in the laundry room, buried.

Our master bedroom has no finished floor and is supposed to be quite the opposite by the end of this holiday (Memorial Day) weekend. This should aide somewhat in the dust and blech in the house. (The other thing is to get the basement ceiling finished!) We have 8″+ wide unfinished Heart Pine. It’s so pretty. We are going to do all 3 bedrooms eventually, as well as the hallway, but will just do our bedroom and the hallway for the time being. The children have Pergo currently and that is sufficient for the time being (though it’s not very nice IMO.)

That is that –for now. 🙂

Gray May Spring Day

It’s a depressing day … I’ve been busy the past few days, and DH not here, and he won’t be home until tomorrow morning. That means he’s not here on the weekend, which is a big NO NO in my business book.

So why is it a depressing day? It’s partially the above, but also because it’s overcast, an ugly gray day. I was awake in the middle of the night, and it began raining at around 2am, a hard rain, it might have been drizzling before that, I don’t know. Thunderstorms were around, but the lightening was all many miles away. I looked at the radar online and it looked really nasty, but it wasn’t here, just hard rain and distant flashes and bangs.

I just dislike these gray days, especially since it’s still “early spring” enough to desire the sunshine of day, coming off of the darkness of winter.

And it’s not just that it’s overcast, it’s too cool, 57 degrees or something, which is bothersome to me when it’s not sunny during the day. It was quite warm just a week ago, literally summer temps during the day. I the 80’s and 90’s. So this creepy gray cool day is a downer.

Today is National Scrapbooking Day, May 5th. I have know that for a while, as well as previous to that having an inward desire to outwardly scrapbook for once (I haven’t done anything in months) and so now I feel really bummed since I’m not doing anything about it, and it’s this gray day and DH is away and it’s too cool outside to feel like it’s just a July sun reprieving day.

I made lasgna for dinner last night. Guess I’ll go get the leftovers and put that in the oven to re-heat. That might make me feel better, a bit. Earlier today I was thinking about brownies. I just might have to make some of those too. 🙂

April Freezes

From Friday night to Saturday morning it was supposed to be really cold, just below freezing. I don’t think that actually happened on our property … yes it was cold, but not quite to freezing, from how the grass and blooms and herbs and such look in our yard(s) as of Saturday afternoon …

Now it’s the Saturday night to Sunday morning freeze warning time, and temperatures are supposed to be even lower, in the 20’s tonight/morning as well as tommorow night (Sunday to Monday AM.)

One clue for “how cold is it right now” that I employ to reason about what’s going on outside is the heat pump, which sits outside on the ground with pipes going into the house and up the wall into the attic space … and that’s right behind our master bedroom, right where the bed is situated, of course (the only “real placement” for the bed, unfortunately.) When it’s really cold the heat pump doesn’t do a good job, the closer it gets to freezing, there isn’t enough “warmth” in the air to pull it into the house for warmth inside via the houses air system. It makes a horrid racket when it’s actually freezing or lower and the heat pump is running.

Friday to Saturday it sounded similar to how it sounds right now. It’s the Saturday to Sunday time currently, 5:30am approx. and accuweather “says” right now it’s 28 degrees. Well that’s not exactly right, since our property doesn’t have a weather station nearby, and when I have had a decent temperature gauge for outdoors I was able to compare and know for sure that our temps here are not the same as what ‘they’ say (nor actual weather, like clouds, rain, snow, etc.)

So we are waiting for the daylight hours to see what it’s like outdoors, and I hope things will be alright. We have three dwarf apple trees that don’t always bloom so nice. Guess what? They sure are THIS year, ALL THREE of them at the same time. So it does figure that we have the first late cold snap ever since living here … this late, April.

Dogwoods are blooming right now too. The Cherokee Chief variety we have in the front don’t have a lot of blooms, but where they do is at the top and they are lovely (we need to do some work on those trees, pruning.) We have a white dogwood in the backyard and it’s in full glory of bloom. It’s gorgeous. Driving around the area, Dogwoods are bursting forth in massive color and bloom. It’s a grand year for Dogwoods. Or it was. We’ll see later on. 🙁

So many other plants are past bloom already and in the process of leafing out, some leafed out in full already (like our Japanese ‘Bloodgood’ Maple tree, our Weeping Willow tree, and our wild Blackberries are in full leaf and actually setting blooms and some are opening already.)

As I write this the heat pump is starting to struggle for the first time this night-time. It’s not super bad, but does sound bad enough, so it’s near 32 or below a tad … but doesn’t “sound” like it’s in the 20’s, while currently accuweather says right now it’s 28, oh I just loaded the page again and now they say “30” but that’s where anyhow? Miles away.

Read an expanded version of this post on my other blog.

Thunderstorms 2007

We just had our first Thunderstorm for 2007 Spring, maybe first in 2007 (but I can’t say for sure since we weren’t here every day this year up to now.)

It wasn’t a long one, it did rain hard for a bit mid-point, and rained more softly before that and after that, and the “thunder” was far away, lightning strikes just visible as distant flashes, but the thunder did rumble very nicely. I do love to hear the ‘crash’ that comes with closer lightning strikes though, and today would have been perfect for that, with me being down about something and the release that would come from close lightning would have been quite welcomed.

Hopefully we’ll get some good storms this Spring/Summer, pleasant, not necessarily tornadic, but just great Thunderous Storms that show God’s Might awesomely.

Happy First Day of Spring! (2007)

It’s Spring officially today.

Here’s a page about it.

In honor of this time of the year, pull out Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” and listen to the Spring section, or the whole thing for that matter. If you don’t have it on your computer, music server, or in your CD collection (or Album collection, Cassette collection) go out and get a decent copy of it. It’s something I listen to oftener than not (with any Vivaldi being one of my favorite things in life, not just “The 4 Seasons”)

Trees and time

Hubby is out at Home Depot, supposedly getting the Crepe Myrtle tree (which on Sunday he said he’d get Monday, but now it’s Tuesday, but that’s A-OK.)

The Yoshino Cherry trees we have in the front yard are coming along fine, one is putting up it’s many buds and many of them are close to opening, and one branch higher up has some from one place actually opening, tomorrow they should be lovely, the first instrument in the concert of Yoshino Beauty, the rest of the orchestra will join in eventually, sooner than later. The other two trees are behind in development, but fastly catching up.

The tree behind our house that is blooming right now looks about Peek today, so I’ll get a picture of it again tomorrow (having taken one a couple of days ago, avail on my Flickr site, linked in a post from that day.)

Temperatures hit over 80 degrees F. today. It wasn’t too hot though really, just nice, nice dry air, not too dry, not humid. If summer were like this, it’d be alright, but that’s not the way it is. Anyhow, the over-the-top temps are not normal for March in GA, nearly 20 degrees higher than normal. FWIW. It’ll be cooler in a couple of days, similar tomorrow to today, then about 10 degrees less the next day, then the day after that 10 degrees even lesser … and days following going up and down from there to the mid and higher 60’s and maybe higher here and there, according to accuweather’s site. All in all, a decent beginning to Spring. It’s cool enough at night to not have to have the heat on and not have to put the A/C on in the day time. Not too cold, not too hot, all working out alright. (It’s not going to last long though, the South gets muggy for sure once Spring really gets going, especially once it turns to Summer, before the actual Summer solstice.)

Since the “time change” we are getting up before 6am, and I always am thinking, it’s alright now, when last week it’d be 4am-something when I woke up, and getting up then to start the morning with tea or coffee and checking out computer stuff, reading something, etc. — seems so unreasonable! It’s fine with me though, I’m just not sleeping all night every night, and often awake for awhile somewhere in the middle, then falling asleep and waking again before 5am, but that was old time, now it’s later though the same time, and quite good therefore. So I say my thanks to the powers that be that changed it, though that seems so strange to thank some government entity for something. It is only that they made it so that MY actual ways are in tune with the clock, so nah, nah, nah, nah, boo, boo to y’all. I didn’t change, y’all did, in actuality. Me, the sun, the birds, the trees, are all in tune with the earth, the clock doesn’t really run us. 🙂

Spring is Springing 2007

It’s been nice (weather) of late, yesterday into the 70’s for highs, but then so are the pollen counts high, seeing as it’s early Spring here in the South, without the actual “Spring” of calendar being active, which is quite usual for the South, of course. It is warmer than usual for March though, and we are enjoying it, feeling the “planting” bug heavily.

We stopped by Home Depot yesterday to check out what trees and bushes they have. Today DH will be getting a crepemyrtle for our front yard, or so he said yesterday that he will today.

We had a proffessional landscape plan made up for our property several years ago, and we have been slowly implementing it, as well as tweaking some things (i.e. adding more thing of our own choice in addition to what’s on the plan, and changing a few things, then adapting the deletions back in sometimes in some way … 🙂 ) Yesterday I got that big sheet of paper out and we went over it in the house, then went out back and looked at things, then out front, and that is when we decided to check out what Home Depot has in stock (a new store in just the past year, quite near to us compared to how far we USED to have to go to one.)

We had been there for something else a few days ago, and quickly walked through the nursery section. I recalled that I was nearly certain they had the variety of Crepemyrtle that we have on our landscape plan. That name is “Muskogee” and indeed they do have it. It’s a beautiful variety, lavendar flowers and has a prolonged flowering period, 120 days (which is wonderful!) It’s also a fairly quick grower and has a really pretty brown-more-than-1-tone trunk. It’s a large tree, classified as a “medium” in the crepemyrtle family of trees.

There are many small plants we can install (when we get them,) that will aide in the building of how landscaped the front of the hous looks. We are hoping we can do a lot of that this Spring/Summer.

We want to demolish the sidewalk in front of our house and put in a paver (or something similar) walkway that is quite a different design, different placement. That will be expensive, and has to wait, but we might demolish the sidewalk and get the plantings there moved so we can get the “supposed to be there” plants in. We can put some cheaper stepping stones down in the grass for a walkway then, temporarily, if we want to.

I have Hosta to relocate, and some wild growing black berry plants (they are scraggly, but oh so tasty and sweet are the berries!) — the berries will go to the backyard, and we just got some cultivated Raspberry plants to go in that area as well, and will get more, and also will get blueberries for that area.

My Hosta I’m not sure what I’ll do with, it will be nice to relocate them eventually since they’ve really duplicated themselves, and I want to separate the two kinds, one is a lovely solid green/blue green, the other is varigated, green with white edges. Right now they are mixed up, and it’s worse and worse every year as they all multiply.

So then, the Yoshino Cherry trees in the front are readying their blossoms, they should open up in a week or less or more. In the backyard the Weeping Willow is greening up, so very pretty already. The tree behind our house is some sort of ornamental cherry and it’s wonderful already, the white blossoms are opening up and it’s not quite “peak” yet. Some of our Maples are blooming, nothing great, but a nice Spring sign which means leafing out is coming soon.

We have an Eastern Red Bud in the back of the backyard which put it’s first blossoms out last year, but not many. It’d been ruined when young, a previous dog of ours chewed it down to the stump. So I let it grow some, and pruned it a bit, then let it grow more and more for a few years, and last year those blossoms came, and after that, later Summer/Fall I pruned it more, maybe a couple of times in Summer too, to shape it better and get rid of icky branches and shoots, and what it there now is great. A nice tree growing and it’s full of blossoms readying for opening.

Our two other “mystery” trees near the Red Bud are also pruned nicely since last Fall, and look like little trees now. They are getting ready to do something, grow, but blossom, we aren’t sure. Never have either put out a blossom in previous years. It’s possible from the look of things they’ll do something more this Spring, and time will tell. I hope then I’ll be able to identify them sooner than later.

All the other stuff around is greening up too. It’s lovely, even though allergies eventually rear their ugly head for me. Thus far it’s not really an issue. I get an allegy alert email from, I think, pollen.com and I hope that it’ll be useful this year in naming a major allergy producer that will clue me in to it bothering me more than other things, like right now the pollen counts are High, but I’m not having trouble really, things listed are: Elm, Cedar/Juniper and Maple. FWIW.

We are talking about getting a pool put in this Summer too. Not an inground thing, just an decent above ground one with nothing elaborate about it. Costco is carrying one that we are interested in, and we’ll look into it more, maybe also check out a pool store. Being pregnant it’d be nice to have a pool for the last couple of months! I’ve always wished for one in such cases, when pregnant in this house (that’s two children) and I’m thrilled that Hubby is actually wanting one for any reason, not for me particularly, but it falls into my desires to get one. 🙂 We’ll see later if it’s do-able.

So we have sweat-equity we can use on our property to change things, and then the other things are going to cost $$$$, but it’s worth the investment what we want to do in planting, and then we have indoor things to do still, of course, which are well worth doing even more. We hope to get wood flooring by the end of March to get the upstairs hallway and bedrooms re-floored. 🙂 That will be awesome. Right now it’s not very nice in our room or the hallway, and what’s in the children’s bedrooms isn’t really great either.

So March is nice and warm and feeling productive thus far, and I know the weather will be cooler next week, but the 15-day outlook has it warming up again after that.