Windstream issue again

This seems to be an occasional post: Windstream being offline, and they won’t fix it, don’t see that the problem lies on their end exclusively.

Yesterday, March 5th, around 8:50am it went out. Hasn’t yet come back (over 24 hours now.)

I just talked to my husband on the phone, and Windstream wanted to talk to us with the modem connected while they accessed it (the modem) … but then they realized they couldn’t find our IP address or something and knew that wouldn’t work so they put in an escalted ticket for it to be fixed.

Once again, it is the same thing. So now we wait for my modem to come back on with a DSL signal.

Home Network Setup

I moved our network around a bit last week, and finally today have it all hooked up (what exists for it today, that is.)

I want to make new cables for the things in my bedroom, then it’ll all be nicer (less cable-y!) as the ethernet cables I have on hand are too long for what I need. I did make one short cable a week or so ago, but it doesn’t work. The longer ones I’ve made to pull through the house from my computer/craft room where I have the router set up to the other points for internet in the house work great. I thought maybe the ends were messed up, so I cut them off and redid it all, so I just ended up wasting more and more ends … It must be the piece of cable.

Here’s the setup:

Computer Room = Net Gear DSL Modem/Router with ethernet cables to two (2) points thus far:

  1. Net Gear 5-switch – Bedroom — Ethernet in from Router, three (3) devices plugged into switch.
    • – PS3
    • – DirecTV Plus HD DVR (Whole-Home turned on)
    • – Old Desktop Computer
  2. Belkin Wi-Fi Router – DHCP, etc. turned off — Ethernet in from Router, two (2) devices plugged in, plus Wi-Fi distribution.
    • – PS3
    • – DirecTv Plus HD DVR (Whole-Home turned on)
  3. < —– Wi-Fi through house —–>
    (protected network)

More Speedstream 4200 & Windstream

I spent the whole day until just the last half hour jumping through Windstream hoops with that dratted horrid thing called speedstream 4200 from them.

To be fair, it may also be the Belkin wireless router at fault to some degree, but the only thing I can attest to is that connecting directly to the speedstream 4200 with a computer has not allowed it to connect to the internet everytime. The Windstream Broadband Installer activation page would show up sometimes, forcing me to go through things with it to let me online at all. After all that, following directions found on as well as directions elsewhere found via google … I successfully put the speedstream 4200 into Bridged mode. Only then the Belkin N+ wouldn’t connect, or couldn’t, or something. So I then would have to reset the modem to access it in IE by direct computer connection again.

I did follow some instructions that promised that by connecting like a dial-up to it bridged and being successful in such a PPPoE connection that would prove it was indeed bridged and would then work with the router when hooked up and credentials put into the PPPoE interface. Fine, that worked. I figured it would since jumping through all the Activation hoops all day long I knew by then that computer connecting to modem wasn’t a big deal anymore, it was working to connect to the internet right away, or at least bring up the activation windstream pages, like I said, at the least.

In this case, online right away. So I disconnected, put the cables back to the router as is proper. The router just bleeped those orange lights at me. The modem just sat there with power, ethernet, dsl nice and solid green. Now earlier today I had restored the router to factory default and had the same reaction afterwards, I tooled things up here and there and did more and reset to factory again, still no internet connection.

Well I got to that point then to restore to factory default AGAIN. And wouldn’t you know it. I input my PPPoE credentials and voila! Data was populating the “almost connected” fields on the home page, and the lights were all blue on the router face, and the bottom one was blinking. Almost connected, yes, yes, connected!

Since then I reapplied my wireless settings, and such and here I am on my laptop is online and that’s the first time today it’s been online as properly should be routed through my Belkin.

So I must find out if it’s the Belkin that’s the biggest part of this problem, or the Speedstream 4200 or Windstreams DSL or if it’s all of them together.

I would like to get a different router, this one is new, but since I’ve had all this trouble right before and more ever since …

I would like to see about buying a modem that isn’t such a “walled garden” as the Speedstream 4200 is, as long as it’d be a modem that would work and be just that, a modem for our dumb DSL that we need SOOOO much.

I have done everything correctly over and over and over. This is such a stupid thing, not even a mystery. I’m tired of it. I’ve spent more time on this for the last couple of weeks that anything else at all, except sleep, maybe.

Further Speedstream 4200 & Windstream

I wrote about the troubles I’ve been having with our Windstream DSL on Sunday past. This morning I awoke and came downstairs to see the router blinking blue where it should be solid if connected, but blinking means “connecting” and it just sat there doing that, and nothing was actually connecting, and DSL light on the modem was solid, and activity light nearly solid.

Let the games begin.

I jumped through all the hoops a few times. Basically connecting the modem directly to the computer, and getting into the browser configuration to see what’s going on. The information there showed that it was connected … to something, but not pingable. Like this: open a new tab, type … it just sits there as if it’s going to contact the site requested … this is with the modem connected to the computer directly.

In the past I could then go to the PPP setup and input my user name and password for DSL and that would either connect or not.

Today I got something else when I tried that. I got an error message, which I should have printed, but didn’t … I kick myself about this. Anyhow it was like, my credentials weren’t good.

I tried it again, turned the modem off/on, tried everything over and over. Rebooted setting to Factory Default. Still the same things, modem connects to windstream as Factory Default, but then can’t ping, and nothing else happens when you try to load any website.

After I did a couple of different things like that, I guess I’d Factory Defaulted a couple or more times, then suddenly I got the Activation page. This time it was different from the previously documented [Sunday 3/7] time … now it had two choices, “recently reset the modem” or “new subscriber or new modem for current subscriber” … on the right was the “third party” link so I clicked that instead this time, and after all the waiting, it said everything was great. So I tried to make it all work again, the full thing via the router, nope.

So then I reset the modem again, connected it to the computer directly again, the “windstream” connected was connected … and the same Activation page as earlier came up again. So this time I chose “recently reset modem” and it boiled and toiled and round and round until finally it said it was done.

I reloaded the speedstream modem in the browser and lookee, right there where I had no input anything since resetting to Factory Default the “windstream” data was gone, and my credentials were there, except different from how I usually have had them working, this had tagged on. It was connected and I opened a new tab and typed, enter, flloooop …there it was.

Sick of it all. So I just put the ethernet cable back to the router, so modem and router connected, then in the router I told it to “dynamic” connect.

It balked at that for several seconds, then decided that it was OK and … signal distributed to network.


Not what I want to go through again, not what I want to do at all. I don’t want to mess with the router at all ever never, but I can’t make it connect lately if I don’t … connect to the computer to see what the stinking modem is doing and jump through all those Activation pages ……….. I’m gonna go insane.

Thing is now, I could wait hours with no internet, touch nothing, and eventually my internet would be connected, all while waiting with a solid green DSL line showing. But it’s not supposed to do that, it SHOULD work that I have a modem, just put it connected to the DSL line, then connect ethernet from it to WAN port on router, and tell the router to use PP0e and my credentials.

It was setup like that always in the past. Lately the outages like that are frequent and the only thing I can do is jump through the hoops or not. I know how nuts I feel when the DSL is not connected, and since there IS something I can do it’s the only thing I will do. The problem comes when examining that supposed something I can do, it’s not so easy, it’s complex as to why it’s happening and just which result I’ll get when I do this or that. It’s troublesome, complex, and totally insane.

Is it the DSL, that I’m on the edge of the speed we have? It worked flawlessly for weeks upon weeks, and if something DID happen, it was easy enough to reconnect but it never got like this until recently. Now I could put everything back the way I want it, it might work to have the router control the PPPoE now, but I do have connection to the internet setup using it dynamically and I don’t want to mess with it. We’ll see how long this lasts, a day, two days, more or less, or longer?

Speedstream 4200 & Windstream

I’m sick of Windstream DSL. We’ve had issues “connecting” in the past here and there. Every time it was a reset to the modem that allowed us to connect to DSL again, only after trying it a few times … I wrote about it when it was happening in 2009. Someone commented, basically saying that resetting the router to factory wouldn’t help, and would hurt and wouldn’t make it work, blah, blah, blah.

The past few weeks things have gotten bad again. Reboot everything a few times, then at some point, router is able to establish a PP0e session all by itself as it usually does.

After a few of those sessions we found that our router wouldn’t allow wireless connections anymore, something was messed up, there was nothing that fixed it (factory reset didn’t help) and it’s unsupported by D-Link anyhow now. No firmware updates, no fixes of any kind worth doing. So we got a new router.

It works differently to connect to PP0e through the speedstream 4200 modem. I mean, it controls it, keeps it going differently, the D-Link router allowed me to connect and disconnect and the new one, a Belkin, is just a solid connected or not automatically without any interaction possible.

So we had the new router and things were fine for a little while. Then one morning we woke up to “no internet” and bouncing back and forth to this and that allowed no connection to the internet.

If we called Tech support they’d force us to connect the modem directly to a computer before they’d “help” … I mean, they sometimes will say “yeah, there’s a problem” and that’s it, they fix it where ever that is, and we can connect. That happens occasionally, but rarely. So most of the time we just wait and wait and wait, while I reset, turn off/on, etc. Until finally, the Belkin has blue lights all the way down.

Now the last few times, since it’s happened more and more of late, I have taken the ethernet cord connected to the desktop computer and router, unconnected it from the router and connected that to the ethernet port on the speedstream 4200 modem (obviously unconnecting the ethernet from modem to router first.) Then I get into the speedstream by going to in my browser. It always has PPP setup with “windstream” as user name, and “connecting” with those credentials usually makes a seemingly good connection, but you can’t browse the internet.

If I put my username and password into the modem interface I can also connect. Sometimes I can then click one of my Fast Dial (firefox add-on) links and the page loads and anything on the internet is available. But I don’t want to connect like that, I want my router to control things and distribute the internet to my home network.

So when I can get that to connect like that, I reset to factory the modem, and hook everything back up the way I want it, router behind the modem. Sometimes the router then is able to connect, but not every time. It doesn’t matter what I do, what method of when to connect what cable, it either works or doesn’t.

The other thing that sometimes happens when I have the modem connected to the computer directly, when the router can’t connect, I “connect” but trying to load a web page it goes to Windstream Broadband Activation Installer, and in Firefox it just twirls around forever looking for whatever it is looking for.

I don’t want that, I want my internet connection to be there and that’s that.

Today I got sick of the song and dance and when the last action above was happening, and no real internet presenting itself to me at all, I right clicked that stupid Windstream page and opened it in IE with my IE view Firefox add-on. The same action occurred, but continued forward and resolved to present me with the opportunity to do more.

In the future I will click something else. This time I did click “cancel” and I loading any web page only brought up that Windstream Activation thing. I didn’t want to do it, but I finally did click through and enter a few things. At the end, Voila! I was able to load, etc.

That wasn’t what I wanted to see, but it gave me a clue about the stupid whole thing I’ve been dealing with. Somewhere on their end Windstream is doing something or something happens which causes this behavior, but the 4200 has activation software in it that forces this issue, and the fact that it doesn’t always require this is quizzical (sometimes I can connect with my router controlling the PPOe eventually, when I haven’t done anything with this Activation Installer in the browser) but I do know that others online talk of this activation stuff, but I can avoid it and reconnect eventually, but today I got SICK of it and went with it.

I did then re-set to factory the speedstream 4200 then connect it to the router. The router promptly connected to the internet.

NEXT time this happens, I’ll load the darn thing to the computer, click on the “3rd party” thing and see if it’ll let me connect at THAT point.

So the future will let us know, I just despise this thing, I have a router that I want to act as my managing agent, I just want a DSL modem, I don’t want a modem/router. I want to connect to my DSL that I’ve had for a long time. I’m no new customer. I never had to go through that before, but I do know that the last month or so I’ve seen that Windstream Broadband Activation Installer when I have done the “I don’t want to but OK I’ll connect the modem to the computer directly” deed. Truth being truth, I don’t recall if I have seen it before for real, I do know I have seen a graphic of the thing before, when searching for info about windstream and not being able to connect, and if I have seen it in a browser before would have only happened if a Tech on the phone forced one of us to put the modem to the computer directly … but … it goes all back to how we use the system in the first place.

At no time ever did we input info into the modem directly. We have always had a router between computers and the modem. In any case, I can’t say how come the internet is gone sometimes and I can’t get it back even when I reset the modem to factory default and leave everything connected as usual. Or take everything apart and do this and that and the other and still nothing, or sometimes it comes back right away, or later, or much later.

So today I did that activation thing and I was back in. It’s not a hoop I want to have to jump through, and I will try the other link on the page if it presents itself again. I am also going to start a log sheet for marking down when and what happens when what is done or not. I have only spent to many hours of late trying to get the internet back. Every single time the darn “dsl” light on the modem is present and solid, bill paid, etc.

I test my speeds often enough and my speeds are fine up and down. FWIW I am have currently been connect to the internet for about 1:45 hrs:mins since connecting modem to activation in IE & letting that do it’s thing, having internet browsing available then unconnecting modem from computer, then resetting it to factory default and connecting it to router and having it connect immediately. Man I am tired of this circus.

Windstream Doesn’t Tell you to RESET modem

[This is a historical look at what happened, didn’t work, and what ultimately worked in my “home network” setup (router controls DSL modem PPPoE login & connection to internet) that had always worked, then suddenly didn’t, and now works again.]

Late yesterday morning all of the sudden we had no internet connection. I lived with it, knowing it sometimes goes south, but comes back later (internet connected).

Hubby on phone (conference call) most of that time, and finally wanted internet in afternoon, so he called Windstream for help.

Usually I have to reboot the router or something if it doesn’t automatically connect after awhile, and doing that didn’t help. Turning it all off then on again didn’t help. I wasn’t about to connect the modem to my computer. I hate messing with all that junk when it’s not really the router that is at fault ever.

Yesterday the router was blamed by Windstream, it being the router’s fault we couldn’t connect and they wouldn’t help. Hubby did connect the modem to his laptop after awhile and it wouldn’t work. The person on the phone tried all the things to see if it was connected and obviously it’s such that many people are not savvy as to what it means to be connected, & I do know some about it. I find tech help over phone tedious, not helpful to those who are at the end of the line who have a clue.

In the end it was just that the LAN ethernet port was disabled on hubby’s computer. Enabling it, the modem connected. So Windstream immediately said they were done. Adios! But that’s not our usual setup. The whole affair was, the modem wasn’t connecting through the router. Phone Service –>Modem–>Router–>wireless signal to computers. This is the usual setup. Our computers look to the router for the internet. Our computers have nothing to do with connecting. Just the router connects & sends us our internet ability.

I set it all back up as usual, and the modem wouldn’t connect with the router controlling it. So I tried the rebooting and all that to no avail. I reset the router too. Nothing would work to make the internet come back. We had another modem before just a few weeks ago, our original DSL modem from ALLTEL back in the day. When we upgraded to 12mbps recently the phone guy gave us a new modem. It worked fine until yesterday late morning.

The newer modem is similar to our older one, lower model number than our older one, in fact. But new, branded Windstream, Siemens Speedstream 4200. The tech at Windstream had hubby do all the stupid stuff to see if internet would work with doing this and that, and jumping through hoops with NEVER ONCE saying to push in the RESET button thing with a pen, or whatever. (I know, why would they?)

I was trying to make ICS work to have modem connected to desktop computer LAN then distribute the internet through our wireless home network, which is part of the router, the good old router that always works but wouldn’t seem to work with modem successfully any more. Home network was just fine though.

I did get that internet distributed, but it was flaky, I couldn’t stand it. It worked on desktop mostly, sometimes on networked computers, but not always without re-doing the network setup on the desktop. I had enough of that and re-put everything back with router between the computers and modem. It still wouldn’t work to connect internet.

Then I spotted the little hole on the modem and sayed “What the heck, why not …” and voila! I loaded my router status page and it was INSTANTLY displaying connected information. The thing is, the information in a modem is branded, and reset puts it back to factory, like how you got it originally. If it’s been tweaked by some employee somewhere, that’s not going to be a killing factor of getting online if you reset. The thing about it is, it works or it doesn’t, and eventually you’ll get something done that will help.

Get your customers the information they need. Don’t do anything except check to make sure everything plugged in correctly, lights on, then RESET the stupid modem with the RESET push in thing, not the power on/off button, the RESET. I say this from the bottom of my heart, RESET is there for a reason, and this inane going over all the possible scenarios and not getting to the bottom of it is purely not helpful, obviously I use their signal to distribute on my network differently than they will support. So, if modem connects with laptop, it’s fine. Goodbye! Yet it’s absolute that we didn’t call in the first place to get the modem hooked up to the computer. We have an unsupported setup, doesn’t mean I want them to help with the router. I just know that if my router was routing everything just fine on my network just not getting the modem to dial up, it’s more like the modem was connected all by itself and my router couldn’t deal with the signal coming into it’s WAN port. [Fully know that we never connected to the modem with a browser. Never used the modem as router.] Your disdain for home networks being between modem and computer is evident, understood, but not acceptable without first RESET of modem. That’s the FIRST thing to do. We won’t call for help again, that’s for sure. You know why. It’s always the signal is down, or it’s something we have to figure out ourselves.