Youtube Music Android Offline Mixtape problems I’ve dealt with.

  • 100 songs downloaded, but there are many NOT actually downloaded, though I watched the notification counting up as it refreshed the content.

  • If there are songs saying “Waiting…0%” in your offline mixtape, they won’t download. Turning the phone off/on will make it finally the offline mixtape refresh. It’ll replace ALL the music. Some new tracks, and/or arranged differently, but all the same ‘won’t download’ stuff spread throughout. If you touch the one’s needing downloaded it’ll say “Downloading…please wait” and it will never download.
  • In order to play the actual Offline Mixtape while Casting you have to start the playlist first, THEN connect to Chromecast. If you start casting then start the list you’ll make a Song Radio auto-playlist instead.

As it is with Youtube Music, I am anxious still for some Google Play Music integration. Features and preferences … I know it’s supposed to not be fully implemented until into 2019, but I am ready for it now.

This doesn’t make it happen though, it’s just wishes and dreams using it at all. This Youtube Music, in order to listen and scrobble I must use Android.

It’ll be nice when other scrobblers on PC and on Android add connectors for the service.

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