My New Surface Duo 2

I got my Duo 2 via BestBuy online on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Obsidian 256gb.

I’m really liking the phone. It’s great. The camera is much simpler than Samsungs, I can still get good pictures, they just need more tweeking with Snapseed or whatever else seem right at the time.

Snickerdoodle – Portrait mode stock Duo 2 camera, good but blah.
Same photo as above, used Snapseed to change it a bit, adding a dark vignette as well. Much nicer.
Stock camera from quite a distance, Hummingbird in flight, I can’t complain about it. Good photo.

I will try a gcam modded app sometime. I miss the pro mode from Samsung. I miss the portait mode on Samung too, but there is one in the stock duo 2 camera, just softens the vignette space, which I appreciate a lot, and the main cat or person is clear as a bell. On samsung stuff wasn’t always so great because of the high specs of the lenses, so scarce in sizing focus.

I can work with it. Plus I have my Canon 7D to step up my game, I’ll be more interested in doing that now again.

The phone itself is very nice, multitasking is superb. Reading a book in Google Play Books, not so nice on one panel phones or even the Duo 2, but you can span any app you wish to manually toggling the app in a list you can pick through. Very nice result with Google Play Books. Not totally nice with the split on parts, but if you take a screenshot, the split isn’t visible at all. Which is very nice.

I feel more connected to reading digital books with two pages in front of me. It’s that I really can finally like digital reading.


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