About My New Hummer Feeders

I was able to get a new bird feeder yesterday, a lovely copper and glass Hummingbird feeder. It’s where I used to put one when I had a deck, the hanger I installed won’t come off, so it’s permanent in a way now. I have to use a ladder to access the spot.

I can view it where I am now, typing, it’s through the kitchen out the window, a far distance but I can see it. Also there is another one I got some months ago and finally installed out front off of the porch, and I can see it from where I stand as well. So far I’ve seen only 1 bird, either a female or juvenile. It seems to really like the newer one the best. The one out front has 3 copper chains that come down to a “basket” that holds the clear plastic dish w/ clear glass top. It’s a beautiful glass top with formed flowers of red glass around the feeding holes. The new one out back is a vertical cylinder glass tube with a copper top and copper base. The base has a perch extended from it that circles the entire bottom. The feeding holes have red painted metal flowers around them.

Frank says he’s seen the hummer out front a lot, since he’s out there on the phone for work often. I haven’t seen it there much, just did in fact, and just the other day for the first time since putting the feeder out some days before that, though others in the house say they’d seen it. There it is again now.

I have a Photo post of it here.

My Birthday July 18, 2009

We did go to SC and get some fireworks 1 2 for my birthday, and to pick up milk from the farm yesterday.

I have my birthday cheesecake in the oven. (yes, I am making my own birthday cake, beats having one from a store …)

Frank had me open my presents already. A bunch of scrapbooking stuff from Target, the $1 stuff, but it’s good stuff, a cool throw he found in a store in Greenville, SC the other week, it’s a baseball thing, made of 90% cotton/recycled cotton, remainder virgin acrylic. I’ll have to get a picture taken & uploaded, or find one online …

My big gift was a Wacom intuos 4 graphics tablet. I’ve wanted on for years, and this is a nice one. It’s the S version, a start-up for me (he agreed, planned that already, that this would graduate to the children and I’d get a larger tablet someday.)

So now I need space to work in. More than ever.

Happy Birthday to me!

Best present comes later … setting off the fireworks linked above. Also have several Crackling Jets and Magic Crystals; as well as firecrackers left over from the 4th, which were part of what we bought and got “free” from Phantom with our purchase then, so they are NOT the ones I prefer. I like Black Cat firecrackers.

Fireworks 2009

On July 4th of this year (2009) we had our 2nd Annual Family Fireworks show, but previous years tradition really started it with fountains only, back a few years more. This year we increased what we did, hand picking each item ourselves, not getting any “pre packaged” things.

We go to Phantom Fireworks off of exit 1 on I-85 in SC. We ended up with 3 boxes that were awesome show enders. We had a bunch of different mortars, and some big and medium fountains, little things, and battery things, and some smaller boxes of things.

In particular the big boxes were Johnny B. Good, and Live Free or Die. Both were $109 and PF has a buy 1 get 1 free deal all the time, so both for the one $109 price. We also got a smaller box that sells for $79 (Motherload) free because of everything we bought added up … and we got firecrackers free, and a battery thing … and a medium small pretty nice little box show thing.

I wrote down in a notebook everything from the packages, and also have the detailed receipt still. This is the first year I’ve gotten this detailed about what we had, to go over it and have history and increase with what we liked and where we want to go from there better next year.

We also had started doing a fountain show on New Years Eve, but only one of them since 2007 was the first year for that, and 2008 we had gone to Michigan to see FIL and weren’t home on NYE. I am hoping we can do a decent mortar, box, and fountain show for this NYE.

My birthday is in a few days (Saturday) and I love fireworks and have wanted to have fireworks of all sorts on my birthday for many years. I finally got Frank to start getting fountain packages at Costco for July 4th in 2006, which started him on the road of actually enjoying what I’ve been wanting to do myself, get mortar and big “cake” shows going.

We had the Pyrotechnics Motherload box this year and WERE going to save it for my birthday, but after we did Live Free or Die, we ran into the house and got the Motherload box and set that off before finishing with Johnny B. Good.

So I knew I wanted something on my birthday still and Frank also kinew and said we’d probably do something, so here is the week. My birthday is on Saturday, we get paid today, and he said this morning

I need to figure out what I can do about getting an appointment in SC before the end of the week.

… which was code for we/I can go to Phantom Fireworks in SC, and I’d like to find a business appt. to make it a business trip which means, two birds with one stone, make the trip economical gas-wise. Old story with him, vacations never happen for the same reason. :rolleyes:

My Kittens

My newest kitties are 12 weeks old today. I’m keeping the boy and girl (Prince and Princess Aurora) of the feral kitten group born April 20th under our house … the largest two of the kittens. I separated them right before they turned 6 weeks old because the mother cat was starting to bring dead birds to them (they had all moved into the basement a few weeks before with our slow aide in suggestion since they were born) & she was absent from them for many hours a day. These two seemed the most advanced, and still are. They are very sweet, purr a lot, play with each other wonderfully, and our other cats have accepted them for the most part. At first they stayed exclusively in my bathroom, and then I let them out some, and then more. They still do spend the night in the bathroom, and parts of days, always in there if we aren’t home.

The other kittens stay in my daughters bedroom, and the one cat we have that isn’t spayed yet (we found her outside when she was a kitten, we keep her inside) has adopted them, she nurses them (though she hasn’t had any kittens ever, or tomcat service) and does the basic mothering that a cat generally offers her kits. She’s very attached to them, and they to her. They rarely purr, but do play with each other, and are nice. My kittens are purr machines and seem very well ajusted.

Those other 3 kittens need homes still, and we have no one that we’ve found that wants one yet, and shelters are filled up already thus far … We just can’t keep them, but do NOT want to bring them to a kill shelter, the only type that is open to receiving right now.

My two sweeties are laying on the couch together right next to me, stretched out sleeping. I posted a picture today that’s in my PHOTOS category, that I took on May 29th when I had just separated them from their litter/mother. They were so cute and have only gotten cuter.

Link: My two new kittens video on YouTube … avail. in HD

Rain, Rain and Spring

Today begins rather gloomy, but a warmer than colder gloomy and we can still use it. Rain. We have needed the rain for awhile, and this past week has really overdone itself in that regard. We first moved to GA in Nov. of 1996, and a year later moved into the house we now live in. We’ve been through 2 other drought times, with the first the worst, dragged out, and the next one everyone was so reactive about it, it’s been tough but overall it came down to looking at the lakes, ponds and rivers it’s evident as to conditions.

We get milk in SC from a dairy in Starr. On our way there we pass the major waterways that border GA/SC and I’m very interested to know what that will mean for our next trip (Fri. 4/01 or Sat. 4/02) — what we’ll see, or not see. I’d love to see that the brown bottom parts of the rivers are not showing anymore, docks are actually in water, and such.

All this new rain will mean that our yards are going to be overgrown with weeds very soon. It’s Springtime and greening up tremedously already before all this rain, and even moreso the last week.

Spring Sidenotes:

    Twitterpated Wildlife

  • Right now as I type I can hear Mr. Eastern Bluebird twittering in the tree outside my window. Blinds are shut so I can’t see him, but his soft & musky trilling sound is very evidently him.
  • Earlier I saw the mother cat to the ferals that are living in our backyard. Those kittens are about 6 months old now. They first were noticed with another in the litter and the mother last fall, when they were mobile but very small, living in our crawl space (vent cover had come off giving them access.) The mother stayed with them through winter, and then one kitten wasn’t around most of the time, mother either, but two kittens stayed. The mother has been coming back again more and more the last couple of weeks, and it’s very apparent, she’s expecting again. She’s a very frightened feral, but at the least will stay around humans. In any case I saw her this morning running to the crawl space access and trying to dive through fast to hide, but she sort of got stuck and had to wiggle that middle part of her through before her backend and tail disappeared.

Twittering miserably

Well I am finally Twittering. I’ve ignored it, and was in the living room yesterday when Mike and Mike on ESPN2 was on the television and Golic and Erik Kuselias were talking about things, and got to something that was sent to them about Twitter, and this was one of those “listen up” moments, of course, when they show how dumb they are, or something. They looked really old fogey, not having a clue about Twitter.

I had a clue about Twitter, just figured “why bother” as I have little to do with anyone but me and my family, and my husband is the only one with a phone, everyone else being too young … and so didn’t bother with it.

So the M&M show got me thinking, I know I don’t blog as much as I used to, can’t think of anything to write half-the time or more. My hubby ignores the emails I send him, he ignores my blog posts, he sees some of the txt messages I send to his phone. So maybe Twitter could help me … not just fill-in the gaps between blogging and emails and txt msgs… but create ideas for blogging again, and get my hubby to notice, and maybe get him more communicative with me, and find some other friends out there after all too, maybe.

So I started up with Twitter and had a blank-of-a-time and couldn’t figure out what was going on trying to get my phone verified. So after playing with Twitter, I changed all the stuff on that account to nuthingness and worked at it backwards, using my device, phone, as the starting point, creating an account on the web from my phone number there since I couldn’t tell what it was doing (trying millions, it seems, of times to verify my phone) with my first web profile … The “devices” area of my online account seemed flaky, and just wouldn’t stay, would go away as if I hadn’t even tried to verify my phone # … that’s how it got so messed up on my phone …

So then I go and get an account for my husband, and I click the devices area and get that started, but then left it, not going to his phone at that time.

I finally got my phone making more sense, except it didn’t update my Twitter, then suddenly did, many minutes later, then I got another one of those “reply with your name” Twitter messages and I didn’t bother sending anything (such silly things happened earlier, I just plain wanted it to work with my account on twitter.com/home [as logged in])

To go further, every time I had sent a “stats” command at twitter with my phone I would get “followers: 0 following: 0” and thus I knew it wasn’t truly connecting to my account.

I know it’s working now, the stats msg is “followers: 1 following: 1” … I can only hope my account stays connected to my device, but I don’t have a lot of faith, though I have full faith in my hubbies staying true. Whatever that is.

Awhile after I had gotten Frank’s web account set up and us following each other there, I got his device set up and voila, it worked flawlessly, exactly how MINE didn’t from the start. Figures.

Unfortunately now I have to teach Frankiepoo the simple differences of using Twitter on the device, and when not to use Twitter, but use straight regular txting. Maybe when he understand he’ll say, “ewww, I don’t want to Twitter at all!”

I hope not. I have to fight to get myself out there and sometimes he seems to be more introverted than me. FWIW.

U2’s New Album

I got the new U2 album, No Line on the Horizon, at Target the other day, the 4th of March, 2009. I wanted to get it the day it came out, but didn’t, and because of the time we got home on the 4th and the way I felt the next day and the fact that we then went out again and didn’t get home until later, I hadn’t ripped the CD into my computer until this morning.

My hubby told me U2 would be on David Letterman all week as the band. I actually just haven’t been up at night that late, but did wake up to the end of David Letterman on our bedroom TV the other night, and it was almost over, and there was U2 all ready to start playing a song … and it peeked my interest and so I stayed awake and found the remote and hit “record” (DirecTivo) as the song started playing. It was incredible and I have finally started listening to the album and it was that song from DL the other night that is the second song on the album, “Magnificent” and it is so very good. I love that song. It’s the only one I have heard them do from the album, the only thing of them I saw on David Letterman.

I would have listened to this CD in the vehicle right away, but our vehicle’s CD player is broken (we bought our 2005 Suburban used and it had a CD stuck in the drive, and we just haven’t been able to figure out what we want to do about it, replace it with the exact same factory install, what the Chevy dealers say is our only option with them; or get something else installed from the aftermarket.) FWIW.

Most of my U2 collection is on vinyl. This album is the 3rd on CD that I have. I haven’t gotten everything of theirs from this more modern era … but I probably will go back and find it at CD Warehouse, and get the stuff I love from the 80’s on CD too.