My Kittens

My newest kitties are 12 weeks old today. I’m keeping the boy and girl (Prince and Princess Aurora) of the feral kitten group born April 20th under our house … the largest two of the kittens. I separated them right before they turned 6 weeks old because the mother cat was starting to bring dead birds to them (they had all moved into the basement a few weeks before with our slow aide in suggestion since they were born) & she was absent from them for many hours a day. These two seemed the most advanced, and still are. They are very sweet, purr a lot, play with each other wonderfully, and our other cats have accepted them for the most part. At first they stayed exclusively in my bathroom, and then I let them out some, and then more. They still do spend the night in the bathroom, and parts of days, always in there if we aren’t home.

The other kittens stay in my daughters bedroom, and the one cat we have that isn’t spayed yet (we found her outside when she was a kitten, we keep her inside) has adopted them, she nurses them (though she hasn’t had any kittens ever, or tomcat service) and does the basic mothering that a cat generally offers her kits. She’s very attached to them, and they to her. They rarely purr, but do play with each other, and are nice. My kittens are purr machines and seem very well ajusted.

Those other 3 kittens need homes still, and we have no one that we’ve found that wants one yet, and shelters are filled up already thus far … We just can’t keep them, but do NOT want to bring them to a kill shelter, the only type that is open to receiving right now.

My two sweeties are laying on the couch together right next to me, stretched out sleeping. I posted a picture today that’s in my PHOTOS category, that I took on May 29th when I had just separated them from their litter/mother. They were so cute and have only gotten cuter.

Link: My two new kittens video on YouTube … avail. in HD

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