Dyson DC14 Wand Cap Replacement

I am amazed that I never blogged about my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I love the thing, DC14 Animal … oh, had it for years now. At any rate, the wand cap broke off long ago and I always fancied I’d get a replacement for it, sooner than later. Well it was later. I was on Amazon last week and saw a Dyson on sale … which prompted me to look for Dyson parts … oh boy I can replace almost anything on this fine piece of machinery.

Kittens growing up

The kittens we have are 5 1/2 weeks old just about. They are ready to be separated from their mother. Three of them will be going to someone for adoption eventually. Maybe they will take them this weekend, or the weekend after this one. (An organization that told us they would take them.) The other…