Dyson DC14 Wand Cap Replacement

I am amazed that I never blogged about my Dyson vacuum cleaner. I love the thing, DC14 Animal … oh, had it for years now. At any rate, the wand cap broke off long ago and I always fancied I’d get a replacement for it, sooner than later. Well it was later. I was on Amazon last week and saw a Dyson on sale … which prompted me to look for Dyson parts … oh boy I can replace almost anything on this fine piece of machinery.

DC14 Wand Cover set.


There were two in the package. The darker one is for my machine, and the other is not. It’s shiny, dark and new, covering up the nasty scratched up purple end of my extension wand. It’s darker than anything on my machine, quizzical as to why it’s made in that color, the old one was lighter.

This vacuum is listed as a 2004 entry for Dyson, and End of Line in 2012. We definitely have had this since mid-2000’s. The best way to find when something happened is in blog posts. If not there, ALL MY PHOTOS. At least most of them are digital from then forward.

My dear cat, Bubba, who died this past June (2018) sitting by my Dyson DC14 Animal on August 2, 2008.

So I did just look at pictures for awhile and found a few pictures in 2008 with my nice purple Dyson in them. So it’s been 10 years, I have no plans to ever replace it as long as it runs. I’m happy knowing if the canister cracks in any way I can get a replacement. 🙂

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