Success Fixing Freezer, but can’t fix one’s disorganization

I’ve been working hard to re-organize some things, and it’s taking so much time, effort, and so much out of me, I can’t do as much as I want to … and of course LEGO Marvel Avengers released during that time. I played it on my PS4, my main PSN ID, Plat. but couldn’t stop myself from starting it up on my 1st Alternate PSN ID. This is what a good game does. ūüôā

I’ve still been working at the IRL stuff, but it’s difficult to make something out of nothing, unless you are a deity, which I am definitively not!

I do rest on my laurels having fixed the Upright Freezer we keep in the garage. New control panel, new Defrost Temperature, new Thermistor. The Thermistor took cutting wires and putting the new one together with the stripped old wires into nuts with silicone to seal. It took a lot of effort trying to do that inside the freezer successfully. Lastly I put on a new gasket on the door. It wasn’t completely working out, but after a couple of days, it finally seemed to be suction shutting just fine. It was “dead” feeling at first, and I HAD to lock the door to keep it shut. There were a few squiggly areas I just couldn’t do anything with, so once it was installed I let it sit a day, then took the hairdryer on low heat to those areas and tried to ply them to lay correctly. Next day I turned the heat up and was careful, and it did a better job of things. Next two days, it seems to really straighten out and start sealing on it’s own. Hurray! Success!

We’d had iced up interiors and a control panel that told us the door was open, when it wasn’t, and couldn’t keep from malfunctioning in different alarming ways. So I finally put effort into it and got the parts that seemed to be needed, then also the thermistor at a later time. I had to defrost it, so much water came out of the unit. All the food had to go into the inside house fridge/freezer or into coolers. It was a messy watery time, but finally it was dry (off, of course) and repair got under way.

If success in other areas was so easy … I long have wished to make closets and drawers and containers out of thin air (how easily I can draw ideas on paper, do it exactly that on a computer (click new, folder) but in real life stuff just has no where to go, not enough built in storage, furniture, shelves, containers, for stuff.


It’s always been a fight. It’s part of life. For some of us paring down is equal to wishing one could but some things just aren’t worth getting rid of. ¬†Sometimes someone else will do something with your stuff and wow does that make me angry. So because I have too much and not enough at the same time, no matter what I do, it’s a daily problem. But I’ve lived like that for all my life, so what? That’s right.

PlayStation Music Spotify Basic Info

Spotify Issues

Spotify on PS4 and PS3 is good, but … things are not as they should be.

#1: Scrobbling. Scrobbling integration was left out of the PlayStation Music Spotify app. Not cool.

#2: Playlists are not working well in the app alone. Connect via another device make it all a better experience, but not everyone is into using Spotify on another device to control their PlayStation Music.

Without using another device to control the music with Connect, one cannot change the music while playing a Game. One starts music before launching a game, then in the game they can bring up a little control for the Spotify playing, pressing the PS button, but it doesn’t allow changing of albums, or playlists, you are stuck with what you have, skip and pause.

Using another device to control the music is the answer, but so many don’t want that answer, they want only on PS4 controlling it answers.

“Connected” to that problem is making playlists directly on PS4, etc.

Spotify Connect

I’m just glad Connect works right out of the box. They can add beefier features to the app along the way. What if there was no way to control music on another device. The Dark Ages … before I used Spotify. I’m glad Connect was working well by the time I started using Spotify in January 2015.

How to: Use a computer, tablet or phone, start Spotify on that device and go to where it lets you pick where to play the music (depends on what application you are using, current Desktop version has it on the bottom right of the volume control, mouse click the icon there. On Android it’s in settings, that’s all I know natively. I’m an Android/PC user.)


Shuffle works fine when using Connect to play on PlayStation 3 or 4, but if using the app it’s not very good at all. One must choose to scroll manually to the end of their playlist in order for the Shuffle to actually shuffle the entire PlayList. If you don’t, you’ll get an earful of whatever the first 30 or so songs are on that playlist, and for me, it’s too much of the same artists over and over.

I have an Alt Wave 80’s Playlist that has 224 songs, many artists. No fun to listen to unless it’s extremely shuffled. My only choices are 1. Use connect to play the playlist or 2. choose the playlist on PS4 and scroll all the way to the end on the right before starting to play, choosing Shuffle once the first song plays, or just let it go if Shuffle is already on previously.

Yes this needs to be native to the app, that one can shuffle a large playlist without either 1. or 2.

Spotify Free or Spotify Premium

You can have a Free or Premium account in Spotify. You can use PlayStation to upgrade to Premium or use Spotify on the web to upgrade, or any other partner you may have found. Existing Premium or Free, just sign in and link your account to your PSN ID.

I have Premium Spotify via my phone carrier. It was easy to login and link accounts. Once I did that on PS4, I downloaded Spotify on PS3 and didn’t have to login to Spotify even. It was automatic because I am linked.

Download on PS4 and PS3

Download Spotify today on PS4 and/or PS3 and start listening to Music for free, with ads; or with Premium, no adds.

PlayStation Music Spotify will improve, have no doubt about that. Just how fast, and which features will be added, only time will tell.



PSN Activations – starting from Scratch

My hubby called PSN support today. They answered very quickly, but … I felt they didn’t get to the point of understanding what we wanted exactly, but eventually were going to do the ONE TIME ONLY EVER IN THE LIFE OF THE ACCOUNT wiping of all activations.

This is silly as the only reason I HAD to have them do it is that THEIR system messed up giving me devices I had labeled that were real PSP’s to be only virtual PSP’s activated with Video/Comics & Music and the real world PSP’s when I activated each one, my personal one connected to my virtual one as it should, but the other two showed up as NEW PSP’s and that’s purely nothing that I did. I couldn’t deactivate the PSP Video/Comic activations because I had no deviced tied to those virtual activations, they went into limbo (even though no different from before in my house, with mine acting right, and the other two totally not connecting to those profiles online in Sony’s database, FOR WHATEVER REASON!) All I wanted was for SONY¬†to fix my activation problems.

The biggest thing about it is, if they stick to their guns and say later, “We can’t do that because on November 26, 2011 we did that for you and it’s a once in a lifetime thing for any one PSN ID … this post is about it, and I will demand justification for it again, since they messed up my systems with their deactivation scheme in the first place.

So anyhow, I got the account wiped. Within a couple hours everything was off my account and I started from scratch, added each device in and labeled it appropriately. I only activated GAMES on everything. Nothing else. Sony automatically puts MUSIC on each device (I don’t use it though, signed into it once this year just to see what it was, but didn’t do anything with it and that’s that.)

I’m not putting VIDEO on any machine/device unless I need it in the future. On each PS3 we can’t do it (only 1 is allowed per account.) I don’t know if that is ONLY the PSN Store Video (I guess it is) and that the other kinds of video I can do on either/or whenever without “VIDEO” activation. (Netflix, Cinema Now, Hulu, Vudu, but Video Unlimited I don’t know.)

In the past I’ve gotten video on my computer from Amazon Unboxed. I’m not a big fan of digital renting of movie or shows as you don’t have much time with them if something keeps you from it, I prefer discs to that, plus a disc can be watched anywhere, anytime as many times as desired and sold or given away later if desired. Digital content, if you buy it, it is yours forever and limited to the program it is part of, either in their cloud service or on your harddrive. No thank you except for Digital Copy from some movie discs, that’s a back up version to watch without the disc at times, nice sometime, hardly used but a nice feature, and it’s not my only option. I like options.

That’s why Sony has me not so happy with this license change. It’s less options.

Now then, on the phone the person my hubby talked to told him about how Me as Master account with Sub Accounts works. I know how it works and how I WANT it to work, but she/he was supposedly telling him that on the PSP it DOES work the way I want, but she’s not right. I know, nothing has changed, there are no controls in Master Accounts to let them use my content. They have to be logged on as me on the portable devices. Why they don’t change that, I don’t know.

For some games they can put their sign-in PSN ID in, but for some games they HAVE to have MY PSN ID input. It’s not an easy thing, it’s a jump through hoops to do it kind of thing. I wrote about it early this year (in August) when we bought Syphon Filter Combat Ops on PSN… and then referred to it again when we got the UMD of Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow

(un)Holy Cow! PSN takes the cake

Sony is depressing me terribly today. I’m glad I didn’t go to their playstation blog yesterday, when I really couldn’t have dealt with it at all. I’d have thrown all my PS* stuff out by now if so. And seriously be considering the best way to … I don’t know, live without PlayStation, get rid of my whole love of PlayStation stuff and go to Nintendo, or … no, I couldn’t go there, or there solely like I could have with PS.

The stinking part of it is, I was GOING to get the PlayStation 3D Display and a 3rd PS3 to go with it, plus a pair or two of extra 3D glasses, extra controllers, and have a great office/craft room/playroom by early 2012.

Must re-think it all now.

My eldest son is 15, he and I are PSP fans. 3 other children are younger and getting interested in PSP’s.

UMD’s aren’t really being produced much now. PSP’s will eventually have no new disc content, only PSN ability and old UMD’s.

PSN content after Nov. 18th of this year (2011) can only be on up to 2 activated PS3’s and 2 activated PSP’s/PSVita’s

How it is right now, we have 2 PS3’s and we have 3 PSP’s and (plus 1 that is still activated, but we don’t have it, it was exchanged at Best Buy with their Black Tie service, but oops, forgot to “de-activate” it right. I tried, but it’s not done according to the one place I can see that stuff, the music unlimited site. [login with PSN ID])

How about the big plan we had: For Christmas me and my son were gonna get PS Vita’s. Ha. That isn’t happening, no matter how much we want it, it’s not coming to America until practically Spring 2012. (Where we live it usually is nearly Spring by then, and it’s close a lot of places)

Now if we go with when the PS Vita will be available, will we even want one? Before today, yes, but I was wondering how they’d change activation, and it looks like it’s so frickin restrictive that I’m gonna totally puke. In our house we have more because it’s 2 adults and 4 children, we all play video games.

I guess I can only play what I can get on my Google Android tablet now (or soon). I’ll be stuck with my old digital content on my PSP and whatever UMD discs I have and hope to God I don’t get sick of them or that the machine breaks.

OR I get a Vita and so does my son. No one else can have one and no one else can have our old PSP’s except as closed off things.

I’m not so sure I’m very thrilled with the idea of playing Dust 514 anymore, or Resistance: Burning Skies, or Starhawk.

We enjoy playing together when we can. We had 1 copy of Warhawk bought recently (disc) we went and found another right away, it was a lot of fun. We were looking forward to a third PS3 and maybe a 4th eventually, playing together online. We’ll be able to do it with Warhawk, it’s an old game, lots of them available in stores for $20 and down to $8 depending where you go. That one it’s OK about it to buy it for each machine, we get enough value out of it.

Not so with how Warhawk from PSN is, only 1 account can use it. Only 1 PS3 in any 24 hr. time slot can use it. Yikes!

It costs a lot on PSN too, so no biggie, we bought it for $8 each at Gamestop.

Resistance 3 is out now. I’d like it, was gonna get it with the pre-ordered 3D Display we payed $5 for holding one for us … were gonna get it in a few weeks when the Display was in stock. We hubby had different plans than I did, and Sony is releasing it sooner than originally they said, so hubby is on a different page about it than I am, and we will not be getting it until December at the earliest, so I am NOW saying, we ain’t getting one at all. Nope.

It makes me so mad. All of it together, or just Sony PlayStation Nov. 18th crapola all by itself.

How about this quote from the future: “Sorry, children, only me and your one of you are aloud to play this game. It’s not you though. When you get a job, you can buy it for yourself.”

We aren’t paying $59 for most games. Some we do and we only get 1 copy of them. Some things we’ve bought digital but it won’t be so friendly as it is now, any PS3 it’s OK for now, but soon enough it would have been alright with the 3rd I wanted. This is just so restrictive, it’ll end up hurting them more than us, I dare say.

We’ll seek other things and other ways and Sony will have been the cause of their own demise. At least they have shot themselves in their collective foot.