PSN Activations – starting from Scratch

My hubby called PSN support today. They answered very quickly, but … I felt they didn’t get to the point of understanding what we wanted exactly, but eventually were going to do the ONE TIME ONLY EVER IN THE LIFE OF THE ACCOUNT wiping of all activations.

This is silly as the only reason I HAD to have them do it is that THEIR system messed up giving me devices I had labeled that were real PSP’s to be only virtual PSP’s activated with Video/Comics & Music and the real world PSP’s when I activated each one, my personal one connected to my virtual one as it should, but the other two showed up as NEW PSP’s and that’s purely nothing that I did. I couldn’t deactivate the PSP Video/Comic activations because I had no deviced tied to those virtual activations, they went into limbo (even though no different from before in my house, with mine acting right, and the other two totally not connecting to those profiles online in Sony’s database, FOR WHATEVER REASON!) All I wanted was for SONY to fix my activation problems.

The biggest thing about it is, if they stick to their guns and say later, “We can’t do that because on November 26, 2011 we did that for you and it’s a once in a lifetime thing for any one PSN ID … this post is about it, and I will demand justification for it again, since they messed up my systems with their deactivation scheme in the first place.

So anyhow, I got the account wiped. Within a couple hours everything was off my account and I started from scratch, added each device in and labeled it appropriately. I only activated GAMES on everything. Nothing else. Sony automatically puts MUSIC on each device (I don’t use it though, signed into it once this year just to see what it was, but didn’t do anything with it and that’s that.)

I’m not putting VIDEO on any machine/device unless I need it in the future. On each PS3 we can’t do it (only 1 is allowed per account.) I don’t know if that is ONLY the PSN Store Video (I guess it is) and that the other kinds of video I can do on either/or whenever without “VIDEO” activation. (Netflix, Cinema Now, Hulu, Vudu, but Video Unlimited I don’t know.)

In the past I’ve gotten video on my computer from Amazon Unboxed. I’m not a big fan of digital renting of movie or shows as you don’t have much time with them if something keeps you from it, I prefer discs to that, plus a disc can be watched anywhere, anytime as many times as desired and sold or given away later if desired. Digital content, if you buy it, it is yours forever and limited to the program it is part of, either in their cloud service or on your harddrive. No thank you except for Digital Copy from some movie discs, that’s a back up version to watch without the disc at times, nice sometime, hardly used but a nice feature, and it’s not my only option. I like options.

That’s why Sony has me not so happy with this license change. It’s less options.

Now then, on the phone the person my hubby talked to told him about how Me as Master account with Sub Accounts works. I know how it works and how I WANT it to work, but she/he was supposedly telling him that on the PSP it DOES work the way I want, but she’s not right. I know, nothing has changed, there are no controls in Master Accounts to let them use my content. They have to be logged on as me on the portable devices. Why they don’t change that, I don’t know.

For some games they can put their sign-in PSN ID in, but for some games they HAVE to have MY PSN ID input. It’s not an easy thing, it’s a jump through hoops to do it kind of thing. I wrote about it early this year (in August) when we bought Syphon Filter Combat Ops on PSN… and then referred to it again when we got the UMD of Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow

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