I’ve been sick for a few days, and haven’t felt well enough to do much online. It all started days before I showed symptoms with my third child throwing up during the night, and then having cold symptoms the following few days, then my eldest child was coming down with it. This past Tuesday, the day after buying the Suburban, we all got into our “new” vehicle to go to a store or two, and more than half-way there, our second oldest, girl, said she didn’t feel good, then a few minutes later decided, well, couldn’t help it, to throw up. It was terrible, and worse than that. It was a good long way to home from that point, and not pleasant on the nose. We got it cleaned up initially as much as possible in a parking lot before continuing on home, but that didn’t eradicate the smell and all were miserable.

My plan had been to get some things to stay in the vehicle, things that would be good for cleaning up messes to keep things nice all along, and that would include “throw up bags” to contain that mess from the get-go whenever it occurred. I wasn’t prepared for that the first major time we drove somewhere in it. I had nothing and didn’t have a clue she wouldn’t be feeling well.

She’s a historic throw-upper, being quite able to do it in the vehicle when it’s the least convenient time for it. I hate throw-up, I can’t abide it at all.

So since then she showed signs very quickly of having a cold coming on. And I started to feel strange for a couple of days, then my throat got that itchy feeling and within two days was feeling horribly raw and sore. I had a terrible throat for three nights, then last night it was bad, but not AS bad as it had been. Today it’s not AS bad as it had been, nor as bad as yesterday. It still hurts, but it’s tolerable. If that makes sense. It’s all levels and what is bad one time, another time is improvement and not so bad after all.

I’m wondering if this is just a virus thing, or a combination of fall allergies and virus/cold. My eyes are burning now,and I just feel icky. Icky in a different way, more allergic than cold. I don’t know. I don’t care really. I just want it all to go away.

Anyhow, the Suburban smells OK again. Hubby took it to some car place and did something to the carpet. I’m tired, feel so dragged out like a nearly drowned cat that somehow claws it’s way to a bank of earth and survives, barely (you know, someone that doesn’t like cats drowns them, horrid. My mother told me a story about my grandfather long ago, how he went to the river with a sack of kittens to drown, and after the sack was in the water one or more got loose and came up sneezing and still drowned, but that made him promise never to do that again, he was a sensitive soul and was doing it under orders, apparently. So my illustration is built on that, to be a grown cat that someone tried to do away with, but that got free and is totally tuckered out trying to save itself. That’s me right now, totally tuckered out and just wishing it didn’t take so much to do easy things, but it takes so much energy, and you never think about it unless you are sick, how much energy little things really take.)

Baby Q (now 15-months old!) has been sick, but he’s got it easy. I’ve lost my voice. This is day 2 of full larengitis for me. Ugh. I’m still drippy nose, clogged up, Rivers of stuff down my throat now and then, and hacking or sneezing at odd times. Baby isn’t clogged up but has some drippies, that’s it. He’s still nursing, so that no doubt helps.

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