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  • My family

    I don’t know what to do about my family. My kids. I don’t have them anymore, but it’s not because of me or them, it’s all stupid and twisting my guts to death. My home is my home and it’s getting empty every other week and it’s never full except for when some of them […]

  • Amazon Vine ups and downs

    So now I’m in the $0 tax estimate items only. Supplements, Vitamins, etc. This last week less and less are available. Today all that stuff is down to like 14 pitiful selections. I have found some cool stuff, just nothing else findable yesterday nor today. Cool, a pair of blue light blocking glasses that I […]

  • Goodbye DST.

    Welcome Standard Time! I am opting out of anything Daylight Saving now that the gauntlet has been thrown. This is my last clock change of DST shite. Goodbye DST.

  • Slow/Fast Time

    The issue isn’t me, it’s them. The government says when my clock should be forward or back and now it’s them saying it’ll be forced into Fast time. Yeah forevermore forward stuck in the wrong place instead of the forward/backward dynamic or just simply time that works. … imagine where I live it’s now sunrise […]

  • Not Out For Delivery

    Not Out For Delivery

    Just when I decide I can depend on something arriving, Amazon says, “Package delayed in transit” and my heart sinks. In this case it’s my probiotics and magnesium that are making me sad. I may get the package anywhere between Oct 28 and Oct 31. It was supposed to come today, just like all Amazon […]