Things I need for CKC class: Update

This list is things I need thus far:

  • Dark Brown Ink
  • Light Brown Ink
  • A more portable 12×12″ paper trimmer
  • A new white writing pen

  • Inkssentials Blending Tool
  • Roll of Foam Tape (Scotch)
  • New Glue Dots
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Either Zip Dry Paper Glue or 3-in-1 Glue
  • Glossy Accents

  • Crop-a-Dial

I got some of the above on I looked for “brown” and “black” ink but I couldn’t find the right things. I have also looked in a Michaels (one I don’t usually go to, still need to go to the 2 I usually go to) and couldn’t find any. I mean regular ink, dye ink. Not expensive, just regular, easy to clean up and fast dry. You’d thing it would be easy enough. No. It’s too complicated to figure out which ink this or that in a store. Most end up being waterproof (not really regular dye then) or Pigment ink. Anyhow, I’ll just forget all that and get anything solvent and make sure to have plenty of wetwipes and stamp cleaner with me. But it’ll come down to this: still needing different shades of brown, light and dark, will be troublesome. I don’t have “BLACK” in the list above. Don’t know why, as I need that too. All my stamp stuff is either old or pigment.

The portable trimmer I have decided on is a Cricut product, $9.99 at Michaels. It’ll go nice with my Cricut/Gypsy stuff. I can get the glue dots at Michaels too. The roll of foam tape there also, or Target, I think.

I also want to get refills for my Xyron 3/8″ tape runner.

My Crop-A-Dial arrived yesterday via UPS. I love it. I wanted to use it right away to set some eyelets, and my eyelets are all missing. I don’t know where they are. I have gone nuts a few times looking for them, feverishly even. Anyhow it punched holes really well. Love that.

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