Finally got Design Studio activated

My husband called Provo Craft at their activation number in Design Studio listed on the “activate by phone” page. For some reason, she helped him get it activated when previous calls didn’t, nor did any help she or others offered to get it to “activate by internet” work … always outcome of “Error Code 3:” which means it’s already activated by another computer in their server. No matter that they “said” they cleared it and it’ll work, it never did. Others said nothing they could do unless we called. When called a couple of time it was run-around like, and they couldn’t do anything.

It wasn’t that we tried every day. I tried via email and via website support form fill-out with follow-up emails several months. Multiple times I initiated a new round of “please help me” and after awhile I did have 3 different people respond via email that they had cleared it and I should be able to “activate via internet” though never could I.

So getting it done yesterday was only because I got on the bandwagon again to get it done. I suppose it could have been done via the phone eons ago, but it just is something that went against us, it just didn’t work out the times we tried. So it’s done now. I guess my laptop will die or need to be OS reinstalled or something, rendering me with the problem again. FWIW

I have yet to hook my laptop up to my Cricut Expression, but just knowing it SHOULD work is enough for now. I opened a few files in Design Studio, and also tagged most of my cartridges that I own as “My Cartridges”, that’s it.

I have bad Fall Allergies the last few years, and this year is the worst of them all. I expect next year to be worse. And the year after that. So anyhow, I just don’t feel like doing much. Taking Benadryl & Sudafed (classic, not PE) & Advil round the clock.

Things I need for CKC class: Update

This list is things I need thus far:

  • Dark Brown Ink
  • Light Brown Ink
  • A more portable 12×12″ paper trimmer
  • A new white writing pen

  • Inkssentials Blending Tool
  • Roll of Foam Tape (Scotch)
  • New Glue Dots
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Either Zip Dry Paper Glue or 3-in-1 Glue
  • Glossy Accents

  • Crop-a-Dial

I got some of the above on I looked for “brown” and “black” ink but I couldn’t find the right things. I have also looked in a Michaels (one I don’t usually go to, still need to go to the 2 I usually go to) and couldn’t find any. I mean regular ink, dye ink. Not expensive, just regular, easy to clean up and fast dry. You’d thing it would be easy enough. No. It’s too complicated to figure out which ink this or that in a store. Most end up being waterproof (not really regular dye then) or Pigment ink. Anyhow, I’ll just forget all that and get anything solvent and make sure to have plenty of wetwipes and stamp cleaner with me. But it’ll come down to this: still needing different shades of brown, light and dark, will be troublesome. I don’t have “BLACK” in the list above. Don’t know why, as I need that too. All my stamp stuff is either old or pigment.

The portable trimmer I have decided on is a Cricut product, $9.99 at Michaels. It’ll go nice with my Cricut/Gypsy stuff. I can get the glue dots at Michaels too. The roll of foam tape there also, or Target, I think.

I also want to get refills for my Xyron 3/8″ tape runner.

My Crop-A-Dial arrived yesterday via UPS. I love it. I wanted to use it right away to set some eyelets, and my eyelets are all missing. I don’t know where they are. I have gone nuts a few times looking for them, feverishly even. Anyhow it punched holes really well. Love that.

Trouble Activating Cricut Design Studio

I’ve had back and forth with ProvoCraft support via email about getting my Design Studio software Activated again. It’s not been on any of my computers for a long time, and they have said I HAVE to call them over and again, but finally I had one different support person say they would and could help me … so I sent them my Serial Number and the original email they had sent me when my Rebate to get the software “free” was approved all as proof of my ownership to use the software. I received a response that I should now be able to activate.

I constantly was unable to “Activate” Design Studio on my new Toshiba Satellite laptop after that still getting only a “internet not found” error … no matter what compatibility mode I ran the software in, firewalls off or on in any configuration on computer or router, run as Administrator or not … always the same. Turn Norton Internet Security things ALL off until restart, or for 15 minutes or this or that. No combination of anything made anything change in that error activating.

Not until the day that my Norton Internet Security “trial” as pre-installed on my new computer “ran out” …

No anti-virus working, NIS turns it totally off when subscription is out. Unlike previous Norton products which continued to work, just didn’t download virus definitions anymore without new subscription. But anyhow, the thing is, Windows 7 Pro 64 reporting that I have no protection, run Design Studio … “activate using the internet …” ooooh, “error code 3: The serial number is registered on a different computer” …

I several times have turned all the services for NIS off in the past, downloaded CDS fresh, installed with everything nasty to it turned off. Then ran it as such, and it “couldn’t find the internet” while this time finally with no Norton allowing anything to happen something DID finally happen, it would have activated if it could, it talked to ProvoCraft and they told it “Sorry, there’s another computer that registered that serial number a long, long time ago, and we can’t let you register it since that’s what is in our database” which translates into an “error code 3” message on my screen.

So I sent Provocraft a new email asking for support that even though I was told I could activate I actually can’t now that I don’t have Norton in the way, I get a good result, connection to the activation process, but my serial number is rejected as already used, not actually “reset” as they told me it would be.

So I get a response from support, they tell me, “looks like it should activate fine” … end of story unless I call them.

Sorry y’all, I don’t make these kind of phone calls. I call my husband, that’s it.

So I sent them a screenshot of my desktop with that stupid error code 3 message and my Cricut Design Studio software behind it with the “activation” screen showing my serial number. So I have a billionth support thing going again, and we’ll see what they’ll do this time. I asked for a new serial number. See if they will give me one.

Otherwise, it’s just not gonna fly on my computer at all, or my husband will call them and jump through there stupid hoops.

Don Juan Cricut Cartridge

I gathered enough Cricut Reward Points to finally get a full cartridge last week. I ordered “Don Juan” and had to pay nearly $14.00 for shipping & handling. That’s a lot, but since it was “free” oh well.

At any rate I checked the cricutrewards website on Monday and Tuesday, nothing showed about it having been shipped. Wednesday nothing showed either. Thursday I got an email from them saying it had shipped. I checked the UPS site with the tracking number and it was to be delivered on Friday, the very next day. It’d been in their system for a long time already, but for some reason cricutrewards just didn’t send the info in a timely manner. FWIW

I need to STILL get things in better order in the area of the house that I’m to have for scrapbooking. It’s a dark hole in our walkout basement. I need to get a light installed in the ceiling, have to actually choose one first, and buy it. I looked at Home Depot over the past weekend and wasn’t satisfied with what I saw. I’ll have to go back and make some sort of decision because there will be NOTHING done down there without some overhead light. It’s just too dark/dank/yucky.

Cricut Design Studio activation trouble

In the last couple of years I had gotten a Cricut Expression, then a bit later there was a deal at Michael’s to buy a few cartridges and get a Free copy Design Studio via mail-in rebate.

I did everything and got an email response with my accepted rebate and all the information in that email to download and Activate the software officially.

I did that … downloaded, and had trouble with it running on my then Win XP latptop. I tried another computer, same OS, same problem. So I looked online, and found a scrapbook online dealer who had an older copy of the software on their site for dowload. I downloaded it and used my serial number for activation and it worked! (I actually wrote about it all on this blog at the time.) But I didn’t ever really use it. That was a computer that was left behind long ago.

This past Autum (2009) I was able to buy a Gypsy. I had tried to, before that, initiate support to get my Activation released so that I could install and use it fully, but I found little help in that. At one point on provocrafts site I had a support ticket open, and then another time I went back and it was all re-done, they upgraded something or something and my stuff was gone. I re-submitted and at some point after doing more and more with email I did get a response in February that they’d help me in customer support if I sent my proof of purchase & serial number to them.

I did, but never got a reponse, which is good since I did get a NEW computer again just last week. So having software that is like this is difficult, it doesn’t allow for re-installation easily. Anyhow, if I’d gotten a fulfillment then I would have maybe installed and activated, or might not have, since I wanted to, at that time, Upgrade to Win 7 and wanted to clean install, thus would have to re-install everything, so I could have had the freedom to wait, then when the opportunity to buy a new laptop came around I would have been able to get Design Studio running right now.

But no. I’m writing about it here that I’ve sent a second email to them. This time I got an automatic response email assigning me to a Support Ticket. It’s a never ending cycle. Support Ticket open, lost. Support Ticket open, ignored, finally email gotten later that it was closed, then later got email from a support person saying they’d help if I’d send this and that to them … so nothing happened when I did, I let it go. So today I tried and saw that it was a month ago that the last stuff happened, and maybe they reset my code without telling me? No, the serial number I have still doesn’t work. So I re-submitted via email, putting the “proof” in as an attachment of an email. That’s the only PROOF I have. They had better accept it or at least  say something about it. I won’t be ignored.

The point of this is I hate making phone calls, and so I don’t have that as an option. It shouldn’t be so hard to get this resolved via email, for goodness sake. Just ’cause phone calls help some people get their activation available again doesn’t mean that’s the only way it can be done when it is stated in email to me that I can do it by email to support. So … I’m waiting.

The biggest beef I have about this is that it’s so hard to re-install something when you have such controls over unlocking the product like provocraft has. It’s nice to be official, but very limiting on how it works out.

Cricut Gypsy & Cartridges

I bought a Cricut Gypsy at the end of November 2009. There was a point bonus and a $100 store credit bonus for buying the Gypsy at that time. I didn’t get anything from either place then. I wasn’t sure what to get, there being so many cartridges that I would love to have …

Today I finally bit the bullet and made myself look and choose. So I chose a newer cartridge “Forever Young” which is very girly/fashion oriented. Nice for cards to sisters, daughters, pages about them in scrapbooks, room decorations, etc.

I also chose a Cricut tool, the spatula, which I’ve wanted since having the Cricut Expression, but have only looked in Michael’s for it and they have never had it when I’ve looked. I had to pay for shipping, but no tax, but it all came out of the $100 store credit. I have less than $10 left, but more than $9. Nicely, I can add money from a credit card and let it sit there until I use it. Just like my Playstation Wallet. Makes it easier to buy when I’m ready to buy. Sounds sort of dumb, but it’s easier to divide the moments. Put money in a spot to just automatically get easier than using a credit card. Use the credit card when you aren’t overprocessing information about what you are buying. Only having a decision on how much money to add, then freely choose stuff another time, within those limits. In any case, I like it.

There are several other cartridges I’d like to have, some new, some older. One of the older ones I can get from if I get 100 more points, which I may get from buying this newer cartridge on The one I’m speaking of is “Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More”

There are less interesting cartridges available on cricutrewards. Most of the stuff I’d like isn’t there. Also, there is some kind of sale at Michael’s this week, $39 on cricut cartridges. I couldn’t tell from their ad whether it was all, or just particular ones. Not that I’ll have the opportunity to buy any.

I’ve moved my Cricut Expression to the basement, setting up my crafting things down there finally, but then the cold came, such a mild winter until I moved some of my major things to the basement. It’s just too cold to work down there. I’m getting my crafting self back after a dull January/February so far. Actually I HAVE been doing some, working on my scrapping calendar which I got for Christmas, it’s a kit in a calendar. All calendar pages are blank grids. Color & Print papers and stickers for all the numbers and design elements are in the back of the calendar. There is plenty to work with to embellish the top half to death. Layer after layer of paper on paper and a photo on top. I have the basic structure of the top half done through April, only the whole thing done for January and now February, when the bug hits I take it down and do more work. At the end of the year I’ll take the calendar apart and put it all in an 8×8 album, in the same order as the calendar, so any notations are there in a 2010 scrapbook.

I need to get scrappier and also make cards galore this year. I need to get that all up and running so that maybe I’ll truly make a card to send for Christmas in 2010. I made 2 1/2 prototype cards in 2009. All for naught. But I did use my Gypsy, it was great!

Cricut Cartridges

I got a email last week, with the news that Cricut cartridges were to be $40 each, and if you buy 3, then you can get Design Studio (software to use the Cricut with your computer) for free (limited time offer.)

I was able to go and get 3 cartridges Wednesday the 30th of July.

(I have a Cricut Expression, which I got mid-July 2008, for my birthday.)

I got Jasmine, Opposites Attract, and Walk in My Garden.

I looked at all the carts. online before hand, and had several singled out as possibilities, and the above three were all in that list. I did want one that wasn’t in the store I was in. I am not sure which one above I would have not gotten if they would have had Printing Press available that day. I would have gotten Jasmine for sure, but the other two … one or the other would have had to go.

I haven’t played with them yet, it’s been too busy here for that.

I have been able to download Cricut Design Studio though, which is available for free download as a trial. It will not start for me though. I found on their site where in FAQ’s that it won’t always open correctly at first, but will on second or third try.

It hasn’t done that for me. Not ever for me. Not after three or four or five or six, and more tries. Not after re-starting my PC either, or trying again and again after a re-start, and then again, un-installing it, re-start, re-install, try opening again, nothing. I haven’t gone the way of asking them for help yet, but I will need to get something figured out if getting the nice deal (free software with at least an $89 value) for buying three more than half-priced cartridges will mean anything of value for me (actually getting to use DS!) Of course, the three cartridges are of value to me, of course, it’s just the kicker is the software, and I do want it to work.

I have Win XP SP2 on my desktop and it won’t work. I also have a laptop with Win XP Media Center 2005 and it won’t work either. I’m in the process of removing all my data from the laptop and am going to re-install the whole thing, since I had a problem with my DVD drive and swapped mine and my hubbies, and messed up some things in the process that only a full clean install will provide, and hadn’t been able to do that because I couldn’t find my disk for that purpose, and suddenly it showed up on the floor after a couple of months of searching for it. Go figure. I can’t. So anyhow the hope I have is that when I get my laptop into tip top shape I’ll see if it’ll work with Design Studio at some point before and after updates, blah, blah, blah. And basically figure it out. Hopefully. At least I’ll have a better working laptop, freespace instead of the clogged harddrive I had been working on since I’ve been moving all my music and photos and documents to my desktop this past weekend.