DVD Software, Printers and Scanners

My laptop (Toshiba Satellite A505-S6025) supposedly has Roxio Creator 2010 on it, pre-installed, well IS SUPPOSED to have … according to documentation on this model. I don’t have it. I have Roxio Burn, that’s it.

There is no “DVD Creation” sort of software on this laptop minus Microsoft’s Movie Maker software, which is not my idea of what to do with my lovely Sony HD video.

I do need to purchase something better, but want to use what usually has been on laptops I’ve had in the past, nice enough to use, easy, put-together a nice DVD with menus and such. I’ve also taken apart Math-U-See DVD’s to put back together in a more computer friendly format, it’s worked great with the HP laptops I’ve had, Cyberlink DVD software on my last HP, and also making a cool DVD for my boys with videos online, You Tube, and other places, things other people made for Bionicles, and also put some music files on it so they can play the whole thing on the TV when ever they want.

My Toshiba Satellite A505-S6025 runs Windows 7 x64 Professional. It has nothing worthwhile to create DVD’s with. Nothing at all. Frustrating. I can’t afford to buy software right now. I have OTHER needs that are higher: An Inkjet printer, a scanner. I have an old HP LaserJet to print with. An older Epson personal (4×6) photo printer that isn’t in good condition and may or may not work anymore (I don’t use it much, and the ink may be too low, dry, etc. and I hate buying cartridge packs for it since I’ve had bad luck with them in the past but never contact the company about it …) Anyhow, I want to print more pictures often, without having to hook something up to my computer, and worry about printing enough photos to get my worth out of it each time … I have documents to print in color, and larger photos too. Not JUST 4×6 photos, and not JUST black/Grey scale documents. That’s all the capacity I have right now, and no scanner anymore. Any I had are old, broke, thrown away, or in storage where I can’t find them. All old anyhow. The last I had was an Epson all-in-one and the printer got to the point of being too full of garbage ink and it wouldn’t work, so the whole thing quit working … dumb. Garbage for sure (I tried methods and eaked out more life from it here and there, but it ended up I’d have to install a tube and container outside of the device to drain out the garbage ink permanently (no way!) and I found that the device used up so much ink for nothing, I hated it to death. So we’ve been without color printing ability or scanning for quite a few years now.

There is an HP printer I have had my eye on, it’s another all-in-one but functionally so much more than the other one and I’m willing and able to print way more often and do more stuff with that new model than I’ve ever been able to do before … just awaiting the end of the month now and hoping HP keeps it on sale that long so I can get it for less. Best Buy used to sell it, it’s on their Reviews site, but no longer on their website for sale. Haven’t really checked the store yet.

There is also a full flat bed scanner I want. I want to scan large things and that’s what I’ll need. A dedicated full scanner. HP has the one I want. I can buy it or the all-in-one printer at the end of the month. I want the scanner worse, but I want the printer worse. Ha. Conundrum. Printer will win if it’s still the same price or less when time to buy. Otherwise, the scanner will be cheaper. Right now both are on sale with “instant rebates” but the funds are not here so the waiting game continues.

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