Digital Zones not doing as I wish

Our house has A/C now, not quite getting how it works (the upstairs is getting too warm every day, no matter what.) One thing was it was getting warmer and warmer and the A/C wasn’t coming on at all upstairs. So I ended up turning every thermostat to “off” and waited a minute, then only turned on the upstairs thermostat. Waited until it was ready and started cooling, let that run for a few minutes, looked at it, cooling, yes, blowing forcibly harder in all the rooms than it normally does.

Then I turned the main floor thermostat on. I left the downstairs thermostat off over night. The upstairs cooled down overnight. The next morning I turned the downstairs thermostat on.

That day it stayed cool upstairs, until early mid afternoon, the master bedroom started climing faster than I had hoped for, but then leveled out at 73 degrees. Cooled down at night, then the next day it got to 76 degrees.

It’s a puzzle that I can’t solve. Digital Zones. Ugh.

My kitchen gets a high heat load from cooking and the sun hitting the back of the house all day, but the sun effect is lessened via trees there.

My master suite gets blasted from the sun hitting the back of the house all day.

There’s the glitch.

There ain’t no fix.

Unless it’s understandable to our HVAC guys and there is a solution.

I’d be happy if the upstairs got to 69 or 70 for a high, but it’s not that it is, it’s going well above, and staying there until 3am when it mostly starts going the other direction .

I’ve tried keeping it set at a higher temp, that doesn’t work so well. I’ll try it again today. See what really happens.

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