Windows 10 – 2 Problems with 2-in-1 Tablets

I have been using my Acer Switch Alpha 12 a lot recently. Two main problems are annoying. I see this as, not an Acer only problem, it’s a WINDOWS problem entirely.

Something Went Wrong (PIN Login Error)

  1. The worst: Every so often, when I have to input my PIN to login, “Something went wrong…” and you have to input your password instead to login, or restart your PC/Tablet to get PIN login to work again.It has to do with sleep but isn’t absolute in how often it happens. Therefore it’s really annoying. It doesn’t happen all day, then does. So you restart. PIN login works, walk away later, it wants your PIN to unlock the screen again. Doesn’t work, PIN pulls the something is wrong error.

    OK Restart, login with PIN, works. Shut lid. Short bit later trying to unlock just brings on that frustration again.Something is stopping, whatever it is that processes the PIN, it’s not just me with this problem, it’s others with any variety of 2-in-1 Windows tablet pc.

    Touchpad or Keys Stop Working (Keyboard)

  2.  Second Worst: The detachable keyboard. You’re plugging away using the keyboard/touchscreen/touchpad — whatever you feel like doing. It works great.Then you try to use the touchpad of the keyboard, it moves fine, but click, does the touch to click work on links or any opening of anything? No.

    In fact you may start to notice this happening, at the top of your screen the flash of different mode states…it’s weird, it is connected, the keyboard, but it’s not entirely connected. There are no touchpad profiles to reload to fix the problem. It’s entirely fixable, not “fixable” permanent, you’ll have to do this frequently. Take the keyboard away from the tablet, then reconnect it. Immediately keyboard is fully talking to the tablet again.

    Sometimes certain keys stop working, same fix works.

The detachable keyboards that hook on via magnetic contacts (Like Switch and Surface tabs) are not the same as Bluetooth keyboards. This is specific to physically connected detachable keyboards in Windows.

I’ve seen this keyboard problem in Windows 10, haven’t had another Windows version on my Switch ever. My husband had a Dell 2-in-1 with a detachable 2nd Battery Keyboard in Windows 8, it had so many more problems and eventually died [needed a new MB, not worth it.]

My Switch Alpha 12 is updated regularly. I only use it in my private home network so far.  I have had no other trouble except for one Sleep state I couldn’t wake it from, once, for a few hours, then suddenly it came to life again.  That was a wicked morning, I was re-living my trouble with the Dell, but in the end, no. 🙂

All in all I love my ‘not as small as my 8″ Android Tablet but not as big as a normal 13-15″ Laptop’ 2-in-1 Acer Switch Alpha 12 Windows 10 portable machine.

Sometimes I love a big computer, and that’s where my Desktop comes in to play. I built it long ago (in computer years) but it’s just as good as Day 1.

My Acer is an i5, my Desktop is an older i7. This laptop is frisky and fast unlike older HP laptops that were previous i5 variations.

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