No more Flickr for me


I’d been part of Yahoo since before Yahoo, actually had a Geocities account and that grandfathered me into Yahoo with that account, which I rested, started a new account there at some point, then got a Flickr account in 2005, was Pro for all those years, at some point swapped my connected Yahoo account to my oldest one, and not soon after that had lost its point (showing how long ago I made the account on my profile, uh, what profile, yes, Yahoo lost me on that) but finally…it’s at the bitter end for me now.

Yes, the Verizon deal, I don’t want to go through that, changes haven’t been good all along, and every other service, like, for instance, has only gone down the toilet, though I stick it out with a free account there, I will not stick around Flickr any more, I’ll probably end up deleting my account.

My phone pictures have improved drastically since I got my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. Phenomenal pictures that rival my Canon EOS 7D. I still use my camera, but the pictures are stuck on it for awhile usually, I don’t bother syncing them to my computer right away usually. My phone uploads everything to Google Photo instantly practically. Also Windows wants to upload my photos, and Samsung Cloud too.

Every once in awhile I connect my phone and dump all the original resolution photos into a folder on my computer. [Just so I definitely have a copy of the originals.]

Flickr as a sharing site, an album and collection site, just lost my interest over the last few years. I tried 500px for awhile, just haven’t added much to them, thought  about getting an upgrade there, but didn’t end up wanting to after reading more about them.

So back to square one. My own hosted photo thing is what I need to implement. I have sites, I have unlimited hosting, I’m not caring if anyone sees my photos or not. I share because I care to. I don’t care if no one knows I share.

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