EDF Series PS Vita

So I got the trophy for finishing Pale Wing on Easy in EDF 2 on the 21st. On to playing Normal with Pale Wing, and that halted me with 15 missions I just can’t complete at all by myself, not without better weapons.

So then I started playing Air Raider on Easy …. ouch. OK through 7, then the crunch hits when more spaceships come in … I tried a bunch of different levels, skipped a few, but ultimately, I have to play even EASY with Air Raider with others.

So then I started EDF 2017, and realized I only had a few more missions to do on Normal, finished that then decided to start Pale Wing on Hard. Pale Wing on EDF 2017 Hard is brutal when it comes to black ants.

Black ants with my Pale Wing setup on Hard EDF 2017 is comparable to Air Raider on Easy EDF 2 with UFO’s and Motherships. Both things have halted me playing.

Comparing Pale Wing between games, I was able to finish Normal in EDF 2017 just fine. In EDF 2 I just can’t do it without something giving.

Crimson Mountain level is good for farming, except I couldn’t/can’t do it on Inferno or Hardest  or Hard by myself. I got it done on Normal, but it afforded me nothing new.

I also started EDF 2 playing from the beginning with Pale Wing on Hard through Mission 13, skipping two Night missions though.

EDF is a game series you can play alone, but by golly is much better as a Co-op game.  [Both PS Vita games have internet co-op and ad-hoc co-op.]

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