Guitar Hero Live: Forget-it

I had decided to try to get all the GHL trophies on PS4 before it’s shut down near the end of 2018. All August 2018 I played EDF 4.1 instead, thinking I’d put my all into it Sept., Oct., and Nov. …

While playing EDF I came to grips with, isn’t EDF actually harder to Platinum? Yes and No, but resoundingly YES I need to Platinum EDF 4.1. Why? I have three other EDF games, one on PS3 and two on PS Vita, that probably won’t get Platinumed, hopefully on PS Vita both EDF 2017 and EDF 2 will happen, but 2025 on PS3 won’t for sure.

I want to Platinum EDF 4.1 on PS4 very, very much. I love the game. But playing alone isn’t so easy like on Hardest, I’m on Machine Squad … that and most after it are nye impossible for Wing Diver alone.

The unfortunate state of EDF 4.1

Any playthrough of a level for completion of a difficulty only counts for online if played online, or offline if played offline. This means one cannot play all the levels alone they can get done, and go online to get help with the remainder.

There is 2-player split-screen offline play … one can choose to use two controllers for two characters that way, all alone, that can help progressing armor accumulation, and also get through some levels, but having a second person controlling that second character helps all the more. Some people don’t have anyone else, so playing online is a better choice, but one should have friends to make that work out best, and then the total difference of playing online, how much more health enemies have … it’s way harder than playing offline. At least with others playing with you three to four of you are attacking and reviving each other as need be.

I live in a house with my family. Two others in my family like EDF. Getting them to finish my online Hardest Wing Diver playthrough though … they won’t. We played it together, and have about 3 levels left. So since then I started Hardest as Wing Diver offline and got all they way down the list to Machine Squad, and splot, there I am stuck. We did all together start playing as other characters after they wouldn’t finish Hardest that I spoke of earlier.

We took a break, and since that they won’t play with me now, the last few weeks, and I’m frustrated. I want to just get further and further as much as possible so I can Platinum this game before EDF 5 arrives on Western Shores. They don’t want to Platinum it. They are not trophy hunters. 

Neither am I, it’s just that I am a select Platinum Hunter.

EDF Series PS Vita

So I got the trophy for finishing Pale Wing on Easy in EDF 2 on the 21st. On to playing Normal with Pale Wing, and that halted me with 15 missions I just can’t complete at all by myself, not without better weapons.

So then I started playing Air Raider on Easy …. ouch. OK through 7, then the crunch hits when more spaceships come in … I tried a bunch of different levels, skipped a few, but ultimately, I have to play even EASY with Air Raider with others.

So then I started EDF 2017, and realized I only had a few more missions to do on Normal, finished that then decided to start Pale Wing on Hard. Pale Wing on EDF 2017 Hard is brutal when it comes to black ants.

Black ants with my Pale Wing setup on Hard EDF 2017 is comparable to Air Raider on Easy EDF 2 with UFO’s and Motherships. Both things have halted me playing.

Comparing Pale Wing between games, I was able to finish Normal in EDF 2017 just fine. In EDF 2 I just can’t do it without something giving.

Crimson Mountain level is good for farming, except I couldn’t/can’t do it on Inferno or Hardest  or Hard by myself. I got it done on Normal, but it afforded me nothing new.

I also started EDF 2 playing from the beginning with Pale Wing on Hard through Mission 13, skipping two Night missions though.

EDF is a game series you can play alone, but by golly is much better as a Co-op game.  [Both PS Vita games have internet co-op and ad-hoc co-op.]

EDF 2 Invaders from Space – Pale Wing

On all EDF games before just recently I always only played as the Ranger/Infantryman … playing with 2 of my friends. That would be EDF 2017 on PS Vita, EDF 2025 on PS3, then EDF2 on PS Vita, and once we got EDF 4.1 for PS4, I didn’t want to do Ranger right off, so I tried Wing Diver and loved it so much, the mobility most of all.

So on my two PS Vita EDF games I’ve gone back to playing them by myself lately, Pale wing on 2017 Easy, also Storm (the Ranger) on Easy.

Then I went back to EDF2 and started playing as Pale Wing on Easy,  because on Normal it’s easier with the Health and Weapons being all better when starting. Plus the PS Vita EDF games have trophies for playing through on EASY anyhow. [On the Console versions of EDF there are no EASY play through trophies.]

I didn’t play for a few weeks, picked it up the other day and started playing Pale Wing on Normal, then realized I hadn’t played all the mission on Easy yet, no wonder her HP was on in the 200’s. Today I have been playing all the missions on Easy with Pale Wing, the ones that I hadn’t done yet. I have 3 mission at the end of the game, plus mission “57. Dragon Worms Again” which I failed miserably at twice in a row, haven’t tried it since much earlier today. I have more HP and better weapons now, but still, it’s a horrible mission, the centipede-like giant horrible creature in the city at night-time. UGH.

So I’m going to try that mission one more time, and hope I can finish it (I have little hope.)

I’m playing while writing this, so hold on … whoo, I did it! It wasn’t too hard, but I had to keep moving away every-time I shot, mostly using my Thunder Sniper R and sometimes my Thunder Bow 15.  HP being up helped a lot, that is for sure. As little pieces of the worm came off and were killed, mostly they dropped healing items. I had the worm in at least 4 bigger parts and that also helped as I flew around and could reduce their size and pick up healing items. (Most assuredly necessary because I was freak out with that worm at night in the city, and shot all the way to empty with my Thunder Sniper R.)

Now onto the last few levels so I can get that Pale Wing Easy trophy.

Happy New Year 2017 Style!

It’s a new year and that means: just another digit added to the year.

My PSN goal for the end of the year was to get to LEVEL 16, which I did by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

This year I hope to increase to LEVEL 17 by the end. I have enough backlog to complete, and really still want several new games… really want them.

The Order: 1886 on PS4 is a game I began right before Christmas 2016. I have one trophy in it, I’m more than halfway through the story, but on the airship and stuck where that shotgunner is, not a nice place to keep restarting at.

I know I’ve missed at least one collectable on the previous level that had collectibles before going to the airship. I hope I don’t miss anymore. I don’t like to find collectibles when trying to finish other things at the same time. I’m going to have to re-play a lot to get the trophies to Platinum the game.

Tearaway on PS Vita. I’ve 100% the game, but trophies are another thing: 3 of them require playing a certain level without losing one’s stamp. Meaning: Media Molecules nice “don’t die in this level and finish it in one go” ala Ace LBP levels. I got the Windego level done OK. The other two are doozies for me, and I can’t go back to the game without my knees starting to buckle and my stomach flipping around, it’s that traumatic for me.

Tearaway Unfolded on PS4, I started playing it, but didn’t go on from quite early in the game. I should pick it up again so I can 100% the game and still not get another Platinum. 😉

Ys: Memories of Celceta on PS Vita I have played through the story almost twice, once on normal, and then on Nightmare, but not through it yet, I can’t beat the BeastMaster … I found BAMI quite trivial in Nightmare, but super annoying hard on Normal. BeastMaster on Normal was pretty much not hard, easy enough to beat, but on Nightmare, it’s a total opposite for me. I’m fully upgraded in Level and in Skills for most of my characters now, I wasn’t fully leveled in all skills last time I found him, so I should try again…

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on PS3 is a game I started last year and had trouble going through the valley and not dying a million times, so I didn’t try ever after that. I WANT to progress in this.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North on PS3 first started playing this in August 2013 with someone on PSN, we got through the first playthrough, he got more trophies than me, playing as the Ranger, while I played as the Elf, and the Dwarf was AI.

Second playthrough we started playing with another person, played through and then were on our current third playthrough with another person, but stopped playing picked it up a few times after that August playing, got a few more trophies, but still not finished that playthrough, or something like that. Organizing play time is tough.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PS4 is a game I was really excited for, bought it digitally on the Playstation Store (stupidly) played it once, gaining OMG amounts of nemesis in the very beginning, oh no!

I really need to just delete that playthrough and start fresh, using a Game Guide this time and taking my sneaky good old time.

That’s a short list of games that bug me to finish them.

I also have three Earth Defense Force games (PS3 EDF 2025, PS Vita EDF 2017 Portable, and EDF 2 Invaders from Space) that mock me for not grinding enough yet.

I started playing Freedom Wars on PS Vita and really liked it, but feel stuck, unable to progress without playing with others to get certificates. My optional missions are over my head. I’m really stuck.

I started playing Helldivers on PS4, PSN friends promised they’d play it with me. We’ll see.


I love LEGO games, but don’t play every franchise. I am at the point of wanting a lot of the games for PS Vita, I have finished: LoTR, The Hobbit, Legend of Chima, Marvel Superheros: Universe in Peril.

I’d play Ninjago one’s, and Jurassic Park World, The LEGO Movie, Marvel Avengers, at the least, all on my PS Vita.

My Big Wish is for Pixel Junk Monsters Platinum Ultimate on PS4, with trophies for everything, not just the “Challenge” levels. And more content. PLEASE!!!!! [Yes, this is a made up PJM title, but it sounds great!]

Secondly how about Savage Moon remastered for PS4, and also PS Vita.

PixelJunk Monsters

PixelJunk Monsters, my beloved.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD PS Vita

early am 2013-08-24-065537
Early morning screen.
daytime 2013-08-26-115024
Day screen.
late afternoon early evening 2013-09-02-181723
Evening Screen.
night 2013-09-09-205522
Night screen.

On my PS Vita as Lock Screen (for a long time now, even today.) Screenshots from longer ago, and today.

Screenshots of Screenshots proving dates. FWIW.

Originally screenshot taken May 11, 2012 PixelJunk Monsters on my PS Vita screensaver
Originally screenshot taken May 11, 2012 PixelJunk Monsters on my PS Vita screensaver

Originally screenshot taken May 28, 2016 PixelJunk Monsters on my PS Vita screensaver
Originally screenshot taken May 28, 2016 PixelJunk Monsters on my PS Vita screensaver

I first saw PixelJunk Monsters in June 2009, on the PlayStation PS3 Store. I bought it June 18, 2009. I loved playing it frequently, did everything over and over except for the challenge levels, which I finally tackled to get the trophies in 2013. PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe on PSP which was an absolute buy ASAP available. Waited and waited for it to come to PS Vita natively, Played PJM Deluxe PSP on my PS Vita again (I deleted save files to start over how many times, between PSP and PS Vita?)

Finally PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD was out for PS Vita. Even came to Windows (which was a distressing time for me, I loved the exclusivity of it on PSN, kept it neat and intact. But the point is DoubleEleven didn’t drop the ball on PS Vita, it’s great there, can be played classically, just buttons, hurray! Windows, just not suitable for a classic PJM lover.)

I know it also was distorted as a FB game, horrible, something I know of but no experience with.

Now it comes down to: I’ve wanted PJM on PS4 all along, no hint of it coming to PS4, and what do my weary eyes behold in an email, near the bottom, PixelJunk Monsters Wii U. WHAT???!!!!!!!

So I bought it immediately and, of course, it’s a great game. You can play it on your TV, using the Wii pad buttons or set the screen to mirror the tv, and play it right there on the Wii pad. You can touch the screen to move, touch a tree, etc. Touch or buttons when mirrored. I like button play entirely still.

Another nifty thing is setting the Wii pad to display the Tiki Hut inside. Buy towers without having to move Tikiman to the hut. Great when you are playing on the TV.

I’ve been mostly playing mirrored, if the TV is in use by something else, no problem, if not, then my game is on the big screen for anyone else to see. I can’t look at both, my near-sighted eyes appreciate the Wii pad mirroring, most especially.

The way you take screenshots on Wii U is useful, odd, but useful. Home button>open MiiVerse>save screenshot>continue using miiverse>choose photo>make a new post with it in your PlayJournal. I haven’t always “saved screenshot” … often just PlayJournal it right off. Trying to not do that if I really want to have the picture in more than just PlayJournal now though.

Get- Medieval-Challenge-5-27-16-Wii-U-WVW69jPkQTUNGZ2BYQ
Get Medieval Challenge -Wii U – May 27, 2016

At any rate, there’s one screenshot, Get Medieval Challenge on Wii U.

What I do want is more though, more levels, islands, etc. release another “encore’ like pack for every version please! Q-Games/Double Eleven and please release a platinum fully HD packed with great trophies and challenges on PS4! Pretty Please!

Note the one difference from PS Vita PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD to Wii U PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD … Ice Tower … oh my, on PS Vita (as well as PS3 and PSP versions) it’s only ground monsters whom it targets. On Wii U it also targets flying monsters. Mistake? Or on purpose? I don’t know, but it sure makes difference on the Wii U. Which brings to mind whether or not difficulty ratings were changed anywhere. Questions.

Forge TV means “Netflix isn’t my favorite” and Razer better fix it sooner than later.

#Netflix #Razer #ForgeTV #AndroidTV

“Razer Forge TV has Google Cast built-in so you can cast your favorite entertainment from your mobile device to your TV.”

–Razer makes it sound good, until you don’t see the obvious missing tile … no Netflix, none, and not good ways of using it. []



Favorite entertainment, except for Netflix. Can’t have it native nor cast it properly. I can cast my entire screen on my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet, Netflix plays on my Forge TV connected to my 50″ Plasma, but it is not the same form factor as the TV, so not very compelling, not very awesome looking.

My phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ can’t cast Netflix to the TV, same Razer Forge TV. I can download Chromecast app on my Samsung and cast my phone screen, and then Netflix fills the ENTIRE TV screen, but the moving picture isn’t there, subtitle on a black screen, touch the device playback pull it along, you’ll see thumbnail pictures of the movie/show on the TV, but then hit play again, back to full black.

Forge TV and Vudu, I CAN Cast VUDU no problem. Neither Vudu nor Netflix will run natively though. <– That is not the case on other major devices. So Forge TV isn’t major, at least it does have YouTube and Google Play apps, Disney Anywhere, you can download so many other video providers, but not the major two that I use. Figures.

This is the beautiful photo I took with my tablet when trying to Cast Netflix, same screen happens from my phone too.

Netflix won't run Cast from any device.
Netflix won’t run Cast from any device.


This is nothing new. I know Forge TV has been out for awhile. Thing about it though, they only recently re-released it, that’s what I have. It’s about time Netflix is usable on it. Native or Cast. No need to “CAST WHOLE SCREEN” junk.

Netflix runs on my PS4, PS3, Phone, Tablet, even Wii, Wii U, good casts to any of my simple Chromecast dongles, my other Android TV’s (Sony 2015) have native Netflix including a button on the remote.

So is it money that keeps Netflix from Razer’s Forge TV? It can’t be hardware only, I mean there’s a solution, or a reason why. It’s just time for this to break. Oh of course, uh, Netflix works on my PS Vita and 3DS too. Hmph. But not on PS TV … there’s something going around. Not freedom, that’s for sure. So I have two nice little devices, and no way of putting Netflix on the big screen with them. Forge TV is my best, as PS TV doesn’t do video exept for PlayStation stuff. My stuff is in UV, Vudu/Disney/Google. Why did I get a Forge TV then? It was value priced, but value just isn’t truly value these days.

Sparkle Unleashed on PSN

I’ve been playing Sparkle Unleashed, mostly on PS4, and when playing there, I stream it to Twitch.

I was a little miffed when I bought the game that all 3 versions: PS4, PS Vita, PS3, share the same trophy list. Sparkle 2, it’s predecessor, had separate trophy lists.

So it goes, I only have to play it fully at one place, or, well only one place can get me the Nightmare trophy, if I ever get there. I could do Survival on my PS Vita, and not on PS4 or whatever. Sparkle on PS3 is really good, but not as good as on PS4. They are the same games, but faster loading, it just feels fluid and crisp on PS4.

Sparkle 2 had maps that I really liked, and maps that I so hated.

Sparkle Unleashed is amazing. Totally different. Same game, yet definitely Unleashed. I have most of my first playthrough on PS4 on my YouTube Channel.

My first playthrough: Sparkle Unleashed Days 1-13

Here’s the Full  Playlist:, which I’ll be adding to as I process through what I streamed to Twitch.

From my YouTube Channel: CrazyMaisy – Sparkle Unleashed Playlist

Get Sparkle Unleashed on PSN, play it on PS4 or PS Vita or PS3 (or all of them. One Trophy list.)  3-way-Cross-Buy.

Buy Sparkle Unleashed on PS4

Sparkle Unleashed

10tons Ltd.
PSN Game | Released Jun 2, 2015

A secluded world of mystery has succumbed to an ominous darkness. You must travel through the fallen lands, light magical braziers and banish the darkness once and for all.

Unlock amazing powerups and use the ones you like the most to overcome increasingly challenging levels, Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs and Survival challenges. Can you carve a path of light through the darkness?

– Ultra-polished match-three marble shooter gameplay
– An arsenal of 23 amazing powerups to unlock and select
– Cinematic soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
– Free trial: Play the first 23 levels for free, pay once to unlock Full Game
– Full game includes 108 challenging levels, Survival mode and two more difficulty settings

Purchasing this content entitles you to the PS3™ system, PS4™ system, and “PS Vita” system versions!

Video output in Full HD 1080p requires 1080p native display.

1 player
10MB minimum save size
1080p HD Video Output

Carolina Rebellion 2015 This Weekend!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend! We’ll leave this afternoon to travel to the area and chill until it begins on Saturday. I have a the latest and greatest to keep me occupied,  Lucas Davenport series, Gathering Prey.

I have to remember to de-Activate one PS4 and Activate the other before leaving. (I sometimes activate to let others in my family play something digital I bought, for awhile, that’s not my usual PS4, but it’s part of my household.) I’ll bring my PS TV, and my PS Vita, so there’ll be something we can do on the hotel TV.

The sun is finally up, I’ll be packing the minimum that I need, plus a few extra things just in case, but not much, this is a get dressed and hang out all afternoon/evening then crash kind of two-day event, so … the point is, I don’t have to pack just yet, but with the sun up it’s easier and so I’ll probably start that soon.

The weather for this weekend is looking nice. Maybe a shower today up there, but cooler than projected earlier this week. Sunny and mild-ish, compared to over 80 degrees that it could have been. 76 and 78 are the projected high (Fahrenheit) temperatures. That’s more than I can stand for long, usually. Good thing we have VIP tickets (of course, that’s why we buy them. Getting out of the weather, whatever it is, always a welcomed thing when outside for hours and hours and hours and hours.

So of all the bands that’ll be there, my favorite new band to see is Starset. I love their first album, it’s amazing.

Chevelle is next, I’ve seen them twice so far. This will be my first festival viewing, packed warehouse kinds of venues in the past haven’t been the greatest experience. Hoping for a much better time  with them at Carolina Rebellion.

Schedule conflict with We Are Harlot and Chevelle. [edit: it’s been changed, so now it’s not so, hmm.] I can’t get primary attention on both, so Chevelle wins the day, I mean, I love them very much, and Danny Worsnop’s newer group is good, but if it comes to that, I’ll see them somewhere else another time, maybe, it’s not a I have to see them kind of feeling I have about them. I do really like them/him though.

Slipknot will end this thing on Sunday night. That’ll be incredible. I’ve seen Corey Taylor alone, and Stone Sour twice. This will be my first Slipknot concert.

There will be food, people watching and a lot of good, great, and not so much my kind of music for two-days,  my 3rd Carolina Rebellion, with my hubby. I’m very glad that I don’t like everything that’ll be there, that would just be horrible, but there will be much more than I’ve listed that will be great to hear, and maybe I’ll come away with a new appreciation for one or more of them.

Tearaway Unfolded PS4 Causing Strife

I’m sickened by the attitudes of some PS Vita owners. Something like Tearaway. The Developers for that game made it for the PS Vita. It’s their prerogative to make something more or less of it on another platform. Today Media Molecule unveiled their new project, Tearaway Unfolded for PS4.

Tearaway Unfolded PS4

It’s a re-telling of the original game that was developed exclusively for PS Vita last year. It’s built from the ground up, they say, to bring the game to life on the big screen, to interact with the world from your couch using the controller.

It’s inventive. It’s awesome to see a developer using the abilities of the DS4 and PS4 together. Many PS Vita owners also have a PS4. Not all do. Some are pretty snotty though, wanting the world and the moon and the universe for their PS Vita’s and not even a grain of sand from that world put to use on the PS4 or PS3.

Tearaway PS Vita

I have the Tearaway PS Vita game. I haven’t played it yet. I’ve had the physical game for many long months, since it came out. I just have had other things to play, on PS3, on PS Vita and since November the PS4. I’ll get to it eventually. I was in favor of the game from the first time I saw anything about it in any case. I’m also in favor of the PS4 version of the game. It’s a great title to adapt to the big console.

PS Vita hasn’t had those “big” titles announced for it for a long time. Even Tearaway wasn’t a “big” title, in reality. The main thing is there are people that love something being exclusive to the PS Vita. It’s great. It’s nice. If a game can be changed to thrive on the console as well, that’s nothing of a vote against the PS Vita. That is a silly notion. It’s a giant kudo for the PS Vita to have housed the originality of the initial IP.

PS Vita has a lot of great games coming to it, made especially for the handheld. Some ports from console games, indies made for PS Vita,  indies from the PC or Android or Apple world. All in all, even a port is made for the PS Vita. Not ground up per se, but it’s made to work with all the features the PS Vita has most of the time.

I don’t put all my eggs in one basket when it comes to gaming. I use the consoles, and my PS Vita, even my PC some. I have never looked to a handheld to be my “everything” –not even my smart phone is that for me.

My PS Vita has a ton of great content digitally, and in a nice collection of physical media. I have a lot of games to play that are compelling for this or that reason, fun, lighthearted, tough, easy enough, but challenging as well.

This doesn’t mean I don’t understand how anyone can only have a PS Vita and expect more from it than they are getting. I would say that it would improve their outlook if they’d play PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate or Killzone Mercenary or LittleBig Planet PS Vita, or …. one of many other great titles that exists.

As it is, exclusives are nice for one thing, and a denial of service from another perspective. We all see great games put to the PS3 or the PS4 that we think would be great on the PS Vita. How many times does one console get something that later comes to the PS Vita too. Crying foul at that would be ridiculous.

The closest I have come to that is PixelJunk Monsters. I hated seeing that ugly version out there on FB. I don’t use FB but found the actual FB version of that to be less than quality looking. It bothered me.

When Double Eleven got the project to bring it to the PS Vita, it got a Windows release too. Guess what? I bought it on Steam. The game being outside of the PlayStation ecosystem doesn’t bother me so much as make me know that the definitive experience with the game is on PlayStation Vita. The older game on PS3 and PSP was good too. It’s not so fun playing with a keyboard and mouse.  It’s a beautiful game at any rate, on Windows or PS3 or PSP or PS Vita. Just plays better up the chain (as I have listed in the previous sentence.)

So, the burning question, is the PS Vita dead? No. Not by a long shot. PS4 and PS Vita have a buddy-buddy relationship, whether or not one desires it to be that way.  PlayStation TV (PS VIta TV) will come into the Western World sooner than later and bridge the tiny gap and blur all lines as they are drawn right now.

Bottom line: The bad mouthing about PS Vita is very embarrassing. New articles on PlayStation Blog today from Gamescom are being targeted in comments by these disgruntled PS Vita owners. It’s ugly.

Gaming slowdown

I’ve had a major gaming slowdown. I don’t feel like playing much of anything. I have inFamous: Second Son pre-ordered, and am really excited for it coming so soon! But … I won’t be around to get it until Sunday or Monday.

I’ll be leaving with my husband to go somewhere Friday and Saturday. Concert somewhere else. Kinda sucks to have to put the game off.

As it is I’m only playing Treasures of Montezuma Blitz (free for everyone!) on my PS Vita lately, and Resogun ($14.99 or Free for PS+ Members) on my PS4. I have been very disinterested in playing much Starhawk, having plain bad luck, bad times playing when I have attempted it. I was in a big I LOVE IT mode and started making weekend matches for PS Forums, but that did’t go over so well, less forumites, more anyone’s showing up. It was ok the first time, a bit brutal, but ok. After that first time its been so unpleasant and worse. Not just the matches I made, but the regular Wednesday Night PS Forums matches too.

I enjoy playing Resogun though, very much. It’s like the only thing that makes me happy, game-wise, right now.

Music though, ah, music, music is sitting perfectly, just right, with me.