Self Detox overview

Yesterday was about a Migraine that I wasn’t managing with Advil or any other medicine.

I continued on in spectacular pain and tedium about everything, nothing was good. Oh, but then the bacon package came out, my daughter was putting it into the oven to cook, put some of it in the pot of baked beans for later.

I have history with bacon. I love bacon. I love bacon when I’m feeling migraine symptoms like nothing else.

When my daughter was being made … I had more morning sickness the first 4 months than I ever felt with my sons. I moped around nursing a can of Coke, and the only thing I could eat was, yes, bacon.  Anything else was disgusting, and even if I wanted to eat, it would come back up.

That pregnancy was also a Migraine one. Horrific full 3 day frequent Migraines way into it, then other misery’s. It was just not a fun time.

So it comes down to it, one thing: Bacon. The bacon I get today is organic and uncured. It’s very special and wonderful, it’s healing to eat, from some perspective.

Yesterday I ate one piece of bacon, and then wanted another. I hadn’t felt I could eat anything before that, and what a wonderful feeling it was.

Time went on I ended up taking a shower and lying down afterward, slept some, but still had the migraine pain, but at least had a break from it.  Eventually, not that long after getting up, the pain receded, but I still could feel something going on, so took it easy. But I was able to eat and drink “normally” and play a game on my PS4.

There’s an aspect to Migraines that I see them as, Poison is how I see them. I have a Poison attack. Why? I don’t know why it happens or why I think that.

In the past I have been known to take some sea salt, put it in a spoon of sour cream, and eat it. Not a pinch, more like a teaspoon more or less.

I swear that has helped. Well if “Salt Dosing” (which I stumbled onto yesterday when looking for Migraine natural remedies) is something that works for Bromine toxicity, and it is said to maybe help Migraines, it’s similar enough to what I seemingly crave under a Migraine, bacon, salt. !!!

I’ve practically done a Salt Dosing, though not taking the absolute steps of chasing with water to the degree SD takes you, I have noted the fact that my body seems to shut down in Poison Mode. Nothing going in will come out normal channels, it’s miserable. Salt will save the day? Makes sense.

So having a Migraine is more than a headache. It’s so much more than a headache, though much of it IS pain in the head.

Feeling Migraine pain on one side, I’m poisoned on one side of my head, but my whole body. That’s really weird.

I often have Left side migraines. Bad but not the worse. Right side migraines are my worst.

Some Migraines change to the other side. When that happens, if I’m awake, the whole thing slowly transfers over gently, or more noticeably it’ll speed to the center forehead, spanning it horribly before settling onto the other side.

When it goes from Right to Left, that better. Left to Right is not progress (since it’s the worst side to have that Migraine pain on.)

So my goal is to feel better, be able to deal with any migraines I get, and maybe lessen the likelihood I’ll get one.

My daughter inherited Migraines. This is where I want to get, to have resources to try and remedy her misery before she goes much further in life.

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