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I’ve been using Youtube Music on pc and on my phone some. On my PC via Chrome and it’s lacking my personal preferences and everything from Google Play Music, of course, since they haven’t enabled that to happen at all yet.

The little I have used for Music on my GPM account is related to a few times here and there I have looked for younger post-modern metal bands. In the mood to watch a few videos and hear songs (screams, growls, etc.) I don’t know. I do love a Melodic chorus break. Some have it, some don’t.

So what came to my login to music. Yes, that stuff. Not my usual listening. I have a ton of music I uploaded to GPM, I also listen to a lot of their stuff that I don’t have.

Using YTM in the browser means I can’t scrobble. Not one scrobbler scrobbles it yet.

What I can do is go to regular and listen to music there. That will scrobble with my browser scrobbler.

In order for me to really like Youtube Music I have to scrobble. On my phone my usual SLS android solution doesn’t work. Another I found, Scroball, does, but I like SLS, how well it can work, and works how I want, I have it hold all scrobbles until I’m ready to scrobble manually. Scroball is more like app, in a way. I don’t know. I haven’t looked into it much as of yet.

So Google Play Music, on the browser, I was totally sick of it long ago. I use different extensions to change it up, and still, I’m sick of it.

On my phone and tablet it’s a tad nicer, but even so, sick of it and my Google Play Movies … how it looks and works, I started my own Plex server in January.

I can add whatever pictures I want to, to movie and artist and album posters. I am in control. 🙂

So on GPM artists are not controllable photos. Albums are, if they are in your library.

It goes on and on, Plex changed their mobile app recently and it’s harder to use it (more click throughs than before for anything) but at least it’s still all my stuff looking how I want it to look otherwise.

Using GPM is less desire-able. GP Movies & TV, even less so.

YT Music has promise, it’s kind of like, the future. And is literally the future since it’s not up my alley yet, without my stuff and preferences to get a lot out of it I’d have to recreate too much and it’s not going to happen.


Here’s something I have started though: My Alt80’s playlist I’m getting a video only version of  it going. Not every song will have a good enough video, so it’s not going to ever be the complete audio playlist as I have on Google Play. Currently it has 49 videos. Growing when I feel like adding something.

Alt80’s Video List by Kattacat M

Why am I doing this? It’s the content I like and nothing that I don’t. That’s why. Others are free to use my Public Playlists. I do use other peoples playlists on occasion. Youtube Music or just plain Youtube is where that video playlist is findable. Just click on it to load it up there on Youtube.

If Google would just get to the point and give paying customers of GPM the ability to move their stuff early (Migrate/copy to YTM and keep GPM as backup for awhile) it would be very, very nice, as long as I’m one of them.

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