My Note8 Killed Another Micro-SD Card

A few days ago I took a photo with my Note8 and it yelled at me about my card being full and couldn’t save the photo. So I did nothing but take another photo and there was no complaint. It auto started using internal storage.

I didn’t go and look at it until yesterday. Because of my Chrome problem I decided it was time to empty all my original photos onto my computer.

Internal – Check.

External – … with phone connected to my PC there was nothing but PHONE no SD Card.

OK, so I looked and in Storage Settings I said SD Card Corrupted. Ugh, not again. I had that early in the Note8’s life, didn’t always use an SD card after the first, but eventually got another into it, so that’s the one that just died, San Disk brand.

It wasn’t full either. So my camera app told a partial lie.

All yesterday I worked on that stupid Micro-SD card. I got most all photos and videos off of it, but a few things wouldn’t finish, couldn’t read from drive.

It was just like my stupid dongle usb thumb drive I had for PS4 saves that suddenly was unable to copy anything to it last year and not format-able and therefore a useless relic.

At least it’s a slim chrome beauty of an SD Stick.

Micro-SD cards are not worth keeping around when they fail like this. You can read them on a PC, but getting stuff off of them is not super straight forward, and will take hours of your time.

There is no trick that will make them work again, and even if there was, I wouldn’t trust the dastardly fixed thing to keep working.

So, I have all my photos and videos on Google Photos, but I want redundancy, and have all of that split between two computers right now as well. That makes my Note8 like my S6 Edge+… internal only, for now.

I’m going to occasionally connect my phone to my computer and move photos off manually, if I can stand doing that.

My Chrome problem, unresponsive every time I open it for awhile, I am going to have to bite the bullet and just clear a lot of stuff out of my Google Account, it must be something in that, painful as it is, since I have had the problem on all my devices, specifically on my Note8 and S3 Tablet the most irritating of all of it.

If that’s not it, then I’ll have to reset both devices to factory. Blastingly don’t want to do that though.

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