Missing the Hummingbirds

It’s been so quiet around here this past week. I saw one Ruby-throated Hummingbird about a week ago, and that was that. Migration is underway.

My Feeders

I want to get rid of most of them, not efficient for cleaning/filling to re-hang throughout the Summer. Only one has an integral piece that acts like a gasket and tightens the bottle secure to the feeder section.

Other ones I have are simply complicated … a separate gasket piece fit over the edge, gets moldy fast, so what  pain it is … and then putting it all together it’s not secure … loosely one must take it slow and just stop and gingerly carry it to the hanging spot. No fun for me or the birds, I’m reticent to take it down and refill it, so let it go empty all the longer.

August 11, 2018

Feeder in the middle is my favorite. Feeder on top right is one of the complicated ones. Hummingbird there doesn’t care, it all tastes the same, yummy sugar water!

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