Roses, comparing

Comparing S6 and Note5 photos one year apart. Subject: my Knockout Roses. One profile picture from each year.

S6 Edge+ Sept 17, 2017
Note5 Sept 17, 2018

My current phone is a Note8. I had an older Note5 outside yesterday, so my photos I have are from the phone I had in September last year, S6, and the older Note5 for this year. 

I take photos with all three devices. Mostly with Note8 since I got it in October 2017, S6 I use the next most, and Note5 not very often. 

Comparing photos, as this post is doing, is subjective. Each photo was using Auto functions just getting the camera close, no zoom.

Both devices in this experiment take good photos. Here are a few more from yesterday using the Note5. I like the softness of the light coming in from the right, hazy delicate pink on some of them.

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