Past Drop Events in Warframe would be on the hour, every hour of streaming watched. Teshin emails. Stuff, stuff, stuff! I still have so many Fireworks and Grand Finales from an earlier event. 

This current November 2018 event I haven’t gotten more than 8 things. 4 on Friday, 1 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday.

Not one of them is a duplicate from this event. So, is the “machine” bringing up the chance item and matching it to me and then Teshin says “You have already received this, so you get nothing for this hour” again and again, and again. Hours and hours and hours of watching, streaming Night and Day.

Friday I watched some, turned it off. Got 4 things, whatever.

Saturday I turned on Twitch in the morning and only shut it down to turn it back on when trying a re-link of accounts.

This picture is from my Inbox, and is still how it is all these hours later.

Crazy-Maisy PS4 Warframe Inbox 


  • 13:43 – Display – Glyph 
  • 14:44 – Grand Finale
  • 15:54 – 7500 Credit Cache
  • 16:55 – AXI C3 Relic


  • 18:49 – Ambulas Noggle Statue


  • 01:55 – LITH C3 Relic
  • 03:56 – Nitain Extract
  • 13:00 – MESO T3 Relic

But then … drum roll …


I just got a Cetus Wisp at 04:56! While I was investigating and writing all of the above. (Still just wanting the Khora warframe.)

As it goes I still haven’t gotten a duplicate, though others indicate they have, in twitch stream chats, I’m not sure though since I haven’t gotten anything of the same exact exactness. 

It’s 5:40am now, so I’ll wait for 05:56 or so to see if something else comes in before finishing up this post.

So nope, nothing again. That’s that. Theory is theory, and not proven until proof exists.

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  1. Monday (11/12/2018 eastern) night the Twitch Drops for Console (PS4 in my case) started to work hourly finally. So many Credit Caches now. It was working for consoles before just like I theorized. If the roll came up with something you didn’t have, Teshin would give it to you in your Inbox. If the roll came up with something you had already got for this event, then you’d get nothing, and therefore, all the blank hours of nothingness when watching Twitch Streams of Warframe with Drops Enabled gave our squat. But now it IS working. Thank you whoever fixed it.

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