LEGO The Hobbit PS4

LEGO The Hobbit is fun!

LEGO The Hobbit game on PS4 is fun.

It’s not the best game ever, it has more going for it how many things work out in LEGO games, but it’s not as epic as LEGO Lord of the Rings was (though that one would be super epic if it was updated today.) It is very much fun to play through in any case.

Part of it, of course is that it only goes over the first two Hobbit movies. The Story is engaging, but there’s no true finish to it.

I have 26% of the trophies, but am 60%+ in game completion, sooner than later more and more of those trophies will pop for me. I’m only playing this as I usually do, via having fun and trying to find everything  myself, and using the internet to find an answer to something only if it’s like 1 or 2 things that I just can’t find in a level, or where is this or that if I just can’t find it. Mostly that’s limited to me being lazy, in this game everything is “easier” kind of. I mean it’s not a super hard puzzle game at all.


Crazy-Maisy playing LEGO The Hobbit on PS4


Crazy-Maisy playing LEGO The Hobbit on PS4


The “grinding” is mostly running around and getting all the Mithril bricks that I can, and getting as many Mithril Designs that I can, forging them, repeat, repeat, repeat!

I’m also going into Free-Play levels, complete each level  (Master Burglar, All Treasures, All Mini-Kits, & Any Mithril Designs.) So I do some of that, then Mithril Brick/Design trials on the map as Free-Roam begin again. :)

Best Buy sent me the wrong Blu-ray

I pre-ordered The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 3D Blu-ray Combo (3 discs + UV) but they sent me the non-3D version.

I was excited as the package started tracking on April 4, but it didn’t move until Monday, and it upped the excitement on Tuesday with “Out For Delivery” status. Finally UPS showed up. I get the package, rip it open, and a huge disappointment was met. Wrong cover art, not the 3D version!

We only ordered it since my hubby would be out of town when it released. Now I have to go to Best Buy in order to straighten it out. Bottom line: Didn’t get to watch the movie I have been anticipating happily as a Blu-ray home release.

We were watching The Lord of the Rings extended versions. This is where we were when the UPS truck showed up:


I got upset and we didn’t continue on until a few hours later. Ended up watching until after 11pm. No Hobbit movie at all since my package didn’t contain the version I bought to keep in my collection.

Little Monster

Fixed: Problem with Royal Blood’s 7″ Little Monster Vinyl

I got my copy of Little Monster 7″ in the mail the other day. Side A is just not right. Side B is fine.

[Edit: I cleaned it right, and tried a bunch of things, adjusting arm and LM just wouldn't play right. Turned off the record player, adjusting, adjusting, ugh. Finally I turned it off again, and took the whole cartridge end off the arm, I'd partially done that before, re-tightened it, but taking it full off and back on and tightened, all while the power was  OFF. I then turned the turntable back on, gave it a spin and dropped the needle, blamo, MUSIC! The right stuff, no skipping or sticking repeated phrases over and over, it was the whole song.

Why it did that on Little Monster but not the other side, nor other records, I don't know, but there it is. It's working now. Go figure. (Figure It Out, another Royal Blood song, would be wonderful on a vinyl pressing!)]

whores-jumpingtrainToday I pulled out my turntable. Played Whores. Jumping Someone Else’s Train (The Cure, cover) for the first time and it was incredible and wonderful, way better than digital version.




Little Monster

Next I got out Royal Blood‘s record, and I’ve been fooling around with it for hours. No go with even one full play through Little Monster. I finally gave up and flipped sides. Hole. I like this song too. Put the needle down, and out comes a perfectly delicious bunch of music … it played perfectly.

So “Little Monster” is a monster. Won’t play no matter how much I fiddle with my anti-skate and arm weight. Just won’t play without jumping back, repeating and repeating going nowhere, or if I nudge the arm a tad every second it’ll pretty much play but that’s not right to do.

Yes, I’ve used a lint free cloth in a circular motion on both sides. Little Monster has no visual mars. Looks the same as Hole. Hole plays, Little Monster … freaking bothersome. [see above at the beginning of the post, what happened to fix it.]


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier yesterday afternoon. Wow! I loved The Avengers (2012) but this just ups the ante a billion times from that.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Go see it in the theatre, 3D if you can. Stay to the last of the credits rolling. It’s always worth it in a Marvel movie. Yes, a true Marvel Fan will stay to the end.

I like the whole experience of most movies to that degree, stay to the end, rewarded with extra something or not.

I’ll get to see this one again today or tomorrow. After that, I hope to get some more bargain afternoon viewings of it.  How is it that Marvel and Lord of the Rings so enslave me equally?

Going to see Beware of Darkness

Today is the first day of Spring 2014.  Time flies!

Tomorrow I have to get up early and fly to Chicago with my husband. We’ll see/do I don’t know what, but we will see Beware of Darkness that night.

My husband gave me this trip on Valentine’s Day.

I really like, love, Beware of Darkness. I’m just not excited about it currently. I’ve seen them before and I’m just in a spot wanting to hear other things right now. I’m sure I’ll like it, once the time comes, mind you.

I have to get ready to go today, and I feel really behind. I’ve had a migraine since yesterday, it’s not as bad as it was, but it’s hindering me from feeling like doing much, though I’m 1000% better today, I’m still not 100% me.

Reason enough, the above, for dampening my spirits about this trip.

Clan of Xymox – Mind, Body and Soul

I was looking in the Google Music store last week and saw something I forgot about. A new Clan of Xymox album. Oops. “Mind, Body and Soul”

Clan of Xymox - Mind, Body and Soul (2014)

Clan of Xymox – Mind, Body and Soul (2014)

I ordered it from Metropolis straight away and it arrived on Saturday.

It’s atmospheric, very Clan of Xymox, just not, um, “exciting” perhaps is the word to use. It was released in February around Valentine’s Day for a reason.

Gloomy and all that, about love. I’ll like it more as time goes by, mixing it in with my other Clan music. Here’s hoping for a super gloomy, but exciting, album next.

I haven’t yet given it a fair shake, need to listen to it a few more times. It’s a bit ‘more something’ towards the middle of the album. I’ll see about analyzing it once I have a better sense of my feelings about it.

Gaming slowdown

I’ve had a major gaming slowdown. I don’t feel like playing much of anything. I have inFamous: Second Son pre-ordered, and am really excited for it coming so soon! But … I won’t be around to get it until Sunday or Monday.

I’ll be leaving with my husband to go somewhere Friday and Saturday. Concert somewhere else. Kinda sucks to have to put the game off.

As it is I’m only playing Treasures of Montezuma Blitz (free for everyone!) on my PS Vita lately, and Resogun ($14.99 or Free for PS+ Members) on my PS4. I have been very disinterested in playing much Starhawk, having plain bad luck, bad times playing when I have attempted it. I was in a big I LOVE IT mode and started making weekend matches for PS Forums, but that did’t go over so well, less forumites, more anyone’s showing up. It was ok the first time, a bit brutal, but ok. After that first time its been so unpleasant and worse. Not just the matches I made, but the regular Wednesday Night PS Forums matches too.

I enjoy playing Resogun though, very much. It’s like the only thing that makes me happy, game-wise, right now.

Music though, ah, music, music is sitting perfectly, just right, with me.

My Top 3 Scrobbed Artists this past week

This is what my top three weekly artist look like when I listen to what I want to with no regrets:

  1. I don’t listen to The Cure whenever I want to. I usually have a problem with it, I over listen to them too easily. I let myself listen some last week. That’s just a little bit compared to what I COULD have done. :) The Cure
  2. Too often I don’t play rock bands I really like and once I play them one time, I have to play them more. Red Line Chemistry
  3. It’s great when I find a new band and go gung-ho with them. I scrobbled the one song I was able to buy, as well as videos. A nice mix of live and studio and purely awesome music that recently reached my ears via SXM Octane. Royal Blood

Epic Times

The next few months are shaping up to be really epic … between albums releasing, games releasing, concerts. movies opening …

Marvel movies. Mmmm.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier starts it all off in March


150038brp1LEGO The Hobbit video game. Yum.



inFamous: Second Son. I had to get a second PS4 because of this. :)

Carolina Rebellion: lots of great bands, many that I’ve seen before, some more than once, of them all one that is new for me Kyng, I LOVE “Electric Halo” so I think I have found another super “me” band. Also interested in Gemini Syndrome, and excited to see Thousand Foot Krutch and Trivium and Redlight King. :) Always good to see Volbeat, 5FDP, Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold. Staind will be nice again. (I may not be mentioning everyone I could, leaving them out isn’t intentional, just putting down what’s on my mind.)

401170Kyng CD


chevellelagargChevelle CD

Whores. concert

Chevelle concert

maybe going to a Styx concert too.

And an airplane trip to see Beware of Darkness somewhere else.

Lots of music coming this year from many bands, 2014 is a very productive year for music! I mean the bands I pay attention to (not pop anything.)

Bridge To Grace - January 24, 2014

Bridge To Grace – CD Release Party w/ Brother Grey, and Fusebox Poet

Bridge To Grace – CD Release Party w/ Brother Grey, and Fusebox Poet

Sirius/XM Octane started playing a new artist some weeks ago. I’m not sure the first time I heard the song, but the second time I heard it I turned it way up. I didn’t hear it again for a long time and a couple of weeks ago we were driving somewhere and there it was on #37. As soon as I could get my phone out I started looking up Bridge To Grace.

I was happy to find out they were close by. Wow! I hate how much I don’t know what good up and coming music is in the area surrounding where I live. I found they had a concert slated for January 24, 2014 and so I bought the tickets online as soon as I could.

I didn’t research the concert well enough in advance. After we arrived yesterday early evening at the 120 Tavern in Marietta, GA we found out more about Fusebox Poet, seemed like they’d be interesting to follow. There was another group that was going to perform after Fusebox Poet. I hadn’t seen anything about that from my ticket source, and so I didn’t know what to expect.

I like some of the stuff on their table, but they had no music and I didn’t know what they were. I wish I could go back in time.

So I looked up Brother Grey on my phone and seeing the descriptive comparison of them to some Alt. bands I like already had me hoping, but not sure hope would prevail.

They were my favorite band of the night. Why? I mean, I was there for Bridge To Grace. I do like BTG, very much.

I have an eclectic music liking system.

My BIG likes is divided into several, more than I can name, categories which are based, on genre, sort of. Awkward.

I’ll use three groups that are current to compare.

Stone SourRed Line ChemistryShinedown

Those are bands that are in three different categories for me. Red Line Chemistry falls into my fantasy alternative basic favorite-est category.

In that category you can also find groups like: The Cure, Clan of Xymox, The Cult, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Chevelle, Evans Blue,  etc.

Brother Grey - January 24, 2014

Brother Grey – Bridge To Grace CD Release Party @120 Tavern Music Hall, Marietta, GA

Brother Grey fits perfectly into this slot.

Stone Sour is also a very favorite, but harder in a reasoning way, totally a difference of a lack of fantasy, kind of right brain vs. left brain I guess. Right brain is my favorite-est groups, Left brain is my second favorite, by a smidgen, groups.

Groups in the same category as Stone Sour would be:

Rev Theory, Finger Eleven, 12 Stones, 10 Years, Audio Slave, Five Finger Death Punch, etc.

Bridge To Grace - January 24, 2014

Bridge To Grace CD Release Party @120 Tavern Music Hall, Marietta, GA

Bridge To Grace probably fits into this category, or into my alternate more left-brain-like grouping that is a little lesser, hardly though probably in-between both ends of my ultimate user preferences. This  is the “little lesser” grouping:

Shinedown, Volbeat, Otherwise, Mindset Evolution,  …. I really, really like these bands, but they don’t spend as much time in my ears as the other groupings do.

Fusebox Poet may or may not be something I’ll look into further right now, I’ll check up on them though. I’m not sure where they’d fit into my likes.

Fusebox Poet - January 24, 2014

Fusebox Poet – Bridge To Grace Cd Release Party @120 Tavern Music Hall, Marietta, GA

My favorite song they performed is a new song, untitled. I think that’s the perfect name for it “Untitled” :) Unfortunately I didn’t record that song. I heard it twice. When they did their sound check they set things up with each instrument, then played that song in full, or nearly. It’s the thing that peaked my interest. I stopped videoing a couple songs before that one during the official performance, I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough battery for more of them and the two other groups … so I didn’t try, and should have but just didn’t.

More music that I like

I like a lot of stuff from the late 70′s and 80′s that would be classified as punk or new wave or dark wave. I can’t possibly make a full chart with hierarchy of all the bands on it. In many ways most of that would be right in the middle, under the fantasy category, a sub category, removed from the main one a bit.

Very different.

There are even more jumbled up levels of music that I like from different classical things to modern soundtracks, as well as different groups from many different decades. It’s just too much to even think about, lest try to even list any of it.

The concert was really good,

I stayed in the front middle the whole time. I have some not so great pictures and lots of video that I was probably to close to them for the sound to be awesome, but I like that, since they the quality is iffy for uploading to YouTube or something, not professional, if that makes any sense, very fan creation oriented.

I need to weed through all that material and decide what to do. [edit 01/26/2014 add-on: I will add some photos to this post and make some better posts about each band and an overall post about the actual concert. I'll link to those in this post after they are published.] 

Thinking, thinking, thinking …