• Who needs sleep?

    I really don’t like pain. In my case it’s at night. It’s laying down. It just grinds me to a pulp. Working through issues make for hard work with little healing sleep. I have to do something like this, type, or stand around, or kind of move to music I have playing. Eventually sleep will…

  • Technology is personal

    Technology is personal

    The other day my hubby, out of town, texted me about getting a new laptop for our daughter (who works with him) I suggested a couple of things and within a few minutes he called me and said oh no I was going to get you a laptop for Christmas, but I now want you…

  • House Painting is done

    House Painting is done

    Since September 25th, we’ve had construction and final painting going on until today. Today was brutal, doors painted had to be left open, had to put all cats into bedrooms with doors shut, and I had to baby sit the chicken (Madame Chicken-legs) … she kept getting paint on herself, being an inquisitive people chicken.

  • Windows were finished inside yesterday

    Windows were finished inside yesterday

    Two windows need molding around them on the inside of the house. (My office and a stubbed bathroom in the “basement.”) All windows then need caulking between quarter-round and casing, then prime, then white enamel. The house siding is nearly all installed. A very long job. The crew (sub-contracted) doing it got reamed out by…

  • New Windows and Siding

    New Windows and Siding

    Windows were installed on Monday and finished on Tuesday. We do have to foam fill the sides and top, and put additional casing all around the windows on the inside (except the kitchen window, it’s completely installed in and out.) These windows are triple pane, .25 U-factor (4) A super duper upgrade to what was…

  • Always Inquisitive

    Always Inquisitive

    Madame Chicken-legs’ tail looks to be feathering out more. She’s staying around all the time, sleeping on our front porch, or if she can get into the garage is happy to camp out there for the night. She is established as the “have to check THIS out!” thing. Always looking and following. Today’s picture are…

  • Migraine Switcher Misery

    I woke up before 4am today. Didn’t feel like I could go back to sleep. So I was up, drank water, listened to music in my office, time went on, I was enragengly hungry suddenly. It became so insistent I had to go make bacon and and a fried egg. Eating that at 5am was…


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