Royal Blood – 07-15-2014 – Part 1

Royal Blood started their US tour on July 15th 2014 in Charlotte, NC.

I was really excited about this concert, hoping for many long weeks that they’d come to America and tour, and that I’d be able to see them on that tour, somewhere.

I do search for many bands on tour, and don’t devote every search to every band, so I was a bit behind on Royal Blood’s tour, I guess. Like following others on Twitter, one just doesn’t see every tweet made by those you follow. Your stream gets a good reading now and then, but not 24/7 and then you don’t go to a particular twitter account to see what they’ve tweeted lately either, very often. I was aware of it in advance though, that much is good.

The only way to see Royal Blood on this tour was to travel to Charlotte, NC. I was able to get my hubby to agree to it (sometimes there are horrible schedule conflicts due to his work.) We drove to Charlotte the same day as the concert, a few hours of drive time.

It was a threatening-to-rain sort of day, just look at the leaves of Maple trees and you can be certain something is going to happen (when you see those turned over leaves the whole drive from home to NC, for instance.) And eventually it came pouring down. I got really wet that afternoon, in the front only and looked awful. Oh well. We were out of our hotel and not going back until the after the concert.

We didn’t want to go anywhere, so hung around the venue in the parking lot for a bit. My husband wandered inside to see if there was an ATM and came out a bit later with Ben. Holy Cow!

I’ve always had sensitive skin, very pale and totally the summer colouring kind of person, see thru skin. So … colour photographs of me on a day like that, anathema. But anyhow here’s me, with a lovely filtering of the colour applied to the photograph.

Royal Blood and me! Left to right: Ben Thatcher, Me, Mike Kerr.

The above photo was taken awhile after that. Yes, that’s my Stone Sour 2014 Dead Generation shirt I’m wearing. I think (no, I KNOW) Royal Blood will get me to sign up when/if they offer a “club” — Stone Sour has been the only one I’ve ever done, so far.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this story, coming soon!


Nothing More – My Point of View (Review)

Nothing More has had play on SiriusXM Octane (37) with This Is The Time (Ballast) for awhile now. It’s a great song, I fell in love with it after a couple of listens, but was sure I would be the first time I heard it. Does that make sense? :)

This Is The Time (Ballast)

Once that was out of the way I research who Nothing More was. Then I saw they’d be opening for the Chevelle concert I was going to go to April 22nd. Not only that, they were going to be at the Carolina Rebellion in May.

Going to Nashville to see Chevelle was more than that. Nothing More.

The Bar in the Cannery Ballroom

Inside the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, the crowd gathered, tighter and tighter, the closer to the stage one was.

The Crowd Behind Before The Concert Started

Chevelle 4-22-2014
Chevelle 4-22-2014

Nothing More opened the show. I would have loved for them to play more, and delete the next act. Chevelle was after that, they were awesome. But it was hot and miserable in the crowd, several rows back, yet pretty close to the stage, and too short to be able to appreciate it. :(

Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014

Nothing More 4-22-2014

My view point (viewport) gave me what I would have wanted though, a ‘crowd in the way’ kind of fan footage experience of the first part of the show. The climbing excitement and This Is The Time (Ballast) as the show opener. (My video from my YouTube Channel: Crazy-Maisy)

Nothing More has great potential, and watching them was more than fun. Near the end,  when the whole event was almost over, I had gotten overwhelmed with the heat of the crowd and had wormed my way through and back towards the doors. It was so much cooler there. My husband went through the doors to get me another Chevelle t-shirt, and came back to tell me that Nothing More was in there at their table, he talked to one of them, the singer wasn’t there, he thought. I was still listening to Chevelle play though, so I didn’t care about it yet.

When Chevelle was done we went into that area to get out, of course there they were. Jonny Hawkins was standing right there, and unlike myself I found me going right up to him and hugging him big time. Wow! Their music is such an emotional mix of rock, it just took me over when I saw him.

I can probably thank Kyle Nicolaides for that, I should have seen it coming. :)

Galaxy Player 5.0 CM 11 & Music2SD

My Galaxy Player 5.0 is running CM 11 and I like it like this, but it’s sloggy-ish to me, not that it never was. Every version of software on this is slooow-ish to some point.

I’ve always preferred my phones to my Galaxy Player 5.0 since they have better ‘insides’ and software. Snappy and responsive.

Point 1: I hate Touch Wiz.

Point 2: I hate Android GingerBread.

I like the feel of the Galaxy Player. It’s just a nice device with a not so great chip, and limited ability to upgrade it with custom roms. But it can be done, so of course I did it day 1. Bricked my first one, replaced it, and have, several times, re-rommed it.

For a long time I did have other roms and changed something in property files to use my SD external card as my internal. That was great, but I didn’t like the slowness of the devices action on those ROMS.

Getting CM 10 on it changed it. I didn’t bother with the internal/external trick anymore. I eventually put CM 11 on it. Recently it just got to me and did more research.

Thus, the reason I’m writing this.

Xposed Framework and Music2SD

I got this done easily last week. It all seemed good, at first, but then every day Google Music was re-downloading everything.

I did more research, and it wasn’t just me. I deleted that Music2SD module and then looked in the Xposed Installer app for an older version of the Muisc2SD Module, 1.6.1, <—- that one is as solid as the day is long.

I have found that leaving WiFi on kills battery faster, of course, but even more so, it causes gulpy, gluppy, slowdown gulps in my music. I had to have as much of my music downloaded as possible to listen happily.

This means I can’t scrobble on the fly. Simple Scrobbler is fine with that. I have it set now to scrobble later, every 10 songs, and if WiFi is off, it’ll hold them in queue until I turn WiFi on, then instantly my stats are on profile.

Even playing downloaded music with wifi on is glitchy sounding. I’m streaming to a BEATS Pill usually. I have to try a few tests and see if it’s like that connected with the cable to the same speaker, and also to other devices, cable and/or bluetooth.

I have a Philips Android Bluetooth Speaker by my bedside. I don’t recall it flipping out at all. I can’t be sure though, so … I’ll report back in another post with my findings later.

On CM 10 I did have Greenify app running. I don’t on CM 11. I guess I’ll have to try that. Plus I do have all notification OFF. Anything to minimize interference with my music!

Music playing and streaming from WiFi to Bluetooth BEATS PILL works flawlessly on my Nexus 5 phone. Of course it does, KitKat wonder that it is. :)

So CM 11 on Galaxy Player 5.0 feels great with no WiFi on. It slows down a bit the more that’s going on. Looking at settings and all, that is snappy enough. Play music and there are some delays, but I’m used to it, though I know the other side of how it works on my KitKat Nexus 5. I have to have a player separate from my phone. I just need that. Not to talk on the phone, just need a consistent Player that can scrobble. I need that battery ability of the player, with my phone filling in the gaps. I’m so glad I have my Galaxy Player 5.0 able to download and keep all that music on it now. 32GB card was sitting there wasted.

HTC Evo View Running JB

I had an HTC Evo View 4G from Sprint. I still ‘have’ it, but it’s been off contract for awhile now, and wasn’t “mine” to use. I got a Nexus 10, and my husband used the View for awhile, but was letting it sit around the last many months.

Long ago,  when I was still using it, I got it unlocked, rooted and had a couple of different ROM’s on it. Cypher was the last one I used and I was tired of it. I put it back to stock using the Multitool for the HTC Evo View, and let my hubby use it.

So it was on HC with a 1.14 hboot for a long time. Just not a nice tablet, to me. Recently I charged it up and made sure it held a charge OK. I toyed with ideas of what to do with it, and recently decided that I needed to get it re-rooted all the way so that Vudu could work on it.

We are going to Carolina Rebellion and so I’m letting my daughter, who’s going with us, use the tablet.

I used a tacoroot method to  root in able to downgrade from HC to GB, since I could only get unlocked and rooted fully with hboot 1.13. The method worked great. I used Revolutionary IO, but had to switch to a different computer to finish it, as Win8.1 and Fastboot do not get along together.

On a Win 8.0 machine I had it s-off and custom recovery Revolutionary style. Welcome back! I love this recovery.

Then onto the ROM’s. The only one that would do was CG’s JB. In order to get from GB to JB I had to go to HC or at least it’s hboot. I couldn’t find one to flash, probably didn’t look hard enough for an hboot, but I settled on an HC Rom, didn’t matter what. First I tried the Multitool but it flaked out at certain point in downloading. I got it accomplished manually with some other ROM, then connected the device to the pc to put CG ROM and GAPPS on the SD card.

I flashed them in recovery and the boot loop feel was too long, so I went back to recovery and wiped everything, didn’t matter since nothing was on the tablet anyhow.

Oh joy! The bliss that comes over one when the device boots and goes into setup screens and is responsive and all that.

I now have the HTC Evo View 4G with the 3G disabled via a patch I flashed, running CGROM. Opened Play Store, searched Vudu, and voila! There it is, install, works. Opens, downloads and plays. Great!

Chevelle (1)

Going to see Chevelle on Tuesday

Chevelle 2014
Chevelle 2014

I’m really getting exited about the  Chevelle concert in Nashville. Only two days away now!  I saw them in 2013, now again in 2014. The difference is a new album that just dropped April 1, 2014.

Chevelle La Gargola 2014

I’m looking forward to seeing Nothing More supporthing them as well. I’ve sampled some of their songs on different websites, and bought (digitally) their newest single: This is the Time (Ballast) and I hope I can bring home something CD formatted from their merch.

LEGO The Hobbit PS4

LEGO The Hobbit is fun!

LEGO The Hobbit game on PS4 is fun.

It’s not the best game ever, it has more going for it how many things work out in LEGO games, but it’s not as epic as LEGO Lord of the Rings was (though that one would be super epic if it was updated today.) It is very much fun to play through in any case.

Part of it, of course is that it only goes over the first two Hobbit movies. The Story is engaging, but there’s no true finish to it.

I have 26% of the trophies, but am 60%+ in game completion, sooner than later more and more of those trophies will pop for me. I’m only playing this as I usually do, via having fun and trying to find everything  myself, and using the internet to find an answer to something only if it’s like 1 or 2 things that I just can’t find in a level, or where is this or that if I just can’t find it. Mostly that’s limited to me being lazy, in this game everything is “easier” kind of. I mean it’s not a super hard puzzle game at all.

Crazy-Maisy playing LEGO The Hobbit on PS4
Crazy-Maisy playing LEGO The Hobbit on PS4


The “grinding” is mostly running around and getting all the Mithril bricks that I can, and getting as many Mithril Designs that I can, forging them, repeat, repeat, repeat!

I’m also going into Free-Play levels, complete each level  (Master Burglar, All Treasures, All Mini-Kits, & Any Mithril Designs.) So I do some of that, then Mithril Brick/Design trials on the map as Free-Roam begin again. :)

Best Buy sent me the wrong Blu-ray

I pre-ordered The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 3D Blu-ray Combo (3 discs + UV) but they sent me the non-3D version.

I was excited as the package started tracking on April 4, but it didn’t move until Monday, and it upped the excitement on Tuesday with “Out For Delivery” status. Finally UPS showed up. I get the package, rip it open, and a huge disappointment was met. Wrong cover art, not the 3D version!

We only ordered it since my hubby would be out of town when it released. Now I have to go to Best Buy in order to straighten it out. Bottom line: Didn’t get to watch the movie I have been anticipating happily as a Blu-ray home release.

We were watching The Lord of the Rings extended versions. This is where we were when the UPS truck showed up:


I got upset and we didn’t continue on until a few hours later. Ended up watching until after 11pm. No Hobbit movie at all since my package didn’t contain the version I bought to keep in my collection.

Little Monster

Fixed: Problem with Royal Blood’s 7″ Little Monster Vinyl

I got my copy of Little Monster 7″ in the mail the other day. Side A is just not right. Side B is fine.

[Edit: I cleaned it right, and tried a bunch of things, adjusting arm and LM just wouldn't play right. Turned off the record player, adjusting, adjusting, ugh. Finally I turned it off again, and took the whole cartridge end off the arm, I'd partially done that before, re-tightened it, but taking it full off and back on and tightened, all while the power was  OFF. I then turned the turntable back on, gave it a spin and dropped the needle, blamo, MUSIC! The right stuff, no skipping or sticking repeated phrases over and over, it was the whole song.

Why it did that on Little Monster but not the other side, nor other records, I don't know, but there it is. It's working now. Go figure. (Figure It Out, another Royal Blood song, would be wonderful on a vinyl pressing!)]

whores-jumpingtrainToday I pulled out my turntable. Played Whores. Jumping Someone Else’s Train (The Cure, cover) for the first time and it was incredible and wonderful, way better than digital version.




Little Monster

Next I got out Royal Blood‘s record, and I’ve been fooling around with it for hours. No go with even one full play through Little Monster. I finally gave up and flipped sides. Hole. I like this song too. Put the needle down, and out comes a perfectly delicious bunch of music … it played perfectly.

So “Little Monster” is a monster. Won’t play no matter how much I fiddle with my anti-skate and arm weight. Just won’t play without jumping back, repeating and repeating going nowhere, or if I nudge the arm a tad every second it’ll pretty much play but that’s not right to do.

Yes, I’ve used a lint free cloth in a circular motion on both sides. Little Monster has no visual mars. Looks the same as Hole. Hole plays, Little Monster … freaking bothersome. [see above at the beginning of the post, what happened to fix it.]


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier yesterday afternoon. Wow! I loved The Avengers (2012) but this just ups the ante a billion times from that.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Go see it in the theatre, 3D if you can. Stay to the last of the credits rolling. It’s always worth it in a Marvel movie. Yes, a true Marvel Fan will stay to the end.

I like the whole experience of most movies to that degree, stay to the end, rewarded with extra something or not.

I’ll get to see this one again today or tomorrow. After that, I hope to get some more bargain afternoon viewings of it.  How is it that Marvel and Lord of the Rings so enslave me equally?

Going to see Beware of Darkness

Today is the first day of Spring 2014.  Time flies!

Tomorrow I have to get up early and fly to Chicago with my husband. We’ll see/do I don’t know what, but we will see Beware of Darkness that night.

My husband gave me this trip on Valentine’s Day.

I really like, love, Beware of Darkness. I’m just not excited about it currently. I’ve seen them before and I’m just in a spot wanting to hear other things right now. I’m sure I’ll like it, once the time comes, mind you.

I have to get ready to go today, and I feel really behind. I’ve had a migraine since yesterday, it’s not as bad as it was, but it’s hindering me from feeling like doing much, though I’m 1000% better today, I’m still not 100% me.

Reason enough, the above, for dampening my spirits about this trip.

Thinking, thinking, thinking …