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2015 Music Overview

2015 was a good year. Lots of good new music came about. Pop Evil had a new album, Up; 10 Years had a new album, From Birth to Burial. I love them both, groups and all their albums. PlayStation announced PlayStation Music, basically Spotify on PS3 and PS4. So I bit, checked Spotify out, found that I could still sign… Read more →

It’s that blah time of the year

Christmas is coming soon! I usually do love it very much, never knowing what I’m exactly going to get that morning. Not this year, apparently. Hubby has saidĀ I’m only getting 1 thing (but couple that with the TV we purchased last week.) Also there’s been talkĀ about how I’m getting stuff anyway because of so-called “family gifts” ahhh, the movies, music… Read more →