Sparkle Unleashed on PSN

I’ve been playing Sparkle Unleashed, mostly on PS4, and when playing there, I stream it to Twitch.

I was a little miffed when I bought the game that all 3 versions: PS4, PS Vita, PS3, share the same trophy list. Sparkle 2, it’s predecessor, had separate trophy lists.

So it goes, I only have to play it fully at one place, or, well only one place can get me the Nightmare trophy, if I ever get there. I could do Survival on my PS Vita, and not on PS4 or whatever. Sparkle on PS3 is really good, but not as good as on PS4. They are the same games, but faster loading, it just feels fluid and crisp on PS4.

Sparkle 2 had maps that I really liked, and maps that I so hated.

Sparkle Unleashed is amazing. Totally different. Same game, yet definitely Unleashed. I have most of my first playthrough on PS4 on my YouTube Channel.

My first playthrough: Sparkle Unleashed Days 1-13

Here’s the Full  Playlist:, which I’ll be adding to as I process through what I streamed to Twitch.

From my YouTube Channel: CrazyMaisy – Sparkle Unleashed Playlist

Get Sparkle Unleashed on PSN, play it on PS4 or PS Vita or PS3 (or all of them. One Trophy list.)  3-way-Cross-Buy.

Buy Sparkle Unleashed on PS4

Sparkle Unleashed

10tons Ltd.
PSN Game | Released Jun 2, 2015

A secluded world of mystery has succumbed to an ominous darkness. You must travel through the fallen lands, light magical braziers and banish the darkness once and for all.

Unlock amazing powerups and use the ones you like the most to overcome increasingly challenging levels, Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs and Survival challenges. Can you carve a path of light through the darkness?

– Ultra-polished match-three marble shooter gameplay
– An arsenal of 23 amazing powerups to unlock and select
– Cinematic soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
– Free trial: Play the first 23 levels for free, pay once to unlock Full Game
– Full game includes 108 challenging levels, Survival mode and two more difficulty settings

Purchasing this content entitles you to the PS3™ system, PS4™ system, and “PS Vita” system versions!

Video output in Full HD 1080p requires 1080p native display.

1 player
10MB minimum save size
1080p HD Video Output

Ladyhawke BD Archive Collection

There is hope for this problem [my Oct. 8, 2014 post: Ladyhawke (1985)]

Earlier this week (5/5/2015) Warner Brothers released Ladyhawke on Blu-ray as part of their Archive Collection. In the US we could only ever buy this movie on DVD or as SD digitally.

Ladyhawke Archive Collection BD
Ladyhawke (1985) Archive Collection BD released May 5, 2015

Now we can actually get a Blu-ray disc of Ladyhawke without having to import one from another region.

Back to the problem: Digital Ladyhawke (1985) is only available as SD. It’s a UV title. My SD copy was obtained via Vudu, Disc to Digital. It’s a horrible SD version.

I wouldn’t be so very upset about it if it was a bigger copy, but it’s just not sufficiently existing with any other content I have on UV/Vudu. The only way to watch it is to fiddle with my TV settings, which I never have to do for other content. It’s a hassle. I tend to watch movies I like a lot. Watching on Big Screen, it’s not big. Watching on Small screen, it’s freaking tiny. I can manipulate it on my TV, at least, but not on my tablet. Plainly speaking: I haven’t watched Ladyhawke in a long time.

I’m hoping with much more hope now that Warner Brothers will put an HD copy of Ladyhawke into the UV locker, and holding out hope that they will replace the SD copy there as well.

Original Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet power adapter EP880 Dead

I have had a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet since December 2014.

I’d been using a charging base with original tablet cord and power adapter since the beginning. This past weekend we went on a trip (via self road travel) — I unplugged my charging devices and brought them with me.

Unpacking in the hotel, I plugged my things in and my tablet … nothing. My Nexus 5 worked fine and my Xperia charged just fine with it’s own cable and my nexus power adapter put into USB on tablet, and the charging base worked like that too. Just nothing would charge with the Sony EP880 power adapter part. I tried everything plugged in with it at that point. (It was purely hooked up to Sony parts and not dirty at all.)

So basically it just up and died, and still won’t pass any (electrical) current.

I ordered EP881 Quick Charger from Sony earlier this week. It arrived today. Guess what? The Power Adapter part is an EP880, just like the stock power adapter in the box for the Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet. The only difference is the cable, it’s a charge only cable … pricey, but I could find any other way to get something to charge with that was worthwhile.

Now I’m stuck with leaving that Quick Charger setup in my bedroom, and I won’t move it if I can help it.

I looked all over the web, the only thing I could find was to buy a replacement power adapter and cord via Amazon for $9.99. I didn’t want to buy anything but the power adapter, just have the thing that was supposed to be used with the device. I mean I could use an old HTC one, but I hate the look of it. I like the blocky Sony plugs.

Warranty replacement? I can’t find any such animal.

I’ve never had a device plug die like that. Never. I still can’t believe it. Like it must just magically start working again. Then I’d have my roving plug. I wish it would work, but it probably won’t. It has no parts to replace, it’s as solid as the night in winter is long.

At any rate, I could get it from amazon … but that’s not the point. I have a solution but not the original dead piece actually replaced.

Thinking on it I’d like to get another dock so I can have it by my bed and on my desk. I don’t know if I want to get a DK48, my current dock is a DK36 and it works fine. Sigh, decisions.


edit: 4:57pm: My stupid EP880 original adaptor took my blog post as a threat and voila! It’s currently charging my Nexus 5 whereas it wouldn’t do that on Monday, nor my Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet. The thing is crazy. Is it the way of EP880 or is there something wrong with my EP880 … Don’t know.

Carolina Rebellion 2015 This Weekend!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend! We’ll leave this afternoon to travel to the area and chill until it begins on Saturday. I have a the latest and greatest to keep me occupied,  Lucas Davenport series, Gathering Prey.

I have to remember to de-Activate one PS4 and Activate the other before leaving. (I sometimes activate to let others in my family play something digital I bought, for awhile, that’s not my usual PS4, but it’s part of my household.) I’ll bring my PS TV, and my PS Vita, so there’ll be something we can do on the hotel TV.

The sun is finally up, I’ll be packing the minimum that I need, plus a few extra things just in case, but not much, this is a get dressed and hang out all afternoon/evening then crash kind of two-day event, so … the point is, I don’t have to pack just yet, but with the sun up it’s easier and so I’ll probably start that soon.

The weather for this weekend is looking nice. Maybe a shower today up there, but cooler than projected earlier this week. Sunny and mild-ish, compared to over 80 degrees that it could have been. 76 and 78 are the projected high (Fahrenheit) temperatures. That’s more than I can stand for long, usually. Good thing we have VIP tickets (of course, that’s why we buy them. Getting out of the weather, whatever it is, always a welcomed thing when outside for hours and hours and hours and hours.

So of all the bands that’ll be there, my favorite new band to see is Starset. I love their first album, it’s amazing.

Chevelle is next, I’ve seen them twice so far. This will be my first festival viewing, packed warehouse kinds of venues in the past haven’t been the greatest experience. Hoping for a much better time  with them at Carolina Rebellion.

Schedule conflict with We Are Harlot and Chevelle. [edit: it’s been changed, so now it’s not so, hmm.] I can’t get primary attention on both, so Chevelle wins the day, I mean, I love them very much, and Danny Worsnop’s newer group is good, but if it comes to that, I’ll see them somewhere else another time, maybe, it’s not a I have to see them kind of feeling I have about them. I do really like them/him though.

Slipknot will end this thing on Sunday night. That’ll be incredible. I’ve seen Corey Taylor alone, and Stone Sour twice. This will be my first Slipknot concert.

There will be food, people watching and a lot of good, great, and not so much my kind of music for two-days,  my 3rd Carolina Rebellion, with my hubby. I’m very glad that I don’t like everything that’ll be there, that would just be horrible, but there will be much more than I’ve listed that will be great to hear, and maybe I’ll come away with a new appreciation for one or more of them.

PlayStation Music Spotify Basic Info

Spotify Issues

Spotify on PS4 and PS3 is good, but … things are not as they should be.

#1: Scrobbling. Scrobbling integration was left out of the PlayStation Music Spotify app. Not cool.

#2: Playlists are not working well in the app alone. Connect via another device make it all a better experience, but not everyone is into using Spotify on another device to control their PlayStation Music.

Without using another device to control the music with Connect, one cannot change the music while playing a Game. One starts music before launching a game, then in the game they can bring up a little control for the Spotify playing, pressing the PS button, but it doesn’t allow changing of albums, or playlists, you are stuck with what you have, skip and pause.

Using another device to control the music is the answer, but so many don’t want that answer, they want only on PS4 controlling it answers.

“Connected” to that problem is making playlists directly on PS4, etc.

Spotify Connect

I’m just glad Connect works right out of the box. They can add beefier features to the app along the way. What if there was no way to control music on another device. The Dark Ages … before I used Spotify. I’m glad Connect was working well by the time I started using Spotify in January 2015.

How to: Use a computer, tablet or phone, start Spotify on that device and go to where it lets you pick where to play the music (depends on what application you are using, current Desktop version has it on the bottom right of the volume control, mouse click the icon there. On Android it’s in settings, that’s all I know natively. I’m an Android/PC user.)


Shuffle works fine when using Connect to play on PlayStation 3 or 4, but if using the app it’s not very good at all. One must choose to scroll manually to the end of their playlist in order for the Shuffle to actually shuffle the entire PlayList. If you don’t, you’ll get an earful of whatever the first 30 or so songs are on that playlist, and for me, it’s too much of the same artists over and over.

I have an Alt Wave 80’s Playlist that has 224 songs, many artists. No fun to listen to unless it’s extremely shuffled. My only choices are 1. Use connect to play the playlist or 2. choose the playlist on PS4 and scroll all the way to the end on the right before starting to play, choosing Shuffle once the first song plays, or just let it go if Shuffle is already on previously.

Yes this needs to be native to the app, that one can shuffle a large playlist without either 1. or 2.

Spotify Free or Spotify Premium

You can have a Free or Premium account in Spotify. You can use PlayStation to upgrade to Premium or use Spotify on the web to upgrade, or any other partner you may have found. Existing Premium or Free, just sign in and link your account to your PSN ID.

I have Premium Spotify via my phone carrier. It was easy to login and link accounts. Once I did that on PS4, I downloaded Spotify on PS3 and didn’t have to login to Spotify even. It was automatic because I am linked.

Download on PS4 and PS3

Download Spotify today on PS4 and/or PS3 and start listening to Music for free, with ads; or with Premium, no adds.

PlayStation Music Spotify will improve, have no doubt about that. Just how fast, and which features will be added, only time will tell.



PlayStation Gear is Finally Here!

PlayStation Gear. Finally!

Officially licensed PlayStation stuff. With more coming, sooner than later, they say. It’s a dream come true to finally get official PS gear from an online store you can trust. T-shirts are $20, hoodies $60 … any rock band has t-shirts for less/same/more; hoodies for about the same price. Yes, PlayStation is a rockin brand and so many fans can now wear it, use it, choose it.

Hurry over to the US PlayStation forums if you are a PlayStation MVP, look in the private MVP forums for a code you can use through March 16th.

Spotify and PlayStation

Spotify was something I wasn’t interested in. I wanted to explore music by finding artists, groups, albums that I liked, purchase the media, and listen to it from my ripped version put to Google Play Music.

Then PlayStation announced PlayStation Music partnered with Spotify.

That was last week, and now I’m already a Spotify Premium member. You can Follow me on Spotify by clicking the follow button below.


I was highly interested as I knew Spotify might be a game changer for me if I could listen ANYWHERE. Like computer, phone, tablet, PlayStation 3 or 4…. yes! My full change of heart came when I saw I could get mobile billing via Sprint, 6 months free, then 18 months of 7.99 per month … then 9.99 per month after that.

I didn’t want to do anything like try it for 30 days. I needed to feel the freedom of either paying full price or as I am actually doing it, free for 6 months. With that out of the way I was able to settle in and instantly started to profit from my move.

There is so much music I love. There is so much music I’d love to have explored in the past, but didn’t. There are many artists I’ve loved songs by, but never looked at their other content.

Everything is not on Spotify. I’m fine about the one gargantuan group not being there, I wouldn’t want to hear them. I’m sad that Tool isn’t on there. I’m sad that The Kaiser Chiefs 4th album isn’t on there for US Spotify users.

I’ve found a good amount of music wrongly tagged, so I prefer not to listen to it (I scrobble my listens and like to look at my listening data on Spotify and on, I want to track my listens and wrongly tagged stuff can wait until it’s tagged right, or never via Spotify.)

One album I was really happy to listen to was T’Pau, as it was marketed in the US. I have the LP, loved it to pieces back then. On Spotify it’s the European version, knows as Bridge of Spies.

That was last week. On Monday morning I turned on my phone to see what time it was when I woke up and had a message from Spotify splat in my face: T’Pau new album available Pleasure and Pain. Sweet! It’s a good album, love it, and what a surprise it was for me, not expecting anything like it.

The saddest part of Spotify is their FB linking. I can’t have a profile picture because I do not and will not use FB. I sure hope they change something about that, like maybe if I link Spotify to PlayStation Music, my PSN Avatar will link to my Spotify Profile. Fingers Crossed. I’d actually prefer to have Gravatars associated with it.

Been there, done that, doing it again

January 2015, say it like this: “January Twenty Fifteen” and it sounds like the future. 😉

Yes, it is. We are there, here, at this writing, at least. Everything that has come before is here with us, except what’s dead or broken and thrown away.

Colds will never go away. Flu, colds, allergies, whatever it is that I have is timeless and will never be a thing of the past. Why? They are all in a constant state of flux.

So even though we don’t fly around in cars or live in bubbled cities, we are in the 21st Century. It’s not such a futuristic place, really. Things come and go, styles, what’s in, what’s out, who’s hip, who’s not, how much is gasoline? Price of … anything, goes up and down.

What did I finally do today? Signed up for the Disney Movie Club. I swore I wouldn’t do a club ever again, I used to do CD’s and book clubs via mail way back.

How easy is it to find Disney movies on Blu-ray? How about for under $28 each, or on sale for less, but finding the titles you want and affording them all.

Disney rather snagged me after looking at a mailing they sent. I could get a total of 7 Blu-rays for around $21. The plan goes like 5 Discs then buy 4 full price (29.99) in the next 2 years. Get an extra for less than that to count towards the 4, then another even less that will also count towards the 4 when signing up. So you get 7 Blu-rays for very little each, then only have to spend those higher$ figures on 2 discs to fulfill membership terms. (Often pay same prices to bring it home from a store anyhow.)

Disney also gives other deals  on their membership site. First off, just to subscribe there you get 4 and different pricing than I got for extras. If you have Disney Movies Anywhere/Rewards there should be a link to an offer from there, whether it’s good or not, I don’t know.

Everything comes around. Even me and clubs. Not a big leap since Disney opened up Disney Movies Anywhere to Google Play and Vudu linking recently. :)

Beauty and the Beast (1991) Disney Movies Anywhere

We had purchased the 3D Blu-ray of Beauty and the Beast (1991, Disney) but hadn’t entered the Magic Code for some reason. I’m not sure when we got it, but the other day I entered the code in Disney Movies Anywhere Rewards and it entered and gave me the movie there. (It does have a disc for Digital Copy Itunes Windows Media Player, not the Digital HD that’s so nice today.)

I have Vudu and Google Play connected to Disney Movies Anywhere, and on Vudu that night, Beauty and the Beast was there, but wasn’t the actual movie, just a trailer. I was not very happy about it, and tweeted about it. Found other information that it was one of the movies taken off/out of Vudu, etc. not sure, exactly what. Anyhow I shut down Vudu and tried again and still, it was just a trailer, I didn’t “own” any version of it there.

Next night, I started up Vudu, and opened the tile for Beauty and the Beast in My Vudu, voila! I own the HDX version. I could watch it! It works!

Not only that, I search for the movie and it’s not in Vudu. :)

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 was a good one. We decided to stay home all day, which was nice (we most times go out to see a movie that opens on Dec 25th each year.)\

Early Christmas Morning
Early Christmas Morning

Our morning started early, I was up before sunrise, and each child awoke one after the other, until just my hubby was still asleep. We got down our stockings and just had some fun.

Christmas 2015 Morning
Christmas 2015 Morning

Eventually the whole family and the sun were all up. We finally got to “Open the Presents” time. This is always a grand event, such promise and mystery and surprise, or not, but always a good feeling about “what is to come” and the rest of the day is why we usually go to see a new movie at the theatre.

This year we built LEGO, played Video Games, setup electronics, and just had fun with our new stuff, drank eggnog, kept the fireplace roaring, and had a smorgasbord of what was made for Christmas Eve Dinner the night before: The Christmas holiday is best making the big feast on the day before Christmas, and just re-heating what needs it the next day, informal eating for Christmas Day, free to play and do what one wants, very little kitchen duty. :)

My Presents

LEGO Sets:

#10197 Fire Brigade

#79003 An Unexpected Gathering

#79014 Dol Guldur Battle

#79011 Dol Guldur Ambush

#79012 Mirkwood Elf Army

Other Stuff:

  • Various The Hobbit collectibles.
  • Foreigner Original Album Series (CD)
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet
  • Chromecast device
  • Gel Pens
  • Fringe Complete Blu-ray set <—- on my Amazon wishlist since the day I started watching Fringe on Netflix earlier in 2014.
  • September’s Notebook. <—- on my Amazon wishlist since the day I started watching Fringe on Netflix earlier in 2014.
  • Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Starter Set for PS4
  • Captain America Disney Infinity figure
  • 8″ Sackboy Action Figure
  • White DS4
  • PlayStation 4 Camera

Several new movies as well, most able to be added to my Vudu account.

Christmas Night

Later on everything open, everything scattered, everybody’s stuff mixed in … what Christmas is like every year after the presents are all opened. — Until December 2015.


Thinking, thinking, thinking …