PlayStation TV

I bought a PlayStation TV system yesterday. I got the bundle actually.

I had pre-ordered just the system to be shipped to me, but it wasn’t going to be shipped until the 24th from so I canceled it. My hubby was in town that day when he had planned to not be here back when I pre-ordered it.

The BB stores around us had them available to purchase, so that’s what we did.

I like the device, just am not happy that it is a SYSTEM that’s like a console more than a privately owned device like the PS Vita is, but only allows ME, in other words only 1 PSN ID, to use it, just like the PS Vita does.

The other thing is that so many games are not compatible, and so many apps are not either. No streaming … like on PS Vita Netflix works fine, it’s disabled on PS TV. What?

Remote Play from PS4, VUDU works from that, but there is no native PS Vita or PS TV Vudu app, like there should be.

I really like how you can have photos and videos on your PS Vita and throw them to your PS TV nearly instantly.

I don’t buy movies or videos from PlayStation though, so I haven’t very much use for it, but it does seem like that’d be a great feature for someone who does purchase video services from PlayStation.

I connected to my Wi-Fi and it was able to download the PS TV update. I did that before I put my PSN ID in, and before I put my new 8gb PS Vita Memory Card in.

After that I turned the PS TV off and inserted the Memory Card, turned it back on.

The PS TV gave me two options, to use what was on the internal memory -copy it to the card then delete it …. or …. leave the internal alone and just use the new memory card while it’s inserted, allowing you to use the internal memory and what was on it previously if the memory card has been removed.

I chose to leave the internal memory as it was.

After that I got my PSN ID into the device. I tried to download a game from my Download List and the store barked at me that I have too many Activations. Freaking annoying. My PSP and other PSP’s in my family had my Activations on them, and the 5 activations of content before Nov. 2012 do work, but i have to de-activate each handheld, basically, and let the PS Vita and PS TV Activate … later just download some old content on 3 PSP’s and hopefully that will continue to work again as it had before, after the 2012 change to 2 Activations on new content.

I haven’t connected the PS TV to any TV except for my PlayStation Display thus far. I only had Wi-Fi turned on as well. Vudu did stream from PS4 Remote Play, but certain aspects of the video I played didn’t jive right, basically.

I’m going to try the PS TV connected to my bedroom Plasma and connected to the internet via ethernet later on. Hopefully Remote Play will be better that way.

My main reason for wanting PS TV was for Remote Play with PS4, as well as some PS Vita games, like Killzone Mercenary, for instance. Games that I did NOT like playing on PS Vita. I love that game, but it made me motion sick. A console game usually doesn’t affect me as badly, ever, so with the update the game got for PS TV it corrected a major reason I had for not playing, Saves and restarting at checkpoints. On PS Vita it’d be better that way, on PS TV it might just be perfect for me.

I am hoping that Sony PlayStation will update the PS TV frequently, that Apps will be made for Video streaming services, for both PS Vita and PS TV,  but that PS TV will get them at the least. I can see Vudu being on PS TV only. That’s fine for me. Netflix on PS TV would be great. It’d be nice if it worked like it does with my Google Nexus 10 Tablet … Smart TV app versions, or ps3 or ps4, I can control Netflix via the network connection through my tablet’s Netflix app. It’s really nice.

Screenshots on PS TV are like on PS Vita, just feel different because of the DualShock controller differences. It’s a little awkward, but works well, better than the PS Vita way does for me actually, even though it seems more awkward. :)

New things for PS TV sooner than later will be awesome. I’m looking forward to traveling with my PS TV soon too. It’ll be interesting for sure.








Ladyhawke (1985)

I have converted a decent amount of Blu-ray and DVD movies via the Vudu-To-Go application on my PC.

The only one I have a problem with is Ladyhawke (1985)

It’s a movie that I only have on DVD.  (Not available on Blu-ray in the United States.) The problem I have with it is: It’s only available as SD through UV/Vudu and it shows as a tiny widescreen movie on everything I have tried to watch that digital copy through.

The DVD itself will upscale in my PC and PS3 and PS4. It’s absolutely not something I want to watch through any UltraViolet source. UV LadyHawke is only in SD and a terrible version of SD at that. It’s so fuzzy, blowing it up by putting a TV’s mode to ZOOM is sickeningly ugly. I can’t even ZOOM the picture on my PC, for instance, only some devices can change the picture size, at any rate it’s something that doesn’t matter as I don’t want to ZOOM on that movie anyhow, and doing so only makes one have to put the TV mode to another when not viewing that UV SD version of the movie.

I’d love to have an HD version of this movie. I will eventually import a Blu-ray of it if it doesn’t actually get released in the US that way. That just means I can watch it with the Disc only. Possible, not as friendly as I’d like it since I do have a laptop with no optical drive, and a tablet.

E-gift sent to Gmail address never arrived

Vudu e-gifts are nice, but not working for one of my email addresses.

My hubby e-gifted me something, put in my email address incorrectly, so of course it didn’t arrive. Then he re-sent it to the gmail address I wanted it to go to. Never arrived. Tried again and again and again and again. Two days of this. So then finally he went and changed it to the other email address, not a gmail one, correctly spelling it this time and voila, instantly arrived in my Inbox, practically speaking.

I have no idea what’s up with this. It’s irksome, and I have found no reason for it, nor anyone else with the problem.  I do have the e-gift though, but it would have been better all along if it had just come to gmail like it SHOULD have.

Why? My hubby and me get along great, but sometimes work pressure makes him snap at me and say mean or awful things, he’s on the road for work, and so here I am at home crying and miserable over it all (while he just feels better for snapping and forgets all about it.)

That was yesterday. The day before he was home and asked me to check my email because I had a gift waiting for me. I checked it, only had an email about a bill being paid. That’s not a gift. So  once it was determined that I didn’t get it, he tried to re-send it to gmail and called Vudu a couple of times, and nothing helped.

It was stressful since I couldn’t fix it. Easy fix was to just send it to a correct email address that wasn’t gmail. How was I to know that though. So it was a stressful day and hubby left early in the morning the next day and had to deal with the situation via the phone while driving and it was not fun on either end, his or mine, but I definitely was the miserable one, as always.

What does it take to make me cry? A lot. It’s not something I do much any given year.

Bottom line. I just don’t know.

Fedora 20 64-bit UEFI boot USB Key

I am using my HP Envy 4-1115dx with a USB Key running a Live ISO of Fedora 20 64-bit booted with UEFI.

It’s working  pretty well. Feels good, I  can use my touchpad and touchscreen is working to a degree. The touchpad is really touchy though. I do have the turn off while typing and it seems to be working better with that on. Responsive to touch of the touchpad when I am not typing, instantly, so far.

This is good, better than how Ubuntu feels on any computer, live cd or installed.

I used Fedora long ago … glad to be back, this far, easily. I downloaded the live usb creator and the version of Fedora I wanted to use. (On Windows 8.1 64-bit)

I had to use a command prompt in the directory I had the creator in and use the name of the .exe file and ”  –force G:” (the drive letter of my USB Key) to get it to recogize my USB Key. It wrote the iso steadily and that was that.


Tearaway Unfolded PS4 Causing Strife

I’m sickened by the attitudes of some PS Vita owners. Something like Tearaway. The Developers for that game made it for the PS Vita. It’s their prerogative to make something more or less of it on another platform. Today Media Molecule unveiled their new project, Tearaway Unfolded for PS4.

Tearaway Unfolded PS4

It’s a re-telling of the original game that was developed exclusively for PS Vita last year. It’s built from the ground up, they say, to bring the game to life on the big screen, to interact with the world from your couch using the controller.

It’s inventive. It’s awesome to see a developer using the abilities of the DS4 and PS4 together. Many PS Vita owners also have a PS4. Not all do. Some are pretty snotty though, wanting the world and the moon and the universe for their PS Vita’s and not even a grain of sand from that world put to use on the PS4 or PS3.

Tearaway PS Vita

I have the Tearaway PS Vita game. I haven’t played it yet. I’ve had the physical game for many long months, since it came out. I just have had other things to play, on PS3, on PS Vita and since November the PS4. I’ll get to it eventually. I was in favor of the game from the first time I saw anything about it in any case. I’m also in favor of the PS4 version of the game. It’s a great title to adapt to the big console.

PS Vita hasn’t had those “big” titles announced for it for a long time. Even Tearaway wasn’t a “big” title, in reality. The main thing is there are people that love something being exclusive to the PS Vita. It’s great. It’s nice. If a game can be changed to thrive on the console as well, that’s nothing of a vote against the PS Vita. That is a silly notion. It’s a giant kudo for the PS Vita to have housed the originality of the initial IP.

PS Vita has a lot of great games coming to it, made especially for the handheld. Some ports from console games, indies made for PS Vita,  indies from the PC or Android or Apple world. All in all, even a port is made for the PS Vita. Not ground up per se, but it’s made to work with all the features the PS Vita has most of the time.

I don’t put all my eggs in one basket when it comes to gaming. I use the consoles, and my PS Vita, even my PC some. I have never looked to a handheld to be my “everything” –not even my smart phone is that for me.

My PS Vita has a ton of great content digitally, and in a nice collection of physical media. I have a lot of games to play that are compelling for this or that reason, fun, lighthearted, tough, easy enough, but challenging as well.

This doesn’t mean I don’t understand how anyone can only have a PS Vita and expect more from it than they are getting. I would say that it would improve their outlook if they’d play PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate or Killzone Mercenary or LittleBig Planet PS Vita, or …. one of many other great titles that exists.

As it is, exclusives are nice for one thing, and a denial of service from another perspective. We all see great games put to the PS3 or the PS4 that we think would be great on the PS Vita. How many times does one console get something that later comes to the PS Vita too. Crying foul at that would be ridiculous.

The closest I have come to that is PixelJunk Monsters. I hated seeing that ugly version out there on FB. I don’t use FB but found the actual FB version of that to be less than quality looking. It bothered me.

When Double Eleven got the project to bring it to the PS Vita, it got a Windows release too. Guess what? I bought it on Steam. The game being outside of the PlayStation ecosystem doesn’t bother me so much as make me know that the definitive experience with the game is on PlayStation Vita. The older game on PS3 and PSP was good too. It’s not so fun playing with a keyboard and mouse.  It’s a beautiful game at any rate, on Windows or PS3 or PSP or PS Vita. Just plays better up the chain (as I have listed in the previous sentence.)

So, the burning question, is the PS Vita dead? No. Not by a long shot. PS4 and PS Vita have a buddy-buddy relationship, whether or not one desires it to be that way.  PlayStation TV (PS VIta TV) will come into the Western World sooner than later and bridge the tiny gap and blur all lines as they are drawn right now.

Bottom line: The bad mouthing about PS Vita is very embarrassing. New articles on PlayStation Blog today from Gamescom are being targeted in comments by these disgruntled PS Vita owners. It’s ugly.

UEFI Windows 8.1 Pro

I don’t know if I had UEFI and partitioned Win 8 installed exactly right (as it should have been) but I know I did use UEFI, absolutely … and when I upgraded to Win 8.1, I don’t know if that caused a problem or what or when, but one day, earlier this year, I turned on my monitor and my screen was telling me there was no OS to be found.

That was troublesome. I went to BIOS that day and turned on LEGACY Bios, and voila, Windows 8.1 booted right up.

That didn’t sit well with me. I hadn’t tried to install anything else, no dual booting or anything. No hinky software.

At a couple of points in the ensuing months I used Refresh, when things just weren’t going well, they just felt wrong.

One day recently I hit the first link when I Googled something. I didn’t intend to, I was searching for possible downloads, not wanting to do what I mindlessly did, first and only time ever to hit a sponsored link like that.

I can tell you I had to immediately shut down and use System Restore, but even then something was bad. So I did a Refresh.

My problem then though was the UEFI thing. Secure Boot and keeping my main Desktop computer running fast and problem free. So I pondered it deeply for about a week, and yesterday got all my stuff together and went for it. I deleted all of my partitions off the SSD and had made sure I was booted into my Windows 8.1 Pro DVD as UEFI. Windows 8.1 Pro was then installed properly in that space

Now I’m working at getting all the programs I want installed properly, then I’ll make a custom image for refresh. <—– Something I wanted to do long ago, but just never did. Now is the time!

Getting a clean install of Windows 8.1 is not the easiest thing. You have to have it downloaded and put onto a USB Stick or Drive, or a DVD. If you want to use UEFI then you have to have your USB copy made correctly for UEFI booting, or use a disc and have a UEFI DVD or Blu-ray drive.

Next is the nasty of your Windows 8 key not working when they force you to input one in the beginning of the install. It won’t be a problem to input it later, it will be accepted. In order to install though you either have to have a generic key that will be accepted to install, or you add a file to your install files that will make the key input to be bypassed until the end, once Windows is installed you’ll be able to input your Win 8 key.

In my case I found a generic key and it worked. I installed and once I verified my install, I went into PC Settings and input my own Windows 8 key. Activation on the spot.

Dual-Booting and Data Reclaiming

I have a Seagate GoFlex Desktop 3TB drive, I wrote a post about it previously to this one.

I was able to get a live Ubuntu DVD going which proved via Testdisk that I did have harvest-able data on it. That just wouldn’t work on my big Desktop computer though.

I finally just bit the bullet and went to the HP All in one in the kitchen, shrunk the main partition, and got Ubuntu 14 to dual boot on it. It’s not great, Ubuntu is scrunched onto the computer. It’s great to take bits of my data via Testdisk though.

I actively have to copy files that will go onto the measly 5gb partition for Home. Then once there I have to chmod 777 them so I can copy then delete or just plain move them immediately.

I’m only copying my HD Videos right now. I did an entire years worth, not watching all of them, but a lot of them to verify they were OK. They are all OK.

Occasionally I have to re-copy from the Seagate GoFlex data, so there is some kind of problem with the drive.

At any rate, the drive was fine last week, and then one day suddenly not.

I’d be so happy to get another external NEW drive. Bad timing, is all I can say. Not a penny to throw at it.

I did install STEAM there on Ubuntu today. It was a horrible process, then come to find out Terraria isn’t Linux capable. Oh well.

That HP All in one computer has a problem that didn’t show up the last two days in Ubuntu, but did today. Windows loses wi-fi. It’s not an easy fix, you have to set it to troubleshoot connections and it’s a pain.

In Ubuntu it happened, no wi-fi suddenly. I right-clicked the wi-fi indicator at the top right of the screen, unticked “enable wifi” then reticked it. Bingo. Wi-Fi radio working and online again. Much easier. But Ubuntu isn’t going to be our main computer. It just can’t hold a candle to Windows ‘any flavour’ still. I find that all Linux flavours are good for troubleshooting and changing things …. hard drives, data corruption, rooting devices, etc.  I enjoy using Windows and when I want/need something else, it works out.

As it goes, I used to use Fedora, dual-booting. I am trying to figure out if I can get something like that going on my now older HP Envy 4-1115dx UEFI boot and no HP Recovery partition any more. Then I’d have more use for that machine.

Data, data, no where to put it

I had problems with my main computer the other day, it was acting weird, not a virus. So I also found at that point that my Seagate GoFlex 3TB Desktop drive was malfunctioning.

I made a new profile in Windows 8.1 and everything was fine, except for that Seagate drive.

It’s a real downer because ALL my old HD videos are on it. (Raw movies I took with my Sony Handycam since 2008, most recent years I put new ones on my main computer pictures drive.)

I wasn’t doing anything with them, I’m accruing more and more and more footage all the time, from concerts and festivals, and even that stuff I do hardly anything with. My plan was to get to all that old content when I built my big desktop. I did get that built, but then didn’t get decent software for it until later, and right now nothing is installed because I Refreshed Windows right before I made my new profile this time, and actually did do that for another reason several months ago, and my software has been dormant mostly since then.

I said all that in order to mean saying, even the Refresh of Windows didn’t fix my profile, I didn’t even think it would, just did it because I like to start over on computers.

So I tried TestDisk with the drive, and I had limited success in seeing something was still there. I finally made an Ubuntu Live DVD today and was able to use TestDisk to see there was my partition and all the data. Just wouldn’t function as a real drive. I don’t have another 3TB sitting around, so I can’t do anything more until I get a new one.

I have space I could move some stuff to, but that’s not really an option, unless I piecemeal it somehow, I’d rather clone the drive, a full image, at least. I don’t have that much space in one place, it’d take moving heaven and earth to accumulate it, but I’m not sure I could get enough space anyhow.

Which brings up another data saving project I was doing long ago, I was able to pull data using Xcopy on another drive, but wanted to fully image it, clone it too. Augggghhhh!

It’s not a big one, at least, only a 320gb I guess. Ha ha! Storage is so cheap compared to a few years ago. I need to get everything sorted out and onto new storage with backups and backups for the backups.

Not to mention even my web stuff I’ve not backed up in ages.

Getting Ubuntu installed was a chore. I installed it in space I made on our HP All in One. To get it dual booting I had to use a grub-repair thing, instructions found online worked out beautifully, but to get to that point I had to install Ubuntu twice. So hours of F’ing around at least I have a decent computer with dual booting now.


Royal Blood – 07-15-2014 – Part 1

Royal Blood started their US tour on July 15th 2014 in Charlotte, NC.

I was really excited about this concert, hoping for many long weeks that they’d come to America and tour, and that I’d be able to see them on that tour, somewhere.

I do search for many bands on tour, and don’t devote every search to every band, so I was a bit behind on Royal Blood’s tour, I guess. Like following others on Twitter, one just doesn’t see every tweet made by those you follow. Your stream gets a good reading now and then, but not 24/7 and then you don’t go to a particular twitter account to see what they’ve tweeted lately either, very often. I was aware of it in advance though, that much is good.

The only way to see Royal Blood on this tour was to travel to Charlotte, NC. I was able to get my hubby to agree to it (sometimes there are horrible schedule conflicts due to his work.) We drove to Charlotte the same day as the concert, a few hours of drive time.

It was a threatening-to-rain sort of day, just look at the leaves of Maple trees and you can be certain something is going to happen (when you see those turned over leaves the whole drive from home to NC, for instance.) And eventually it came pouring down. I got really wet that afternoon, in the front only and looked awful. Oh well. We were out of our hotel and not going back until the after the concert.

We didn’t want to go anywhere, so hung around the venue in the parking lot for a bit. My husband wandered inside to see if there was an ATM and came out a bit later with Ben. Holy Cow!

I’ve always had sensitive skin, very pale and totally the summer colouring kind of person, see thru skin. So … colour photographs of me on a day like that, anathema. But anyhow here’s me, with a lovely filtering of the colour applied to the photograph.

Royal Blood and me! Left to right: Ben Thatcher, Me, Mike Kerr.

The above photo was taken awhile after that. Yes, that’s my Stone Sour 2014 Dead Generation shirt I’m wearing. I think (no, I KNOW) Royal Blood will get me to sign up when/if they offer a “club” — Stone Sour has been the only one I’ve ever done, so far.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this story, coming soon!


Nothing More – My Point of View (Review)

Nothing More has had play on SiriusXM Octane (37) with This Is The Time (Ballast) for awhile now. It’s a great song, I fell in love with it after a couple of listens, but was sure I would be the first time I heard it. Does that make sense? :)

This Is The Time (Ballast)

Once that was out of the way I research who Nothing More was. Then I saw they’d be opening for the Chevelle concert I was going to go to April 22nd. Not only that, they were going to be at the Carolina Rebellion in May.

Going to Nashville to see Chevelle was more than that. Nothing More.

The Bar in the Cannery Ballroom

Inside the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, the crowd gathered, tighter and tighter, the closer to the stage one was.

The Crowd Behind Before The Concert Started

Chevelle 4-22-2014
Chevelle 4-22-2014

Nothing More opened the show. I would have loved for them to play more, and delete the next act. Chevelle was after that, they were awesome. But it was hot and miserable in the crowd, several rows back, yet pretty close to the stage, and too short to be able to appreciate it. :(

Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014
Nothing More 4-22-2014

Nothing More 4-22-2014

My view point (viewport) gave me what I would have wanted though, a ‘crowd in the way’ kind of fan footage experience of the first part of the show. The climbing excitement and This Is The Time (Ballast) as the show opener. (My video from my YouTube Channel: Crazy-Maisy)

Nothing More has great potential, and watching them was more than fun. Near the end,  when the whole event was almost over, I had gotten overwhelmed with the heat of the crowd and had wormed my way through and back towards the doors. It was so much cooler there. My husband went through the doors to get me another Chevelle t-shirt, and came back to tell me that Nothing More was in there at their table, he talked to one of them, the singer wasn’t there, he thought. I was still listening to Chevelle play though, so I didn’t care about it yet.

When Chevelle was done we went into that area to get out, of course there they were. Jonny Hawkins was standing right there, and unlike myself I found me going right up to him and hugging him big time. Wow! Their music is such an emotional mix of rock, it just took me over when I saw him.

I can probably thank Kyle Nicolaides for that, I should have seen it coming. :)

Thinking, thinking, thinking …