Chrome app Android Problems

My Samsung devices: Note8 Phone and S3 Tablet both have Chrome unresponsive issues. Chrome and Google search on my phone both would freeze for many seconds to over a minute before freeing up nearly every time I searched or opened a site … I have restarted the phone, cleared phone cache, reboot into phone os and … chrome and google do the same thing. In Settings/Apps/Chrome delete cached, anything there get rid of it. Also on Google app settings do the same.

Reboot or don’t reboot, doesn’t matter, starting up those apps the problem reared it’s ugly head on second search or load of something.

Make matters worse, my tablet started doing this too, after I’d be knocking my head and computer around for an answer that would work.

On my tablet I’ve used EMBY as a Chrome shortcut app on my home-screen, liking it better than the EMBY app for Brightness and Sound issues.

Now that shortcut has the horrid unresponsive issue of Chrome, so when I go to watch something, one must plan to sit and wait for the darn thing to release that seized control.

I have Restarted both devices, and it only keeps cropping up immediately. That problem is making me crazy.

So I went so far on my phone this morning, Reset all Settings. Sigh, still happening. Deleting updates for both is possible and only gets rid of updates, of course, they are default apps.

Right now on my phone I am restarting in Safe Mode. A side note, I hate restarting my Samsung devices, oh the bleeding light of SAMSUNG. UGH!

So the problem REMAINS in Safe Mode. Hurray. 🙁

I don’t even want to know that I should Factory Reset. I know it’s a Google Account problem. It must be. How else did it infect to my other device … but it’s not a virus. It’s something that is making Chrome just lock up for a bit. And it’s freaking getting me to start driving to insane on my own.

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