Monarch Caterpillars Vanished

Yesterday early morning I checked the Milkweed, and the caterpillars were still there, happily eating the leaves.

Later in the morning I went out again, and only one was there, I couldn’t find the second caterpillar.

The Last Monarch Caterpillar on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 10:42am

A bit later I checked again and both were missing.

They both had moved around before, but always were visible again somewhere in the small garden area. This time though, the best Milkweed left was empty, and so were the scraggly other ones.

I looked where I could think of for them on other things forming pupae (chrysalis) but … I didn’t find anything of note, nor have I today. I do hope I’ll see them flying as Monarch Butterflies though. I still haven’t seen one in years and years.

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