Allergies have been very bad this Spring 2021. So bad, continuing on and on and on … with no end in sight.

Looking information up via the internet about allergies has two answers:

Climate Change.

Warming trend makes more pollen than usual. <– maybe my problem. My yard is filled with weeds that blossom and trees that blossom. I had usual Spring allergies when the season started, and the last few weeks have been living HELL.

May 20, 2017 Tulip Poplar found in weed patch. We let it stay where it had planted itself.
The Tulip Poplar today, May 5, 2021. You can see some of the blossoms nearer the top, they are all over the top half of the tree, and setting up to open on all the lower branches too. Catnip and Milkweed are what grow next to it (we planted all of those.)

The Tulip Poplar today, May 5, 2021. Close-up of one of the blossoms opened area.

The difference this year is only one new bloomer … the Tulip Poplar tree I let stay in my backyard when we de-weeded an area in 2017 is getting much taller/bigger and finally produced blooms this year. It isn’t thought to be much of an allergy bloom if you look online, but one site says it is. I found nothing to support it, except for my misery is quite horrid, so …


It’s likely that I did have Covid since I got very sick the day before Christmas 2020 and it kept going horribly well into the end of January 2021. (Everyone in our house got sick, all had a different way of symptoms and getting over it, based on age, youngest quick recovery, next a little slower and lost taste, next over fairly quickly, next over quickly lost more taste, then the parents … ugh.)

I never went to the doctor because I HATE doctors, sorry Dr. Anyone.

If I can deal with something I just do that. That is the most long and horrible virus I have ever had.

It wasn’t fun and some of it was nearly killer feeling, but made it through, with more mucus than I normally have (I am pretty mucusy all the time, but not like it has been all this year, and then allergies really ramped up in April and I’m in allergy Hell more than usual.)

Other sites talk about the fact that we all were inside in 2020 and coming outside finally in 2021 … it made allergies worse since you didn’t suffer much from allergies when inside in 2020.

That is only for SOME people. Many people must live on a plot of land that lets them go out into the front or back or both.

We live a a quarter acre of land so … that Covid allergy thing isn’t right for my situation.

Also my house doesn’t have good allergy filtration. Our a/c is always on most of the time, and windows aren’t opened, or shouldn’t be, much ever. Our A/C uses plain cheap furnace filters though, no way to do allergy filtering without another device or upgrade that will not happen.

Sudafed is my friend, Benadry is my sometimes friend. That is how I must live with getting clogged when allergic to a big degree. I only take stuff when symptoms require them. I have been so clogged up all year and I am sick of it all. This current Spring allergy is like what living in FL was for me years ago, always got so sick in that Jan to March time, when Mango Tree “spikes” were seen from far away, I knew I was in trouble, not that it was mango, just something really got me at that time like clockwork. I won’t touch a Mango because of it either. Not worth the risk.

So I’m sensitive to dust, mold, Strawberries, Cooked Spinach, etc. Pretty much never 100% not allergic. Ugh. What is it like to live differently? I don’t know. I try as much natural relief by eating different, doing things different. I suffer and thank you “virus of 2020” “whatever you were”, it didn’t help and made it much worse. Grrrrr.

I feel like I need to chop down that tree. If it was eradicated from my yard, would so many symptoms go away? Too iffy.

Take a shower after being outdoors, they say. I already took one earlier since I was so miserable (it sure makes me suffer less for awhile to take a shower.) So just now I braved the outdoor allergen filled atmosphere to take those last two photos. I am stupid, yes I am. Another shower? My hair is still not dry. I know I’ll want another one later on too so “no” to now.

Yes, I am stupid.

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