Starset Overtakes Led Zeppelin in my Scrobbling

Since I started listening to Starset in 2015 my scrobbling number for them has grown, and today … tied and overtook Led Zeppelin as I listened to their new DIVISIONS album for the first time today.

Starset and Led Zeppelin tied in my scrobble chart
Starset now climbing to where it will maybe someday tie Clan of Xymox

All my listening to music never scrobbled until I began that in 2005. Even then all my music listened to wasn’t scrobbled most of the time, just my computer listened to music.

After some time most of my music listened to is has scrobbled. Mostly I only listen to music via Spotify lately. I can also use my own music in AirSonic, and both of those via computer or phone or tablet and scrobble.

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