All these polls … Who are your top 5 bands you listened to in high school; What are your favorite songs released in such and such year; What are your top songs from one artist; How do you rank the songs on this or that album.

I just can’t answer those polls, fill in polls, make your own list polls.

Suggestions make it easier. I do have answers, but compiling them is so hard. I have an eclectic listening history. When I was younger, I listened to radio stations growing up, then was getting my own LP’s, but still listened to the radio mostly, when I wasn’t listening to my records.

My tastes didn’t change, mostly broaden, the groups changed sometimes, adding mostly, sometimes deleting (Hello, Amy Grant.)

One would think I could answer or make lists. I am at a loss. I love so much music and well, it all blends into my world with no space or time. When I find a new band that I love, their music has always been with me, that’s Starset. I love them as much as I love The Cure, but I’ve been loving The Cure for so many years and Starset wasn’t around until the last 5 years.

They aren’t anything like each other, but I love them both. I really like so many old bands, new bands, hard rock, alternative, 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s and on.

Led Zeppelin; Fleetwood Mac; Talking Heads; Duran Duran; Foreigner; There’s a list of things. Other groups I really, really, really like, love forever.

Then there is Clan of Xymox. I knew them first in the late 80’s as Xymox. Only got their Clan of Xymox stuff since 2006. They are one of my can listen to anytime bands.

All of these bands feel the same, minus my ability to put The Cure, Starset, Clan of Xymox, Led Zeppelin, in an ordered list. But then there are so many others I would like to add, Chevelle, Finger Eleven, De/Vision, all different and all close to my heart.

What about Deftones. Wham! The Church. Pet Shop Boys. Evanescence.

There is also Stone Sour. Linkin Park. Cinderella. U2. Oh boy, then there is another I can’t NOT put in the top: The Cult.

Seether, 10 Years, Snow Patrol, Supertramp, even Evans Blue (to a point in time.) Trivium.

Fields of the Nephilim, I found them in 2015, I might as well have grown up with them, their stuff from the 80’s is great and one of my styles.

How about Bruckner, Bach, Dvorak, Vivaldi, Howard Shore.

Well, the answers to all the music questions out there lie in my data somewhat, but also in my heart, and memories and fabrications that may be Walter Mitty-ish (from the short story) alright. I can imagine I was at a concert and it feels the same as remembering a concert I really was at. That can assimilate right into Memories.

I know the difference, but allowing myself to feel like this towards music and put that into words is something I just can’t do. Suffice it to say I don’t listen to enough music or variety. I fixate on one or two albums or artist for awhile, find something new to listen to, move on to more usual listens after that. Re-visit something like U2 and get fixated on Achtung Baby and listen to that album a lot these days.

Or Dvorak’s Cello Concerto in B Minor. I’m addicted to that. Always addicted to Bruckners 4th Symphony, and Lord of the Rings soundtracks.

I have one The Cure playlist I’ve overlistened to, from earlier albums a selection of songs, random with intent to one degree and honed to an order never deviated from:

A Cure Mix

  1. A Night Like This
  2. The Holy Hour
  3. The Caterpillar
  4. A Forest
  5. One Hundred Years
  6. Primary
  7. Push
  8. Play for Today
  9. The Hanging Garden
  10. Six Different Ways
  11. All Cats Are Grey
  12. In Between Days
  13. A Strange Day
  14. M
  15. The Drowning Man
  16. The Figurehead

1 Hour, 12 minutes of a perfect playlist. There are other songs I like too, but I limited myself to just the earlier albums, songs that work together and The Figurehead is something I look forward to hearing as the last song every time. I love it.

It is not a playlist of my favorite Cure music. I love everything they do nearly, a few things here and there not as much, but as albums go, there’s not a bad one in their discography.

I made this playlist in 2016 and it was a chore. I don’t like playlists so much, usually listen to albums. This was hard work and something I really enjoy.

I don’t enjoy making lists and poll answers as I stated at the beginning, and I can understand why. I like looking at others answers, but just don’t want to contribute.

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