Snickerdoodle 8-24-20
Snickerdoodle 8-24-20

I was playing with my Canon EOS 7D nifty fifty and basic Speedlite flash.

Getting indoor photos is task I don’t usually relish, my house has poor lighting and well, that’s an enemy of this camera for sure. I used to use an old Digital Rebel, and had no problems with what I had. At any rate, my children hate my speedlite use, so I usually just use my phone, which isn’t the worst, grand improvements since using Nexus 5, then all the more with S6 Edge Plus, then better yet not as great with Note 8 but I stuck with it.

So using my 7D yesterday, the warm color I could process away in Photoshop, but this warmth is fine for me, the naked image. I like naked photography. I get what I get, cropping is the most I do to any photo after a snap.

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