RGB Keyboard Commands for Ajazz 510 Retro Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Switches) with onboard RGB lighting control.

I got this keyboard from Amazon this week. I’ve had it for a couple of days now, and am really enjoying the lighting, the old school clicky retro feel, and basically being able to see every key when looking down and the absolutely awesome keys themselves are lovely to type with.

These are the commands I use to set my colors:

Light Control:

  • FN + ScrLk = Switch Lighting Effect (I use solid)
  • FN+ PrtSc = Color Switch (I use Red)
  • FN+Ins = Side Light Color Switch (I use Red)

Useful commands to use as needed for Media Functions and Special Functions:

  • Fn + Esc turn backlight on/off toggle
  • FN+F1 = Multimedia (Default Media Player for your OS)
  • FN+F2 = Play/Pause
  • FN+F3 = Stop
  • FN+F4 = Volume Up
  • FN+F5 = Volume Down
  • FN+F6 = Mute
  • FN + Win_L = Lock/Unlock
  • FN+Del = Long press 3 seconds to restore factory settings.

There are other commands for Gaming Master Lighting Modes and Customm Backlight Modes which I do not use as of now.

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