A mess o’ hot water

Looking on Amazon at different Homeopathic things this past weekend had me reading reviews and one about pain management really synced with me. (They used to be a Casanova but now were a “hot water mess”. Recovery for any activity that used be done easily is ridiculously painful and miserable, and takes days to be “ok” again.)

I have troubles galore with energy and pain and ache for years now, I can’t even pinpoint when absolutely it started, just that I need super sleeping sleep for many hours every single night or else I am a hot water mess. No longer am I a nighttime owl, full of mind energy and running around all day hardly getting any sleep ever.

I before Covid (lockdown) –it killed me to go shopping, the Costco/WholeFoods run every month or 2 to 3 weeks, had me paying for days. Any sleep interrupted night back then or now means I feel like I just flew around the world eight times (a guess at how that feels) sick, achy, oh, so, very, very, very, miserable.

Pain meds take the horrible edge off that barely helps. Sleeping might be possible, could help, but then could I sleep that night. So many horrible things it’s stupid and I hate it.

Last night was toxic. I’ll have to take pain medicine to sleep tonight, June 10, 2021. UGH!


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